Friedrich Jürgenson - EVP Pioneer and The Jürgenson Frequency

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Friedrich Jürgenson is considered by many to be one of the EVP pioneers of modern-day paranormal investigation. On a fateful day in 1959, he stumbled across the concept of an EVP, and his work truly began. He even discovered what he considered to be that magical frequency prime for communication which was dubbed as the Jürgenson Frequency.

EVP is a staple for most paranormal investigators. It stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. The concept is quite simple. A recording device is thought to pick up voices of what people perceive as 'spirits' that they did not hear with their own ears. The human ear can hear between 20-20000 Hz. A lot of recording devices record outside this range. Some going as low as 7hz and as high as 50000hz and maybe even a wider spectrum. It is thought that this is one of the reasons why the devices pick up voices that our ears cannot hear. There have been many figures associated with EVP throughout the years with people somehow thinking that Thomas Edison created the concept with rumours of his spirit telephone. One of the first 'pioneers' of EVP research was Fredrich Jürgenson who stumbled onto it by accident.

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Jürgenson was an archeologist, philosopher, linguist, and painter. One of his hobbies was recording the sounds of birds. It was during one of his recording sessions, that he stumbled upon what he believes was an EVP.

On Friday, the 12th of June 1959, we drove out into the country in the early afternoon, and I had taken my tape recorder with me for the first time with the purpose of recording different birdsongs. The secluded location of our property in the country, the big garden, somewhat gone to seed, the closely bordering forest and the lake with
its reeds were the best prerequisites for an abundance and variety of birds. I had been enthusiastically interested in birdsongs since my childhood.

As we arrived in the country on that sunny afternoon, we headed first to the lake where in the protection of an old hut we were able to do some sunbathing. It was around four o’clock when I decided, as planned, to do my recording. When I arrived at the forest-hut, settling in the attic, I installed a new tape and placed a microphone close to the open window in front of which was strung thin nylon netting. Shortly thereafter, I turned on the tape recorder because a finch had alighted close by the house.

I checked the recording after the tape ran for about five minutes. What I heard was very strange. I was hearing a roaring or hissing static sound, like a shower, in which you could identify the chirping of the finch, but as if was coming from a distance.

My first thought was that one of the tubes was damaged during the trip. Nevertheless, I turned the recorder on again and let the tape run. My second recording it was just like before: I was hearing this strange hissing and the distant bird chirping. Then all of a sudden there sounded a trumpet solo as if to announce something. I listened with continued surprise as suddenly a male voice began to speak in Norwegian. Though it was very quiet, I could clearly understand the words. The man was talking about “bird songs at night”, and I heard a number of chattering, whistling and splashing sounds, and among them what seemed to be the chirping of a sparrow. Suddenly the bird choir fell silent and with that so did the hissing- sound. In the next instant the twittering of a finch was audible and in the distance you could hear a titmouse - the tape recorder was working perfectly again.

Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Jürgenson

He went on to record further sessions in the hopes of capturing these voices and understanding them and their origin. He trained himself to block out the outside noise and listen to the 'hiss' as initially, he didn't have headphones. The longer he adapted to the sounds and more frequently he completed his sessions, the voices started coming through more clearly and with complete sentences. At first, he suspected that perhaps the voices were from outer space. It wasn't until he received a message from his deceased Mother during one of his recordings that he realized the significance of what he recording.

I was outside with a tape recorder, recording bird songs. When I listened through the tape, a voice was heard to say ‘Friedel, can you hear me. It’s mammy. ...’ It was my dead mother’s voice. ‘Friedel’ was her special nickname for me.

Voice Transmissions With The Deceased

by Friedrich Jürgenson

His career as an artist was put on hold for a while for what would become a lifelong pursuit in paranormal research. After going public with his findings via press conference, Jürgenson was investigated by many universities and parapsychological organizations who were suspicious that perhaps the voices were coming from his subconscious. His initial methods used only a magnetic tape recorder with a microphone attached. In 1960, one of the voices told him to use a radio to act as a medium, and this became his preferred method of contact for the rest of his life. He would connect a microphone and a radio receiver to the tape recorder. He would set the frequency for the radio reception to be in between frequencies as there was a variation of noises. He claimed to have a lot of success in between the frequencies of 1445-1500 kHz with 1485.0 kHz now known as the Jürgenson Frequency. Perhaps something to try during your ITC sessions?

He went on to publish several books and four documentaries. At one point, he was even looking at founding an EVP research institute in Italy. At his last press conference, he spoke of Audioscopic Research which is where he thought ITC was heading. This was a video version where he believed that messages would be able to be received through video. He didn't get to work with this method much as he passed away in October 1987. He leaves behind hundreds of his recordings and a legacy that has inspired ITC research as we know it today.

German parapsychologist Hans Bender and Latvian psychologist Konstantin Raudive drew heavily from Jürgenson's publication 'Voice Transmissions with the deceased'. EVP research was truly born and has evolved in many ways since. Video ITC which he predicted came to light and one has to wonder if he in some ways inspired the use of ghost boxes. While he only used a radio receiver on a static frequency, it seems he was the first to do this. Regardless of your thoughts of ITC, it is quite interesting when you hear of its origins.

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  • John tolputt 5 years ago

    I have always been interested in this.

  • John tolputt 5 years ago

    I have always been interested in this.