Female hormones and the paranormal

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I have previously looked into female hormones and if this had a role with psychical abilities. Here I look at a study as well as publishing the results of a survey I conducted in this area with what were surprising results.

One of the things I have been researching over the last couple of years more specifically is that of psychical abilities.  How is it that some people have these abilities and others don't?  How does it work?  How is it that we are able to see or feel things?  What is it within us?  I have researched in the past claims about things RH negative blood type, the pineal gland, and even female hormones possibly playing a part.  You can read these articles below.

The pineal gland and psychical abilities

Females and the paranormal

RH Negative Blood and the paranormal

In a general sense, people have the perception that females are generally more sensitive to the paranormal and that there are more females with psychical abilities compared to males.  I don't have solid evidence to back this up, but this is the general consensus with many believing women are more intuitive due to our motherly instinct.  This is where the hormone part would come into play.

I have seen more and more discussions online where women who are in a lot of ways sensitive to the paranormal wonder if their hormones do play a part.   A lot of people who are sensitive or are mediums have also expressed an interest in finding out if autoimmune conditions are a factor as well.  A lot of autoimmune conditions also affect the way our bodies produce hormones so it is an interesting thought.  I have not been able to find any conclusive studies directly into this area.  The closest I was able to find was a study published by Julie Beischel, Shawn Tassone, and Mark Boccuzzi

Hematological and Psychophysiological Correlates of Anomalous Information Reception in Mediums: A Preliminary Exploration. Explore: Journal of Science & Healing, 2019; 15, 126-133

Context: Modern research with mediums—individuals who regularly experience and report communication from the deceased—includes investigations of mediums’ accuracy, psychology, phenomenology, and electrophysiology and the therapeutic potential of mediumship readings for the bereaved. Anecdotal reports imply that chronic medical problems may be a serious concern for mediums

Participants: (I) Data was collected from five Windbridge Certified Research Mediums. (II) Survey responses from 125 mediums were compared to responses from 222 non-mediums.


The findings from this study did demonstrate, however, that the mediums surveyed reported a significantly higher disease burden than non-mediums regarding specifically autoimmune disease, water retention, bruising easily, gastrointestinal issues, headaches/migraines, asthma, food intolerances, and sleep disturbances. These reports are in line with those of Assailly . . . who also found high levels of water retention, bruising easily . . . , and gastrointestinal issues in the mediums he examined though he did not compare his sample to a non-medium control group. The mediums in the current study also reported significant sleep disturbances and food intolerances whereas Assailly found that digestion issues and lack of sleep ‘appeared as negligible factors’ . . . In addition, although Assailly noted that the mediums in his study often reported exophthalmos (bulging eyes) and ‘complained of ‘twisting their ankles at every turn,’ these symptoms were not reported by the mediums in the current study.”

Are our hormones our poltergeists?

A lot of people tend to associate poltergeist activity with females going through puberty.  From a hormonal perspective, I can confirm it is a pretty full-on time so in a lot of ways I can understand how people make the connection.  Someone brought to my attention last year that if it was these hormones that could cause poltergeist activity when a girl was going through such a significant hormonal change, what about when a woman goes through menopause?  It is an equally significant hormonal event and perhaps even more so because there is a lot of emotion and sometimes grief associated with it.  Our hormones as females also fluctuate depending on the time of the month as well as affected by different endocrine conditions that affect our hormones.  So in order to get some answers, I put out an anonymous survey and the results I found were not what I expected.

*  As I cannot afford the high fees from Survey monkey, it has chosen 100 responses at random to use as a snapshot.  I am obviously also aware that this is not adequate data to make any definitive conclusions, but it is an interesting and thought-provoking exercise.  

Age Group of participants

Menstruation typically begins at about age 12, but periods are possible as early as age 8.  Menopause is the time that marks the end of your menstrual cycles. It's diagnosed after you've gone 12 months without a menstrual period. Menopause can happen in your 40s or 50s, but the average age is 51 in the United States.


What I found interesting from the above was that 43% of the people who answered were not sure if they had the ability or not.  What defines sensitivity to the paranormal?  There is no definite grading system or 'test' to determine if a person is sensitive to the paranormal or is indeed a genuine psychic medium so in that sense of course people would be confused not knowing if they are sensitive to the paranormal or not.  Perhaps this is an area we can work on to standardize some sort of definition.

This here is an important question as birth control for example or HRT adds hormones into the body to either level out hormones or change them so a female cannot get pregnant.  82% were not on any medication so it is a fairly good response meaning that we are mainly looking at normal hormonal reactions.

Another important question because these kinds of conditions mean that a person's hormones are out of whack.  For example, I suffer from PCOS and it means that I do not ovulate regularly.  Those who have PCOS also have higher levels of testosterone than what is considered 'normal' so with 78% answering no, again it is a good range to indicate we are dealing with a majority who are within a form of 'normal' range.  (I hate the word normal btw when it comes to this stuff)

58% answered with No which honestly surprised me.  I was expecting a higher result in the yes category.  Several who commented Yes stated that they felt it was connected with a full moon rather than their cycle which I honestly didn't expect to read from this survey, especially from several people.

66% responded with Yes with many stating they could see spirits from a young age - often they were family members who had passed.

There was a strong 83% responding with No which again I was expecting more in the Yes category.  Maybe this suggests that our hormones are not playing a part.

44% of the people who answered had not yet gone through menopause so there is not enough here to really make any assumptions.

83% responded here with No.  I would have expected a higher answer especially given that many people felt they were having experiences around this time.  Again it seems more likely that hormones are not considered by many to play a part here.

Here are some of the responses to the last question that people kindly wrote:

I feel that woman (typically) by nature are more intuitive and there fore would/should be able to feel things more often

It's possible, there is some evidence of it... I also noticed, because I record Spirit messages, teen boy energies were around at the time as well -- might have something to do with the puberty aspect of it

I think that for some females who are already sensitive the fluctuating hormone levels can heighten their sensitivity

Not sure, i always had a feeling spirit is around especially if i felt threatened, sad or confused about things, and when i do the " talking to myself" thing. I believe that's me having a discussion with spirit

The human race is so busy demonizing menstruation & females generally speaking that if this is true how could it develop organically!?

Of course, there is not enough data here to give a proper indication, however, I found the exercise itself quite interesting.  What I have taken away from this is the word 'definition'.  What defines a person that has psychical ability and what doesn't?  Is poltergeist activity a word that is too specifically linked to 'moving of objects' etc when you have people who are seeing what appears to be a spirit?  Maybe it is the word poltergeist that has people answering differently?  

I would love to hear your thoughts and if you have indeed found any proper research or studies in this area, I would love to see it!  Thank you to all of you who participated with an open mind.  It can be a very difficult subject but one I think needs to be explored.  If people say that females are more sensitive to the paranormal, well I think we need to ask why?  

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  • E. 4 years ago

    I have been conducting my own study on the side, regarding menopause and its affects on psychic powers. Noticed a shift in paranormal experiences from people who have had life-long experiences. Could explain why ancient temples wanted virginal/youthful females, etc. still a work in progress. Great work ????????