Golden Girls Tarot Review

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A review of the delightfully fun Golden Girls Tarot

If you have read one of my previous articles: Tarot Decks to be excited about in 2020 then you would have seen a tarot deck inspired by the hit television show 'The Golden Girls'.  I had this on pre order for a long time and when it finally reached my letterbox, I was not disappointed!  So here is my review of The Golden Girls Tarot

Who could you trust more with your future than Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia? The four leading ladies of TV's enduring sitcom The Golden Girls?

Printed on high-quality card material and packaged in a conveniently unbendable box, this one-of-a-kind tarot deck celebrates the enduring legacy of the classic TV show The Golden Girls. More than thirty years after it first aired, the show retains a steadily growing cult following. The Golden Girls ran for seven seasons (collecting a staggering fifty-eight Emmy nominations and eleven wins along the way), and over the years, this hit comedy about four fierce and sassy ladies sharing a house in Miami charmed millions of viewers with its wit and verve, and most of all, the strength and quality of the friendship between its four iconic characters.

The Golden Girls Tarot Cards are based on the simple structure of the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck--Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia are each given their own suit. This deck also comes with some basic (and Golden Girls-centric) instructions on how to kick-start your career in tarot reading. And hey: if your future, as ordained by these cards, ain't looking so bright--just turn on one of your favorite episodes of The Golden Girls to whittle away the time with everybody's favorite foursome.

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Thankyou for being a friend!  Who doesn't love the Golden Girls!  Nostalgia is huge at the moment so it is no surprise that many are coming across this deck.  Whether you are wanting to get a deck as a collectors item for being a fan of the show or using it to do readings, there is most definitely a place in your collection for this deck!  The box itself is a nice thick glossy stock with a lid that flicks back meaning it doesn't take up a lot of space and it will keep well for a long time.  The cards themselves are a nice size, not too big but not too small and printed on a nice stock.  They will wear and bend over time so as always, if you plan to keep a deck as a collectors item, I always recommend to buy one deck to use and one deck to keep untouched.

What is lacking however is an official guide.  I personally enjoy having a handbook and guide to read as the guide often has targeted explanations and meanings for each card and what the artwork represents and how it ties in with Tarot.  This deck is based on the traditional Rider Waite deck meaning that even though there is no official guide book, it is easy enough to pick up a tarot guide and understand.

Major Arcana

The major arcana represent your life lessons.  You have the fool who is going on a journey of self discovery stopping at each of the cards to learn lessons that will help you on your journey toward spiritual enlightenment until they finally finish with the world card!  Whenever I open a tarot deck, I head straight to the major cards to see what artwork is used to represent the characters.  Here you have Blanche representing the Devil (of course) which among other things represents sexuality.  Rose is our fool, innocent, naive and sweet trying to start her new life after her husband passed away.  Estelle is the knowledgeable Hierophant imparting her wisdom with her room-mates and Dorothy is Death which represents new beginnings, change and the end of something after having to essentially start life over after her Husband left her.  When you look at each of the cards, you are automatically drawn to each character, their strengths and their weaknesses.  It is very easy to see why each character is represented the way they are within the major arcana.  If you don't know much about tarot but know the show well, just seeing the artwork and how the characters are represented will give you an indication of the life lesson the cards are giving you in a reading.


The suit of swords is represented by the character of Dorothy.  Swords represents both intellect and power.  When swords come up in a reading, it can mean action, change, ambition and courage.  Just seeing the image above of Dorothy looking out the window with a worried look in her face with swords stuck in the photo of her husband Stanley who left her for a younger woman. The 10 of swords traditionally means betrayal and backstabbing and signifies severing ties, ending relationships etc.  It is represented here perfectly in meaning as well as in relation to the storyline of the show itself. 


It probably won't surprise you to see Blanche representing the suit of pentacles.  The pentacles represent money, health, work and creativity.  Self image, ego and self esteem are also reflected here which is Blanche to a tee!  The nine of pentacles for example tends to represent abundance, luxury and a sense of financial independence.  Blanche loved to dress well and live what she felt was a luxurious life.  While she loved her men, she didn't need a man to support her financially - something she took great pride in!


The suit of cups is perfectly represented by Rose.  Cups generally mean love, connection, feelings and relationship.  If you were to compare cups to a deck of playing cards, it would be hearts and Rose is all about the heart (and her stories).  Rose is a vulnerable character and feels so deeply.  The four of cups above for example has her contemplating, thinking and re-evaluating things - something that Rose did frequently on the show.  She was constantly challenged and when it came to her romance arch, she felt reluctant to let her new love in as she felt it would be a betrayal to her deceased husband.  She often turned to her friends for advice and learnt to follow her heart.


Finally, Wands is represented by everyone's favourite fast talking grandma - Estelle.  The suit of wands represent strength, inspiration, intuition, ambition and even knowledge.  It is associated with fire and little Estelle was certainly feisty.   The six of wands above for example represents success, self confidence and recognition.  The picture painted shows us her getting an award for being the best friend!  Though it may have been scolding, her sense of truth drawing from her own experience was a point of inspiration for the ladies often telling it like it is when they needed to hear it the most.  Estelle had most certainly been there done that and was very much respected and loved.  

While the deck does not come with a guide, you are encouraged to use what you know about the show, its characters and how a card and the imagery makes you feel.  Remember tarot is about YOUR interpretation.  You can of course look up the traditional meaning of cards as well in either books or online to help fill in the gaps.  If you are a fan of the show however, you likely won't need to do much googling as the characters and the pictures painted give you the insight you need!  If you do however need some guidance, is a great website with easy to follow meaning and instructions.  This is a fun deck to sit with a glass of wine with some friends and reconnect within by letting the fabulous golden girls lead the way.  So do I recommend this deck?  Absolutely!  I love it and I have even given myself a couple of readings while watching the show which was a truely enjoyable experience.  It is well priced , in fact I think the pricing is pretty spot on for what you are getting here.

Thankyou for being a friend and thankyou for this tarot deck! 

*The author is releasing a deck inspired by the TV show FRIENDS later this year and you know I will be all over it!  I have not been paid or given free merchandise for this review.  This is my own honest thoughts on a purchase I have made.

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