The unexplained is not impossible

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While there are a lot of phenomena we can and sometimes cannot explain, we should avoid using the word 'impossible' when it comes to paranormal phenomena and here is why.

Paranormal phenomena is sometimes like a bit of a 'great debate'.  Is it a ghost?  Is it lens flare? Is it dust? Is it the wind?  There are so many explanations thrown in there to explain something potentially paranormal.  As investigators, it is important to admit and acknowledge that 99% of our experiences can probably be explained.  Even when we cannot explain something, it still doesn't mean that it is paranormal.  There could be an explanation, we are just unaware of what it is.  The fact is however that while the paranormal is not proven, there is evidence out there to suggest there could be something.  Scientifically, this evidence doesn't meet the criteria of the scientific method and won't be taken serious on that level, but there is enough data out there that shows us it could be possible.  We wouldn't be here talking about it if we did think there was something.  If you are out there investigating the paranormal, you will also admit that weird shit tends to happen.  Even if a person is a complete skeptic or a cynic, they themselves would have to at least acknowledge that the paranormal is not 'impossible'.

Impossible is a word that a lot in the field of science are hesitant to use.  History itself has proven to us that things that were once deemed to be impossible were in fact possible.  While of course we look at things like the aeroplane and even smart phones as being impossible, what about scientific discovery?  In 1915, Albert Einstein published his historic 'theory of relativity'

When forced to summarize the general theory of relativity in one sentence; Time and space and gravitation have no existence from matter

Albert Enstein

He theorised that gravity was not an invisible force that attracts objects to one another as which is what many believed at the time.  It was instead that gravity is a type of warping or curving of space.  The bigger the object, the more space warps around it.  

For example, the sun is massive enough to warp space across our solar system — a bit like the way a heavy ball resting on a rubber sheet warps the sheet. As a result, Earth and the other planets move in curved paths (orbits) around it.

This warping also affects measurements of time. We tend to think of time as ticking away at a steady rate. But just as gravity can stretch or warp space, it can also dilate time. If your friend climbs to the top of a mountain, you’ll see his clock ticking faster compared to yours; another friend, at the bottom of a valley, will have a slower-ticking clock, because of the difference in the strength of gravity at each place. Subsequent experiments proved that this indeed happens.

One of his colleagues asked him if this theory could be used to calculate the weight of a star.  While he claimed theoretically it was possible:

 “There is no hope of observing this phenomenon directly,”

Albert Einstein Journal of Science 1936

Well in 2017, the stars quite literally aligned to be able to observe this phenomena using technology that Einstein never thought would be possible.

The stars finally aligned in March 2014, when Stein 2051B, a white dwarf about 18 light-years from Earth, passed in front of a more distant background star. White dwarfs are the cooling remnants of dead stars — extremely dense spheres of matter that form when a star has run out of fuel for nuclear fusion and collapses.

As predicted by Einstein's theory, the gravity of a massive object like Stein 2051B makes the star act like a lens, bending the light that passes by it. This effect, called gravitational lensing, is minuscule. Stein 2051B appears 400 times as bright as the background star (which is 5,000 light-years from Earth), so measuring the deflected light is as difficult as detecting a firefly hovering near a lightbulb from 1,500 miles away.

The paranormal is not impossible

While we do not know ultimately what the paranormal is, we know the things that it isn't.  I feel like more than ever we are doing a good job at trying to be objective to dismiss things that are natural.  Even the most spiritual of people will admit that not everything is paranormal.  We have to acknowledge the things that we know are not paranormal.  Yes it can be disappointing, especially when you have an emotional attachment to it, but there are occasions when things happen that you cannot explain.  There is enough evidence out there in so many different areas to suggest that there is something there.  The problem is, we don't have the proof ...... yet.  Einstein was one of the greatest minds the world will perhaps have ever seen.  I am quite sure that Astrologers behind contradicting his claims were quite proud of themselves.  In years, decades or centuries to come, there likely could be a way to prove that there is something more out there.

I came across a phrase "Don't be so open minded your brain falls out" which gave me a little bit of a giggle, but then equally I thought, you can't be so close minded that it crushes you either.  I think the majority of us that are out investigating the paranormal are not trying to 'prove' anything.  We know that we are not adopting the proper strict scientific protocol.  We know that our evidence is just that, it is evidence to suggest something might be happening.  We know that it is not going to prove anything to World.  It is for us.  Perhaps one day that will evolve and circumstances and knowledge will allow us to progress.  Maybe they won't.  Are we really any closer to finding answers than we were 100 years ago?  Maybe we are approaching it the wrong way.  Belief in the paranormal has been around for centuries.  Maybe it is not paranormal at all.  Maybe it is a apart of the World, the universe and of us.  Maybe it is all just ...... normal

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