Haunted Magazine Issue 31 - [2:22]

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Haunted Magazine Issue 31 is available Worldwide for preorder. Here is what you can expect in this issue and how you can place an order no matter where you are in the World!

As you know, I am a writer and the Australian stockist for Haunted Magazine.  I'm excited to tell you hot off the press that Issue 31 is almost here!  In fact, it is open now for preorder Worldwide and will be available Early September.  Links to buy are at the bottom on this post.

The feature on this issue is all about 2:22 Ghost story by Danny Robbins.  You may remember the amazingly popular Battersea Poltergeist podcast that immersed us all into a combination of investigation and storytelling.  He is now back with a play that has just debuted on the West End to rave reviews.

Are you a fan of the Holzer Files?  Well, Alexandra Holzer has written a feature on Ghost Ships and the Shag Harbour incident.  If you are also a fan of the show Help my house is haunted from the UK we have you covered with all the info of the new season and new cast member Ian Lawman (who you may remember from Haunting Australia).  

There is also a feature in there from LLIFS about Death Masks!  Of course we can't forget our favourite childhood series The World of the Unknown which is launching the final book of the trilogy - Monsters in a few weeks time!

Stacked with paranormal related articles from all over the World, Haunted Magazine is an award-winning independently published magazine from the UK.  Just recently, they debuted in Barnes and Noble in the US, and the readership is growing all over the World.  Don't be normal, be PARANORMAL!

Here are links to buy:

Australian customers: https://llifs.com.au/shop/haunted/issue-31-september-2021/

All international customers: bit.ly/hauntedmagazine

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