In the heat of the moment

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I get pretty excited when I think something happens. When the moment passes and I am able to debunk what has happened, I used to feel embarrassed and think 'it was so simple why did I get so caught up?'. It is this excitement that showcases our passion. Don't be embarrassed!

It is so very easy to get caught up in things when you are investigating. You are in a room, you hear a noise or a piece of equipment goes off that doesn’t normally do anything. Often you react on instinct and one of the first responses of an investigator is usually excitement. This stuff doesn’t usually happen. Most nights we are sitting around with nothing at all happening, so when it does, of course we are going to get excited. I call this ‘In the Heat of the moment’. After the excitement washes away, we put our investigator hats on and think more rationally. It is then we try to debunk it and we go back into proper investigator mode.

I used to get embarrassed about how I would get excited over these moments. Like I get REALLY excited. When I was able to debunk them a few minutes later, I would think to myself “I am supposed to be a paranormal investigator. How did I not know it was something so simple? People must think I am an idiot”. I also felt ashamed that I showed so much excitement or emotion in moment. In time though, I learnt that this was a good thing. It meant I still had the passion. I mean why shouldn’t we get excited? Isn’t this why we are here?

What about those times you can’t debunk it? Again this doesn’t happen often but sometimes there are things that happen that you cannot explain. You try to debunk it and you can’t figure it out. You review the video and the audio the next day and you still can’t figure it out. Maybe you have an idea of things it could be, but you cannot find that out for sure. Just because it is unexplained, doesn’t make it paranormal, but it is these head scratching moments that keep us going as well. As human beings we need to think. We like to be challenged. I walk into an investigation with a list of questions, and I usually walk out with another 5 pages of questions. It is a never ending search.

Your excitement shows your passion. Realistically, if you don’t have the passion, it might be time to hang up the K2 meter (if you use one). Investigating is full of long cold nights, it costs A LOT of money and it is time away from your family. Quite a lot of people invest their time in putting on tours or experiences for others to enjoy. I know myself from volunteering at Black Rock House and helping out on other investigations my focus is not necessarily the investigating and enjoying my time. It is making sure the guests are all happy and safe, are we running on time, are they bored, should we be trying something different because nothing is happening and about a million other things. Why shouldn’t we get excited if something happens? We all deserve a good time too!

It is passion that drives us and we love the paranormal. If someone gets excited over something and you know it is clearly not paranormal, don’t get judgemental. It doesn’t mean they are a bad investigator or they don’t know what they are doing. They will get there in a minute or too when the moment passes. Let them enjoy the moment and then you can work out together what it could be. Maybe you can debunk it and maybe you can’t. Without these moments, would we continue our search? If there was absolutely nothing week to week, not one piece of equipment going off, not one sound, not one weird feeling, would you still be investigating?

Enjoy these moments. You deserve to. It doesn’t matter what everyone thinks. You are not in that moment trying to proof scientifically to the world that paranormal exists. You are experiencing something for yourself and it is good to be excited. We love what we do so we should be able to show it!

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