RH Negative blood and the paranormal ... is there a connection?

20th June 2018. Reading Time: 5 minutes General, Conspiracy Theories. 56328 page views. 318 comments.

Roughly 15% of the population are RH negative in blood type. Some people believe there is a connection between psychic ability, sleep paralysis alien abduction, and those who are RH negative. I look into the claims, where RH negative blood is rumoured to have come from and look at the data to see if there is a connection.

Most women will be able to tell you a little bit about what it means to be RH Negative. A lot of people don’t take much notice of their blood type, however when you are pregnant, one of the first things they test is to see if your blood is RH Negative. We as humans either have RH positive or RH negative blood. To be negative means that you don’t have a certain protein on the surface of your red blood cells. As a pregnant woman, if you are RH negative and your baby is RH positive, it can cause problems as your body could start producing anti-bodies to attack the RH positive antigen in your baby’s blood. It can make them sick. Don’t I know it! My Mum was RH negative and I am positive. I was born prematurely and given a blood transfusion at birth as I was becoming ill as her body was attacking our incompatible blood types. Nowadays it is not as much of a threat thanks to the way modern medicine works and a simple antibody is given to the mother while pregnant and they are monitored closely. Aside from pregnancy, it is pretty much the only time that the RH negative or positive factor is significant …… or is it?

RH Negative is considered to be rare

According to carterbloodcare.org, around 15% of the population in the United States are considered to be RH Negative. Scientific studies have indicated that without the protein in the red blood cells that people who are RH Positive have, the blood has a blueish colour to it. This is why people who are RH Negative are also referred to as blue bloods.

Where does the RH Negative factor come from?

Some theories out there include that the RH negative antibody actually comes from Alien DNA and that they either interbred with humans or somehow genetically engineered us in some way. The Book of Enoch (which predates the Bible) talks about a type of angel called the Nephilim who was a watcher mating with humans and creating a type of human-angel hybrid. While they were all wiped out, some were said to survive, and this is where they believe RH Negative factor comes in. Some people, for this reason, refer to it as the God Gene.  There is however a more likely explanation.  Evolution.

Scientists believe that the RH negative blood is simply a mutation that happened sometime during our evolution. It is believed that we evolved from Apes, this could have happened somewhere along the way. It was actually because of the Rhesus macaque also known as the Rhesus Monkey that we even know about these positive and negative antigens. Scientists discovered that human antigens were similar to that of the Rhesus macaque. Monkeys have also shown to have comparable blood types. They are not identical to the A, B and O Blood types that we have, but there are similarities.

What does this have to do with the paranormal?

People who are blue bloods are said to be more prone to have a lower body temperature, higher than average IQ, higher blood pressure, red hair, and a sensitivity to sunlight. That is not the only thing they are said to be sensitive in. Some people say that having blood that is RH Negative means that they have elevated intuition and a stronger connection to spirituality in part due to its connection with 'The book of Enoch'. Some have a heightened awareness of their surroundings whilst others sense things before they happen. They feel a general connection to the spiritual realm. Due to this connection and it's religious connotations, some people believe that people who are RH negative are able to sense and identify demons (if they exist).

Quite a lot of people who are RH Negative also seem to have another trait in common. They suffer from Night terrors or sleep paralysis. Science tells us that sleep paralysis happens when our brain wakes up before our body does. Some people however interpret this as an encounter with a negative spirit or perhaps even something else. Others again put this down to an alien encounter. People who are RH negative are also said to be more likely to be able to have out-of-body experiences through astral projection because they feel a connection to the spiritual world and space.

A lot of people who have had ET experiences or abduction stories, seem to have a connecting value. They are often RH negative. Perhaps this is where the theory of Aliens' genetically engineering blood comes into play.

It is important to note here that these are all just theories, there is no conclusive evidence.

Is it actually true or coincidence?

The only way to determine if any of this has any sort of merit is to look at the numbers. I put the call out on various types of social media and asked people who felt they had a physical ability or some sort of sensitivity to the paranormal to tell me what their blood type was.  Here are the results as of September 2018.

Updated figures as of 8th September 2018

As you can see from the results, most of the people who have completed the survey were RH negative and the majority felt they had some sort of ability or sensitivity to the paranormal. Does this show us there is a connection? It is not solid evidence and the test group is too small. to make conclusions, however, but it is still interesting to see these results. For me looking at these results, the fact that only 7 people that were RH positive answered the survey leads me to think that perhaps the survey was only completed by people who felt they either had an ability or were RH negative so it is not a reliable snapshot. It is still quite interesting to look at though. The way this study was set up will never give us definitive answers. It is just interesting to see what people come up with. I am by no means saying there is a scientific connection. I am not a scientist, I am just someone asking a question to see who answers.  As you can see from a large number of comments below, people who are RH negative do feel there is something special about them on a spiritual level. 

So what do you think? Do you think your blood type has an influence on your psychic ability? Is it a mutation in our DNA through evolution or some sort of intervention from above? Tell. me your thoughts in the comments below.  I actually find it quite fascinating looking into the paranormal at this level.  You may also like to read my research into female hormones and the paranormal.  https://llifs.com.au/blog/female-hormones-and-the-paranormal/

* 2021 Update: I am running a brand new survey of results starting 20/2/2021.  If you would like to participate, it takes only 5 minutes and it is completely anonymous.  https://forms.gle/hRWf4EYL5Nt3hLSK6

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  • Terry Anderson 11 months ago

    I have all if this ! Wondered why?
    I have enormous energy posive spit & i nce was burden still are can read peoples energy ! Can be a burden! Want to help / geal everyone

  • Casey rybak 1 year ago

    Hearing from others like myself is interesting. I’d like to see more content on here subjects.

  • infj reflector 2 years ago

    I have read through so many of these comments and couldn't believe what I was reading. I am AB-, I have sleep paralysis in spurts, almost like I'm being tested, to see if I retained the knowledge gained previously or to see if I would revert back to fear, I'm not entirely sure. But it comes every night for a month or two and then doesn't happen again for several months. I met with ET guides that were teaching me how to fly as well as self defense techniques. It took several times of going to that place and me exclaiming that I was ready for the knowledge before I was given any trust or guidance. I have extremely vivid dreams nightly, and have recently within the last six months or so been able to predict major tornados that will occur and even starting to get the names of places that will be hit. I make sure to tell my partner the moment I wake up what dreams I had because I feel as if I'm crazy for having prophetic dreams and need someone to validate me still. I can read energy in people and places like a natural barometer, and know the intentions of people instantly. For the very few people I am close to, I can communicate telepathically. I hate large groups of people because the different energies and the thoughts and emotions they project seriously overwhelm me. I know things about people that they wouldn't necessarily like to have known, and that can be super uncomfortable. I love all animals and have a wonderful connection to them. Kids also gravitate towards me and I feel I can connect with them easier than with adults. I have a soft spot for people that have had rough upbringings, and try my best to be someone they can trust due to my own rough childhood. I don't have a lot of friends, but have many acquaintances and feel like I'm the temporary or expendable friend most of the time, but recently figured it is because I can't help the many if I'm only focused on the few, so possibly am in people's lives only until I help them feel heard or seen or helped them discover something that they neglected prior to our time together. No matter where I go, random strangers feel the urge to divulge their life stories or their darkest problems to me. I enjoy the night time hours moreso than the daytime, can only handle the sun in small amounts, and I have a huge obsession with trees, particularly very old, big trees. I love rainy days and clouds, and can accurately predict when storms or rain will occur. I have a special connection with the moon and with bodies of water. I have extremely sensitive smell, iron deficient and B-12 anemia, and double jointed in arms. I see synchronicity in the form of numbers daily like 818, 616, 908, 1221, etc. I have auburn colored hair, and recently have an obsession with my family tree as well as uncovering shady secret projects that governments globally have hidden from the people. I refuse to watch the news, and feel physically ill when I'm forced to endure horror stories of the world. I already feel it, I don't need to read about it or see it as well. I'm extremely fascinated with astrology from all cultures, numerology, human design, and oracle cards, and though I am not religious, I am fascinated by religion solely because I haven't been able to figure out how those involved in it have not come to the conclusion that they all hold small pieces to this very large puzzle. I believe that the divine feminine was removed in order to have this patriarchal society and that humanity was denied the ability to flow with our natural cycles when the gregorian calendar was invented. I believe in multiverses, and parallel universes running simultaneously past, present, and future. And I also believe that death is another tool used for fear, and it does not exist in the ways we have been deceived to believe. I think schools and workplaces were designed to teach conformity, and even more so now with children being overstimulated by technology and dumbed down in ways that are unimaginable. I am a believer of the Annunaki and evil forces directing the script on this planet. Especially when it seems we are being attempted to be desensitized to atrocities like human trafficking and pedophilia. I have also had many encounters with the Annunaki in the dream realm, and I know there will be a huge battle between us and them. I have believed for quite some time that I have ties to the reptilian race among others, and it used to bother me until I became more open minded and conscious of what that entails. I know I still have so much to learn, and I believe that we receive a little at a time, due to the mass conditioning we have all endured and not being able to understand it otherwise. I can't wait for a time when all of us unite against a common foe and step into our amazing otherness. This is truly a time of destruction and renewal, and though the ride will be bumpy, hard, and long, I have high hope for humanity and fully believe that love will prevail. So thankful to have discovered this page and all of you amazing souls that shared your stories. For today, I no longer felt so out of place, but know we have been strategically placed throughout this planet to share our gifts with the world.

  • ausra dwyer 3 years ago

    Rh- are the chosen, the starseeds. We can't breed with regular humans and must to keep our pure blood. I have ability to heal, to remove extreme pain not only with hands but with my thoughts.
    Was very sick as a child, have a hole in the heart wall. I have ears which can predict rain and storms earlier than weather tools shows, i have a brain which showing chemicals in the food . my head starts to pain then food have some toxic stuff in it. Can sense people feelings before they will feel , see through everyone.See visions. been waken up at night to show a vision. I'm explorer, looking for answers of universe and getting downloads as an answers. Extremely talented on everything but it not God's gifts, it a quantity of reincarnations , learning and experiences in these lives.

  • Tina Block 4 years ago


  • MixArouhAO 4 years ago

    Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes.
    PS: How are you? I am from France :)

    • Addie Scheibe 4 years ago

      doing fine. and yourself??

  • Addie Scheibe 4 years ago

    anyone out there been approached about this corona issue??

    • Living life in full spectrum 4 years ago

      Someone started a thread over at the forums in relation to RH and Corona wondering if the blood type made you more immune or more susceptible. Of course there is no way of knowing as it is a new type of virus however there has been some early research that indicates certain blood types are more affected. They were not in relation to RH negative though but it is a worthy discussion.

      • Addie Scheibe 4 years ago

        what half scares me is that research could discover that our blood type is the main cure for many of these diseases we are getting hit with and want to round us all up. Let's hope this does not happen.

  • Sue Donem 4 years ago

    A recently deceased relative pranked me, from beyond the grave. I was talking to John, when I realized I couldn't be, because he had passed on. I told John this an he looked more sorrowful than I had ever seen him and said, "I'm not living, you are dead." I was shocked. Could I be dead and in denial? I couldn't believe I had joined the Eternal Brotherhood because I would remember my death. John began to laugh and said, "Sue, I got you again!" Then I awoke from my lucid dream.

  • kr 4 years ago

    I also have 0 negative blood type. This article is so spot on! I have spoken to cthulu in my dreams, he said that the missionary named giorgio will spread the message about aliens and that he will free us from our ignorance. Oh yes. The aliens=angels will swoop down upon us on the day that only the jewish rabbis know of, because it was written in torah. How do they gathered this knowledge? the god spoke to them, ordered them to circumcise little boys because thats how they will rise in power and wisdom, by sucking little penises.

  • Bradley McVey 4 years ago

    Gen 3':15 God puts entimy between his chosen and the devil.prior to gen 6 which the fallen one's rape mankind.notice rh negatives cannot be cloned .anther Prevention for Gods chosen.

  • L 4 years ago

    Hi . Is it just AB - or all negatives with these traits. Well I missed a bullet at nine and started having dreams of things that were to happen at 21. First dream of earthquake which happened a week later . In the dream I had to help a little girl get out and when the quake happen I really did because she was just standing there in the stampede. I guess seeing the things before they happen are like warning dreams from God and there's a reason for it. Needless to say I had many dreams I didnt understand at the time , persons breaking into my home , saw demons around men I was dating and even saw the dates being manipulated that I was going get pregnant on. I've dreamt of witches , witch pots and seen spirits of a warlock in black robe and hat. I can sense when animals are being used through occultism and see many things that are to happen. I dreamt of the drones delivering food in China only to wake up and then see they are real. It feels like a special connection to God and the spiritual realm and I can not meet any men this spiritual so I stay alone because they want casual relationships which I can't have because I see the spirits/ demons associated with immorality around them and my angel will show me the way I need to go. So I'll focus on why I have this gift and prefer to grow in it for when it's really to be used. I'm starting to have visions and hope that as I try to stay in tune with my spirit I can use the gift for Gods purposes. I feel the pain of child abuse whenever I read or hear stories, I break as if it's my child and my rule is treat others the way I want to be treated. I believe I'm to be a spiritual healer . I appreciate people and am happy when I meet other kind spiritual ones. The only disappointment like I said is when I got a warning dream or knew to be careful but didnt because I'm like if i have this gift .... I could have avoided some things and it's great knowing that you have Angel's watching over you trying to protect you and your family and others in this crazy world. I pick up peoples spirit ..the real or fake. I also sense there may be natural disaster soon quake or tsunami and am going to be fasting and praying for protection. Encouraging the Christians to pray and try be more devoted from all the other distractions that try to take our time.
    But God is real and He is good.

    • Linda Rios 2 years ago

      I read your comment which stood out to me, considering that I have felt the same way and always doubted myself or the msgs (am I crazy thoughts). You nailed it because the pandemic happened, so you are being guided and you are understanding the guidance. Can you help me do the same? I still have some doubts and have a messy mind. Sometimes I think I’m sad because of me but sometimes I think it’s because I sense something different I’m not quite picking up on yet. My name is Linda and my number is 7866817884. I would love to hear from you ❤️

    • Pic archangel 4 years ago

      Please contact me about more of your experiences.I am a black mal 6'5 extra teeth/nipples size 14 feet.I have seen shadows and angels.as a kid i was half blind in one eye.And i was crippling sensitive to sunlight.I couldn't do alot of things on certain days.I have not ever broken anybone.And i am athletuc.So it is strange.I have escaped death many times.And have a deep sixth sense of bad things.Unless blocked by god.If i deserved it.I can get super strength at will.Please contact me.So i can learn from you about our bloodline.I am A-.I feel like i don't belong here.But in a good way.

    • Bradley McVey 4 years ago

      It's my belief rh neg blood. Is in the Bible gen 3:15 to protect his chosen prior to gen 6

    • addie scheibe 4 years ago

      what you seem to be describing is a gift from GOD. Interpreting through the spirit. Very cool.

  • K.E.H 4 years ago

    Hey Everyone,
    Reading these posts are fascinating. I just found out my blood type is AB Negative back in August after finding out that I was pregnant. The doctor and nurses seemed extremely concerned and afraid for me and even retested my blood to ensure that they had the correct blood type, and then my mom told me that on the ancient alien shows they talk about AB negative blood type is the closests with ET beings so I have been researching it ever since. My experiences haven't been anywhere close to the ones I've been reading on this forum. However, as long as I can remember, I can sense when someone is about to die. They may not be close to me and sometimes I may not even know the person, I may just know of them. But I get an extrmely weird feeling in my stomach and I don't want to talk to anyone or be around anyone for hours or sometimes even an entire day. On that particular day, I just don't feel myself. After feeling this way, anywhere from an hour or up to a week I hear of someone dying. At first I thought it was a coincidence and then everytime I would have the feeling it would happen. The feeling always scares me because it may be a loved one. Does anyone else experience this? The last time I felt this way was on November 16th before I went on a cruise. I was terrified to go because I didn't plan on buying wifi and I was afraid it would be a loved one and I wouldn't find out about it. But this was the one time that I had the feeling and I didn't hear of anyone dying. Weird. I also manifest things very easily and feel a deep connection with the universe. I don't go to church often, but most times when I do, I feel a powerful connection with either God or an angel, or something (not sure what). It's always a positive feeling and a good spirit though. Also, like many of you all, I seem to have extremely good luck. I don't know how I will make things happen sometimes and then somehow things always work out for me. Whether it's landing a job, paying for a vacation, getting something I desperately want, etc. I'm also reading that a lot of AB negative people have red hair. I have weird experiences when it comes to hair color. I was born with JET BLACK hair, a few years later (around 4 or 5) my hair turned bright red, now my hair is brown and it often changes from a brownish-red to a light brown with natural blonde highlights. I can't explain it. I was adopted and my birth mom has dark brown hair, weird lol. Lastly,
    I've been reading a lot of comment about connections with electricity and I've NEVER experienced anything like that (at least that I could remember). However, after reading posts for the past hour, the guy who sits with me at my cubicle's printer started making weird noises. I've been at my job since last May and he has never used the printer, not even once, and most of the time he works from our other building. The printer stays turned off (unplugged too maybe? I'm not exactly sure) and he hasn't been to my building since this morning, his computer is turned off and I'm too freaked out to even check if it's plugged in. The extension cord for our cubicle is under my computer and I am using up all the outlets so I'm going to stay in my chair and mind my business lol. But it's very weird and I'm wondering if things have happened in the past but I just never paid attention to it? This is all super interesting to me!

  • LLIFS 4 years ago

    I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

  • C 4 years ago


    • LLIFS 4 years ago

      I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

      • Traci 1 year ago

        I'm rh negative n I have all ways believed I was special n different. I've had many unbelievable experience with entities n aliens also what ever I do it's perfect I am stronger than most, heal fast very intelligent. I feel people pain I'm 54,hair like a teenager, all my teeth, born with 2 teeth and a full head of hair I know I'm different n want to know if why it is. Anyone got any ideas thanks tracijjohn

      • Ethel Griffin 4 years ago

        Yes when I was about 12 to 14 years old I was seeing died people a lot,to the point I would get and run to my mother but I had to put something over my head so I didn't see them. And later it stop ....later I was working
        And saw myself working and ask
        Co workers to help me and she said that can't be you be cause u are standing by me,she said u need help ..later I had a stoke it was light. Later I dream about my dead husband and get a check in mail from s.s.i. year later my dog was missing and couldn't fine him and I say go 3 brock downs u will fine him and did.? I'm R.h o negative. Now I
        Don't see any thing but feel strange?

  • Janie Wampler Miller 4 years ago

    I am A- RH Negative. I am also a sensitive and I have seen demons, Angels and Ghost all my life. I do feel closer to GOD and to Nature. I believe it is a gift.

    • Tabitha 3 years ago

      Same here

  • Christine Villalobos 5 years ago

    I have AB negative blood. I have miracles happen regularly in my life. I have been hit directly by a truck going 40 through an intersection, while riding on the back of my ex-husband’s motorcycle, I walked away without any broken bones. I have had synchronicity with the world for many years now. I can feel when something good is going to happen. One bad thing after another has happened to me, but I’ve been saved each time. I know it sounds crazy but my life is protected.

    • Tracy 4 years ago

      Christine I know how you feel, I've thought the same thing also. I feel very protected too. Im O- and have seen and experienced many many spiritual activities. Along with in the knowing, psychic abilities, astor travel,out of body experiences. I can go visit someone i know in astro travels and see what is really going on in present time. No man can cheat on me and get away with it lol.. Anyway i could go on with all the sprit activities but to much.. Ive never meet anyone like me and i cant talk to people about it because they think im crazy. But if some people don't know i can see how my talk would make people run lol. It is so wonderfully amazing to find people on the web that i feel so close to and actually talk about this. My own family doesn't understand me. Thank you so much.

      • christine villalobos 4 years ago

        Isn't the world a beautiful and amazing creation? God has been SOOO good to me. Prayers for us both as we continue to learn and love more.

        • addie scheibe 4 years ago

          yes I agree.

  • Lilrik 5 years ago

    Ok so im rik, and Wow reading the comments now i know im not alone. I was born 3 months early and died 5 times as a kid. I have cystic fibrosis but 2 rare types. Ive always been tapped in to the otherside, seen alot of mad shit what cannot be explained also got videos i would like to share of paranormal from last week if anyone wants to see. Until now I thought I was alone and never spoke of any of it but always craved answers. Does anyone else find they heal quicker then most? Ive also had premonitions, sleep paralysis and dajavu from the age of 5. Please someone reach out to me and tell me I'm not the only one!

    • LLIFS 4 years ago

      I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

  • JENNY JOYCE 5 years ago


    • Lilrik 5 years ago

      Please email me, i thought i was alone. I have 2 forms of cystic fibrosis which is as rare as rocking horse shit aswell as re-blood. I feel im here for a purpose and the shit ive seen comfirms that. Anyone got any answers?

  • Jannely 5 years ago

    (I am B- ) Anyone else have scars that your parents could never explain to you? For example , for as long as i can remember i've had a deep vertical scar on my right wrist and my parents knew nothing about it. You'd expect your parents to remember the time you were bleeding out from your wrist but i guess not. As a young child i've always been fascinated by outer space . I've had vivid dreams of being in space and seeing bright colorful galaxies way before i even knew what a galaxy was. These were dreams that felt like lasted days maybe even weeks. Also , i can remember every single dream i've ever had since i was 4 which is kinda creepy anyone else?

  • jamie foyers 5 years ago

    I want to ask a question of all you other Rh negatives out there and don't shy away or consider me mad in anyway whatsoever. Anyone born with PHYSICAL non shall we say "normal" traits?. As an A- I have what's termed medically as "bifid tongue" which if you look it up is a genuine condition where the tongue is split at the tip akin to a snake or reptile. I was also born with a bit of syndactyly on my feet. I have issues like everyone else with daylight, electricity and light levels but also physically suffer from a condition called "Spasmodic disphonia" which means my voice cuts out quite a bit. Technically speaking "brain damaged" but still quite intelligent which scares some people even though it's hard to communicate sometimes. I know I probably sound "weird" even for an A- but has anyone else got these traits or researched into the physical "oddities" of being born Rh neg. I go on Rh neg forums and they have a hard time believing what I am but I assure you I am genuine in putting this stuff down. Just wanted to see if I am "unique" to a certain degree or if there are other "oddities" out there with the Rh neg blood line looking for answers.

    • Luz 1 year ago

      I can talk to the dead I see UFOs many times a bright light has came to make since I was little . I read palms I do spells I even had went into someones body while I was coming dinner. I know when your lieng I know when I am being watched

    • Renata 5 years ago

      Jaime I was born with my coccyx(tail bone) and sacrum fused together. I also formed a dermoid cyst near my left eye because the bones in my scull (lateral wall and roof of the orbit) did not close. I am O-.

    • Elizabeth Martin 5 years ago

      I had nine extra teeth that grew in on the roof of my mouth that had to be extracted as a kid

      • Piper 4 years ago

        B negative and my toes are suck together ????

      • shell 5 years ago

        i also had extra teeth in the roof of my mouth (o neg)

        • Elizabeth Martin 5 years ago


    • S 5 years ago

      I have these traits as well

  • RHO- 5 years ago

    You're Rh-, your're on FB ... and the Big Brother is watching you.

  • Deb 5 years ago

    These stories are like reading my own. I have RH negative blood as well. I have had over 8 near death experiences. Anyone that knows about them call them profound miracles. I have always had a strong lingering call that I had a mission that I was put here for that was of Good versus Evil. I have no idea why but I continue to have a recurring dream of Valkyries helping angels and the most horrific demonic and bloody massacres are taking place. I stand as a Valkyrie and say "Ye Shall Not Harm Them". I am able to levitate objects and also static lines of electricity in different colors come from my fingertips and shoot out that I can form an electrical ball with. This ball is then thrown or shot toward the demons trying to hurt innocents. I feel like a moron and just think it is too weird to tell anyone about around me. On a daily basis the strangest things happen to me that provides so much entertainment for my friends and others. They used to always want to go with me anywhere because they knew it would be an experience. I cannot even go to the grocery store. People I have never met just walk up to me and tell me their life story or current problem and I do not know why. I have had really old women out of nowhere stop in front of me and turn around and start asking me if I knew what I was. I would then just look at them strangely and ignore them and quickly get away from them. I thought they were lunatics honestly. One lady asked me if I knew what a tempest for the dead was. She said my presence does not upset, anger or please the dead. My presence emits a static energy on a large scale that affects things around me that are dead or alive. It is not a positive or negative feeling I emit but a large disruption that draws them in to seek out the origin of it. I am more content at home and I think after so many experiences that I am just happier that way. I do not venture out except to go to work. Electrical appliances, computers, etc. do not last long around me either. I used to think I had bad luck but after doing more and more research on RH negative, I am beginning to believe otherwise. I have suddenly stopped having a conversation with someone because I felt a horrible sensation come over me, I would turn around and see that a stranger had just entered the room. WOW, I am so amazed by reading what others are experiencing as well. This is unreal!

    • my 4 years ago

      reading this aligned greatly to my own experiences. Always have sensed I am a different kind of different. Flow to life in a nonconventional way and have this happen to me that are straight out of a movie. I see things before they happen, know peoples depth when they may not ever know themselves, electrical appliances malfunction whenever im near and even more when i am upset, I am not interested in finding a mate as i feel i am here for something greater. Being a judge in law may suit as a better life then marriage. I see children as precious (well most) i see the evil ones too. almost better then i do with adults. i had a dream of flying for many many years but it was of helping the innocent from harm. I have a strange sense of right and wrong. I have a universal type love for others. Am very transparent and honest and like harmony.
      i seem to be able to manifest things directly into my life. both people or things. I have gone through what most would be crazy after going through yet i am completely the same as i was before it happened. I see the good in most situations. I value space and its grandness. always have wanted to take a rocket up someday. I am a parent but more of a guide or friend. I see things in the sky all the time and have since i was a child. i see electricity vividly. i know peoples thoughts and see them almost like a reader board.

      • Rebecca morrison 4 years ago

        Yes I am the same.

        • My 4 years ago

          Would love to know you then!! Its lonely out here. :)

    • Barbara Maysiles 5 years ago

      I feel you are like a sister so many feelings and experiences like me. I like to be alone. Truth is my religion.Have been saved from death many times. Burn out computers and electrical appliances. Can sometimes read people’s past lives. Had alien encounters since age 5. Have peopke cone up to me and tell me their life stories. This is why I went into the helping profession, Psychiatric Nurse. I feel as though I do it belong on Planet Earth and come from elsewhere. I have B negative blood, low blood pressure and low body temperature, blue eyes reddish blond hair.

      • Piper 4 years ago

        I am B negative but brown hair and brown eyes.

      • MY 4 years ago

        I have strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, fairer skin, and tall, athletic build. Im O-(rh-).
        Truth is everything to me too. Spirituality is unquenchable, feel protected in a immortal type of way. Never get ill, empathetic and have to filter what i take on from others or it depletes me. Have lucid vivid dreams but they are always in black and white. Seem to hold knowledge that i never studied or even tried to know naturally, abilities to do things most wouldnt (front flips back flips though never trained or tried until one day happened to and pulled it off perfectly, im 40!)
        Knew the second exact moment i became pregnant. Family is not quite like me at all, nearly different in all ways. Have depth in my friendships or prefer not to have them. Optimistic to a fault. Care deeply. Ambidextrous, dyslexic, have a strange thing with numbers always being even, see through people as if watching a movie.

  • Janie Wampler Miller 5 years ago

    I am RH- and it's 100% spot on. As if your writing about me 100%.

  • Addie Scheibe 5 years ago

    I am also an rh negative. Many of the statements mentioned I can relate with.

  • Addie Scheibe 5 years ago

    I am also an rh negative. Many of the statements mentioned I can relate with.

  • Rose M Govanus 5 years ago

    My blood type is O-Negative. I truly connect with all this.
    I'm 59 with hazel eyes, brown hair with red highlights & olive skin.
    In my life I've survived multiple near death experiences. Twice while in my mother's womb. The 1st time early in my mother's 1st trimester. She had servere morning sickness that caused servere dehydration. My parents were told they would need to abort me to save her life. My father signed the consent for the procedure. One of the doctors said maybe there was a chance to save both of our lives with a new experimental drug. It worked! The second time was in my mother's 5th trimester. She got appendicitis. Once again my father signed the consent to take me. But the doctor once again found a way to save us with a new type of surgery (Microscopic Surgery). Once during child birth. My mother was at the hospital in labor. The labor stopped & the doctors tried to induce labor for 5 days with no success. They told my mother there were no vital signs & they would need to do a cesarean section. Once again wanting to take away her baby. I was born stillborn & the doctor wasn't having any of this. So he started shock treatment by placing my whole body into ice water & rubbing me down with alchohol & then back into the ice water. After several times I was revived & live on today to tell you my story. Once as a teenager, I had a very severe case of mononucleosis. I was 15 to 16 years old & early in my Junior year of H.S. It almost took my life by causing a severe reaction to the illness, inflammation of my spleen to the point of rupturing, liver problems causing jaundice & many other bad infections. It took over two weeks in the hospital, at least 3 months of bedrest & over a year to get totally well. Then at least twice between when I was 48 to 55 years old. These 2 or more experiences all started with an acute case of pancreatitis. This acute illness was the type that only 2-3% of the patients survive due to severe complications. The pancreatitis lead to other life or death medical situations for years. But I survived. During the original case of pancreatitis & the 1st of near death experiences, I had many vivid paranormal encounters (mostly Angel's & my dead grandmother). I had out of body experiences where I was on the ceiling looking down at the doctors & nurses working on me.
    I've been called a miracle by my doctors, family & friends.
    I run a low temperature 96.5° & I'll usually have a bad infection with a temperature of lower then 99°.
    As for my heartrate & bloodpresser... When trying to check my pulse it will be hard to find, faint & turn out to be low in between the mid 50's to the mid 60's.
    My blood pressure is also faint & hard to take, with the healthcare provider trying different location until they are able to get a good bloodpresser. There is a one going joke from my many healthcare providers, " We know you're not dead because you're talking to us", LOL.
    I don't remember any vivid encounters or paranormal activities when I was young or during any of my early near death situations. I do know I was a very sensitive child with a fierce love of animals, especially all cats, big or small. My Mom use to tell me I was either a cat in my past life or going to be one in my next life. I felt that deep inside me as well. I also feel a strong connection to dolphin, porpoises & most toothed whales. I got to swim with a Florida Bottle Nosed Dolphin recently. I was brought to tears & felt a very physical & emotional bond. I have a strong love for the ocean, the smell of the salty water & it's beautiful blue & bluegreen waters. I could never live any where that there wasn't a ocean near by. Maybe that just happens to be because I'm a Pieces.
    I also love warm weather. I love living in Florida & would love to visit other tropical & subtropical beaches.
    But, I can't endure the hot weather especially with high humidity unless there is a pool or ocean near by. Otherwise I need to stay indoors with the air conditioner on.
    I didn't start to notice strang things until my late 20's, early 30's.
    I have a strong sense of people & know if they are going to be helpful or a bad problem, especially for the people I love.
    I have good condinance & a 6th sence. People say I'm mystic & understanding.
    I'm very spiritual, have a close relationship with God, his son Jesus & his Angel's. Especially with his Arch Angel's Michael & Gabriel. The connection with these 2 angels is very strong & more pronounced since my pancreatitis.
    I see the numbers 3:33, 11:11, 1:11 & 4:44 all the time. I also have a close connections with 336 or 3360.
    I have vivid dreams, night terrors & sleep paralysis. Many of these are terrifying & haunt me throughout the day. The normal & not so terrifying dreams may also stay with me in the daytime.
    In my dreams I can leap high, fly & float for fun. Some of the times to get away from a bad situations. I can also run like a big cat. Covering large portions of land. My worst dreams/terrors are mostly about my husband. I'm either looking for him or he's leaving me & I don't understand why. Some are about my work office or a known home. I'm trying to get out of these buildings & it's like a maze or it's not as I remembered. Very disturbing!
    I do have a lot of deja vu.
    I do think I can sence evil & have feared it, but since I've been sick, I think my interactions with the Angels has helped me keep my fear in check & reduce the disturbances.
    As for aliens, I have no connection with them. I do believe in them but I don't feel a connection. I also don't feel like that I don't belong here.
    As for family & friends... I don't have many close friends. I have a lot of acquaintances that I like & will sometimes social with. But I don't have many true friends. The kind I would like to talk to & see everyday or who are friends forever no matter what happens. I have maybe 4 or 5 true friends & there is always a strong similarity in our lives & history.
    I'm extremely close with my Husband (we are soulmates) & family. My two grandmothers, who have passed now, I talk to often. My paternal grandmother is my family connected Guardian Angel. My maternal grandmother will find lost prized items that I didn't know I've lost or I asked for fer help when I've lost an important item. Especially jewlery. She always comes through. I will also ask St. Anthony to help me find a lost item.
    Well I hope I didn't bore anyone. A friend who is RH-negative blood told me about this phenomenon & I'm very intrigued. So thank you for allowing me to share. God bless, let your gifts help others & make you happy, ENJOY!

    • Latisha 4 years ago

      You are spot on with me...about 98%. Especially that flying and floating in dreams.

    • Jennifer Grace 4 years ago

      O neg here, and so much resonates with me in these stories!

    • Felisha M Cruz Garcia 4 years ago

      Hi, your story it’s so similar to mine. I’m 23 years now two years ago I got appendicitis too. Since a year before that I’ve been seeing a lot of 111, 222, 333 etc. My grandpa from my mothers side pass away this year and before that I never had a connection with angels. With my help, my grandpa was ready to pass away in the proper way, he used my body to communicate with my uncles and said he’s last words. I’m also with my soulmate. I would like to hear more from you and your experiences.

      • Rose M Govanus 4 years ago

        These gifts are truly amazing. Do you have a connection with certain types of animals? I'm a Piecies, what about you?

        • Felisha Cruz Garcia 4 years ago

          Yes, with cats; but mostly any animal gets friendly around me. I’m a Leo. A day after cancer. So I’m a mixture of both.

  • Tricia 5 years ago

    Hello everyone,
    I am A negative and most of the experiences described here has happened to me. I have had several dreams that either happened just as I dreamt it or close enough to it. I have seen spirits, sense demons and have had several episodes of sleep paralysis. From I was a child I often wondered about who created us, and felt like I have a mission to complete.
    Overall as I got older I am intrigued in the unexplained things of the world, and sometimes I do feel like I dont belong. I also have alot of dejavu moments..like I have done this before or been here before

    • addie scheibe 4 years ago

      I have had many deja vu moments. Wish I could harness it!

  • Ladislav 5 years ago

    Hello my rh neg friends!
    I have B neg blood type and I also had that strange feeling that I do not belong here on this planet and as if nobody understood me (my parents as well). I like observing the world, how people interact, how they behave etc. I am not sure about my mental abilities or if I have more ribs than I should have. But it indeed is interesting to find out. I always wanted to meet somebody of the same blood type (to try if we could communicate with thoughts). If you are interested, feel free to write!

    • Koy 5 years ago

      Hi Ladislav, I totally have the same feeling, like I dont belong here... I too am B Negative... Do have an extra tooth.. not sure about other bits... And also have a slight sixth sense...

      • Kimberli Pipes 4 years ago

        I've been through several attempts on my life and felony hit 'n' run
        11 years ago, I saw it happen 3 mo. Earlier.
        I do feel like I didn't belong and that people could see it and I stuck out, I also have very strong personality and if
        Are in a group of people I get so much static electricity it made me really really sick. Im was on the outside looking in, I also saw murders. Saw huge disasters and then it would happen later. I would tell my dad yeah I was a little girl about when I see and he would tell me just relax it'll be okay. Has a child to see the brutal torture what I would refer to as the devil. I have actually seen holy wars angels and demons fighting. My last child was a boy he also has the Brh negative and bright blue eyes he also has , He's also been very different and he is very spiritual and sees things that I've seen since I was really young. And yes the government is very interested ! I could hear criminals and evil conspiring and human trafficking horrible things and could hear everything being said even though I was not there I could see names and faces. From homegrown terrorism and organized crime. I would stand up for people that can't protect themselves because I could see what was coming. I do have health infections that come and go but my blood work comes up fine. Blood pressure low to can run extremely high.
        I do understand I don't question it anymore I always thought it was a curse but it helped the government take down some extremely evil people that high levels.
        My son has asked me questions, my other children would say to me ... Mom your a white witch and that I was being witchy. I now live in Montana where it's, quieter and big open spaces where I'm most happiest. I can go out for a while and then I want to come home to peaceful and s
        and rest peacefully. I have always been extremely close to all animals, i now have 4 dogs two kitties that were rescues. I have gotten back into my horses also. Huge part of healing and peace. Conserving my energy and can rest finily. I have had a out of body experience's. Both of my parents are B positive. My brother is a big positive, my last son is a B- negative RH red hair and blue eyes and very different and his thinking is different deep and he knows things that don't come from this time on earth he's 24 and he knows things back thousands of years. Him and I have a very strong connection and see things it wouldn't make most people run screaming.
        This has helped me that I'm not the only one or my son that there's others that have had a lot of the same experiences. They will come back they still keep an eye on me and my son always have had a guardian angel. I would like to think that's an angel I used to refer to him as the overseers.

        • Pic 4 years ago

          Sorry not sure if i put my email last time.

        • Pic 4 years ago

          I am A- negative and i would love to learn somethings from you about our blood type.I see shadow figires sometimes.I seen a huge angel recently sutting at end of my bed.I had alot near death situations.I can sense bad things about to happens.Like a six sense.Unless god blocks it to teach me a lesson i guess.And i know i belong somewhere else.I am a black male 6'5 extra teeth extra nipples 14 size foot.And my middle toe is extra long.And i am half bling in my right eye.And lights crippled me as a child.And i affect electrical stuff sometimes.And much more.Please reach out to me.

    • Chris Goodman 5 years ago

      A- here. I fit the RH negative category almost entirely.

      I have one “odd symptom “ that I haven’t seen mentioned and am wondering if any of you share it. I completely, COMPLETELY dislike alcohol. Not a prude or moralistic thing here...the taste is so repugnant I can’t get past it. It repulses me. Also marijuana makes me physically sick, puking severely no matter the kind or method tried.
      Okay, so- am I the only oddity out there, or can some of you relate?

      • Rose M Govanus 4 years ago

        I'm O- MY Grandfather is also O-
        I dont have the reaction to alcohol like you do, but I do have strong reactions to marijuana. Also, have no addition tendencies to other highly addictive drugs. I've needed to use many addictive medications for long periods of time because of serious & painful illnesses & my doctors have been amazed that I can quickly wean myself off the drugs.

      • jamie foyers 5 years ago

        Chris. A- here as well and I agree with you. Cannot stand alcohol, cigarettes, vaping, drugs..you name it I hate it. Also cannot stand garlic and VERY strong chemical perfumes or manufactured scents. ANYTHING added into food where alcohol is a component makes me nauseous if I smell it...it's a total turn off. You're not alone mate. I get it completely.

      • Ivy 5 years ago

        Yes. You nailed it. I cant stand the smell of it either.

  • REDONNA 5 years ago

    I’m RH- and stumbled across this site a couple of weeks ago when I read something on FB that mentioned RH Negative Blood Type could be derived by aliens. I had never heard anything about my RH- blood before, just thought it was only talked about during pregnancy. So of course I was intrigued and had to start researching further. So here I am, reading these comments and feeling similar... When I was younger, I saw my grandfather a little while after he had passed. He didn’t say anything to me, just appeared before I left for school. He was smiling and holding a cup of coffee. I followed him into my kitchen and he sat down at the table. When I turned to ask my mom if she saw him, too he had disappeared when I turned back to look at him. My mom didn’t see him at all. I’ve experienced dejavu quite a bit and just kind of joked it off saying, whoa I’ve dreamed this before. Nothing significant with them, as most of them were just me at work or shopping. I did have one scary incident a few years back when I was about to drift into sleep. I saw a black figure, very small and skinny and looking like one of those morph Halloween costumes that cover the entire body and face, walking by the foot of my bed and then suddenly it turned and jumped on my bed, raced to me, and started to strangle me. I tried my best to scream and finally got out a loud scream and ran down the hall in panic. My mom (who had been staying with me while looking for a house) and daughter ran from their rooms to see what was wrong and they were shocked to see me pale as a ghost and my heart pounding out of my chest. Pretty scary stuff and luckily that’s never happened again. As far as I know, I’ve never been abducted by aliens. I do love looking up at the sky, especially the stars. I love warm weather more so than cold. I have green eyes that sometimes turn yellow/hazel when wearing brighter colors. Not so much red hair, but I would say at times when the sun hits it there are a few red tones in it. Mostly blonde highlighted hair now. I’m an all-around happy person, constantly smiling, and I get along with everyone. People tend to talk to me and tell me everything after just meeting them. I do have a huge heart for animals. I have two cats and two dogs that all sleep with me at night. When I say sleep with me, I mean they huddle around me, not my husband. Same is true wherever I go in the house, they follow me and not my husband. It upsets him sometimes because they tend to be my pets instead of his. If I see or hear anything happening to animals in a bad way it makes me really upset, almost sick like. I just always passed all of these things off before until I came across this site. So now I’m starting to think they all may mean something…I would love to learn more, maybe see if I have any special abilities that maybe I’m just sheltering it all because I never knew any of this existed??? Does any of this sound familiar or mean anything??

  • REDONNA WAGES 5 years ago

    I'm RH- and have never heard of any of this before, but it makes so much sense now! I would love to research this further and open up my abilities...would anyone like to share further findings or where I could get more information?

    • Julie 5 years ago

      ReDonna you really should research it more you would be amazed! There are several of us in a RH- group on fb. "RH NEGATIVE Blood group"

    • Julie 5 years ago

      ReDonna you really should research it more you would be amazed! There are several of us in a RH- group on fb. "RH NEGATIVE Blood group"

      • turkeyegg 5 years ago

        i didn't know there was a FB for us?? I will check that out when I get the time. Nice

  • Victoria 5 years ago

    I am A- and just recently I found how different we are from the rest of the world. I am 57 and I passed thought horrible experience in the last couple of years. Since 1997 I used to know a woman who I did not know that she is a contractor with ET. I found just an year ago an implant in my neck which was removed but I suffered in the last 3 years tremendously. Unfortunately I found that I was abducted several times and implanted. My health is ruined, my whole body and all is because this ET they did a hybrid who is the same like me. This woman passed away in 2012 and she is reborn as granddaughter of my husband whom I married 6 years ago. As people with RH - like me can not be cloned they did just a hybrid who to look like me. I suffered tremendously. I am blond to relish hear with blue eyes and always I looked anger that are my ages. They just ruined me.

  • Ann 5 years ago

    O Rh Neg., green eyes and red hair
    I became aware of something different about me in my early teens, and I'm now a Reiki Master practitioner (Usui and Komyo). I do sense that this has highlighted my 'awareness', and it also allows me to 'see' things that others aren't aware of.
    I have been with friends and my late husband as they transitioned and watched their souls rise from the solar plexus region. Most often they let me see them going into the Light, about 8 to 10 hours later.
    When I'm with clients I often become acutely aware of their issues and the souls who surround them. Depending on the client, I may tell them what I 'saw', and invariably they respond in the positive. It's often met with smiles and happy tears.
    A day doesn't go by when I haven't seen orbs. I'm fascinated by their presence, and most recently I have noticed that they most frequently tend to surround spiritual and indigenous people. I have much to learn about orbs and how to communicate with them. If anyone knows of commendable resources, I would be pleased to know of them.
    Like so many others, I am also alerted to possible dangers. Foreshadowing at its finest.
    Whatever this gift is, it is to be blessed and shared as appropriate.
    Love and Light

  • Lea 5 years ago

    I am A-, very sensitive to people moods, when I was super engry and frustrated one time in the office, all computers crushed, black screen for a few minutes, I went out to calm myself, then everythig works again. Since I remember, I am always messing with electricity, tv off, light bulbs burns etc. I had daydreams in color about future, when pregnant with my children, I had visions of people standing close me, I survived so many accidents, which other people will call fatal, had seen spirits, out of body experience...if anything is paranormal, that probably hapend to me, so for me it is normal ;-). Is somebody outhere "normal" as me? Love and Light always

  • Gabby 5 years ago

    Yes... Except im on a planet with all different kinds of beings...not human either but we all were pure and got a long

  • J Stahl 5 years ago

    A-. This applies QUITE a bit. It manifests in various ways and dimensions, vibratory frequencies, harmonics, and resonance patterns. I do best when I stay Grounded in the body, (I swam today. Yay!) I have the gift of touch; a gift that has been honed. hands of a healer. Honored to be alive. ???? Eyes very sensitive to light, esp fluorescents. Sensitive to EMF’s. 6 lumbar vertebrae. And much more. Goodnight. Peace be with you.

  • Jennifer Mlecsko 5 years ago

    AB- here and have been researching this for quite a few years. I fall into most of the stereotypes except for abductions ( that I am aware of ; LOL) Most recently my tolerance for heat and sensitivity to light have worsen to the extreme . Anyone else having the same issues ????

    • Calicathe 5 years ago

      ΔI don't think or wise to have your name posted.. Low percentage of population. Comparable to all but a rare indeed. Please be careful.

    • Viktoria 5 years ago

      AB- very sensitive to sunlight and started to notice that its getting worst . Im very easily read people and sense their mood . I was a weird child everyone called me oversensitive. I have an extra rib and duble retina on my eyes. I was always very spiritual but never a believer of god nor the Darwin’s evolution theory. Weirdly I always told my family that we must be a product of an alien experiment ...well everyone laughed at this as my family was very religious. I rarely had friends but many people was drawn to me but I never enjoyed their company too long I like to be by myself or only with my close family . I had night terrors as a child also at night I saw faces surrounding me so my mother often stayed in my room . People often find me mysterious . I hate cold .

    • REDONNA WAGES 5 years ago

      Yes! I'm RH- and lately I have been experiencing the same heat and light sensitivities, too. I often get an optical migraine if it's too bright in my office.

  • Rebecca Lynn Morrison 5 years ago

    I am negative and have always been different. Astral projection at 4 and 5 years amongst other abilities. I rely solely on intuition and know things before they occur. I sense things here on earyth and things that are not visible to me in this dimension. Too many things to write about.

    • JL Foster 5 years ago

      I’m RH negative and I have always been different as I’m empathetic and feel everyone’s pain. I’m also physic and so is my daughter who is RH negative too! People who have passed on to the other side like heaven come to me in my dreams. I also see a physic to help me communicate with my loved ones. I listen to my gut and if I don’t I get in big trouble.

  • Fourth Door 5 years ago

    I have Type 0 RH Negative blood. Never had any connection with the paranormal nor aliens nor night terrors let alone out of body experiences. Except when I was doing shitloads of acid, ketamine and shrooms when I was younger some years ago, but that doesn't count ahahah.

  • Keat S Currie 5 years ago

    All of these traits apply. Intuition, electrical disturbances, weird interactions with unearthly characters, wrote a book about emotions, hate phonies, green eyes, reddish brown hair, low body temp, social isolation, heightened senses, sleep paralysis, night terrors as a child.

  • RHO- 5 years ago

    What you think is "para" normal is "normal" to you, you have been born this way so just learn to deal with all that. Trust God and keep your swords sharp, leave all meat out of your diet, keep your body fit and stay vigilant.

  • Jodie 5 years ago

    I just thought of something else. Does anyone else find that electronic devices/lights/etc. go completely haywire when you are feeling angry/stressed/any intense emotion?

    • Chris 5 years ago

      I have A- blood type I have problems with having a watch on they always stop working then I Replace with a battery then they stop working again I don’t wear them anymore I also have problems with electronics and machines to when I get stressed also clairvoyant also noticed things in the weather that I can change weather patterns it’s really hard to deal with I also have lower body temperature I never have 98.6 I’m in at 97.3 or as high as 98.3. I also notice if I get upset or stressed by certain people or angry things sometimes unpleasant happens to them.

    • Diana 5 years ago

      Yes, I can’t wear watches or electronics on my wrist because I drain batteries and go haywire.

    • Cindie 5 years ago

      Yes, it drives me nuts

    • Jennifer Mlecsko 5 years ago

      Ab- here. Has happened my whole life. Doesn't matter if I am upset or happy . Electronic devices , phones, microwaves, cars , etc. Brand new cars will have problems , first time in someones car check engine light or other lights will come on. Gut feelings of something bad is going to happen or someone is going to pass . Within 2 days someone close to me or their loved one dies unexpectedly. Usually I can narrow it down by being near them. Never say anything for fear of sounding crazy. But then it happens and I deal with the guilt. Becoming more sensitive to heat and light lately . More so than ever. Always hated the heat and bright days. Cool and overcast are my favorite. But lately they are becoming intolerable.

      • Jodie 5 years ago

        I hadn't even thought of that Jennifer, me too. I am a nurse and have worked in assisted living/long term care (nursing homes) for years and I always knew when someone was going to die because of a smell that would emanate from them. No one else could smell it (and I can't think of any words to describe it accurately) - my sense of smell is ridiculously acute.

        • J Stahl 5 years ago

          Yes. Ridiculously accurate. I know that smell you’re talking about. I’ve been working in hands on healthcare over 40 yrs.

          • Jodie 5 years ago

            Wow, I wouldn't wish it on anyone but at the same time glad to know it isn't just me that picks up on it. The more I think about it there isn't anything I could compare it to and no words that would come close to describing it properly. Maybe it isn't a smell at all but a 'sense' that our brain translates as a smell? Weird..

    • Jen 5 years ago

      YES! wow I thought I was the only one! I also have a rare blood type along with Rh-. I tend to mess up the WiFi too. Kind of weird!

    • Tisha 5 years ago

      I'm O negative and yes when I get upset or angry things start to fly off shelves and electronics start to go crazy.

  • Jessica W 5 years ago

    RH- and I have bright green eyes and a auburn red hair. Olive-yellow skin. Every week that goes by if I think something in my head it will come true. Like I’ll be thinking of a friend I haven’t talked to in a long time and my phone will ring and it’s them. Or I will dream of someone I haven’t seen in awhile and all of a sudden I will see them randomly or they will message me. So weird.

  • Jc 5 years ago

    To all the AB Negatives! Dear kindred, if you are having abduction experiences and fear they will continue you need to cleanse your home or space with sage and send these beings back their place of origin with love and peace. If you are "expecting" them they will feel invited. Begin to practice spiritual meditation, learn to cleanse your aura, and create psychic shields. Call on Saints for protection (St. Anthony, St. Padre Pio, St. Therese) and your spiritual guardians as they are real as well. Your FEAR attracts them (the aliens), you need to empower yourself as a method of defense. They are drawn to the low vibration and see you as an easy mark. Do NOT focus on them and mull over it, pray to your spiritual guardians and FOCUS ON THEM with complete FAITH that they ARE PROTECTING you. If you believe in God, PRAY!

    Hope this helps. Light, love and peace sent to you all! -:- Namaste

    Ancient AB-

  • Jc 5 years ago

    I am AB negative and have had the most unusual life, personal experiences, am empathic, manifest subconsciously, sense energies, have channeled at random, am a spiritualist and possess many of the common RH negative traits such as low blood pressure, never grew wisdom teeth, have hazel eyes, never understood social behaviors, am resistant to disease, love "me" time (isolation) and need to wear sunglasses though I LOVE the sun. :) Peace, love and light to all here -:- Namaste

    • WC 5 years ago

      Thank you for saying that. I'm AB- and every single one of those characteristics fit me. I guess I came here to see if I was alone or crazy or not. I'm glads it seems im not. Especially the electrical thing. :)

    • Rebecca Lynn Morrison 5 years ago

      ditto. exactly the same but more.

    • Shanna 5 years ago

      Thank you. This is the closest I’ve heard to my own personal experiences being rh negative.

  • Richard 5 years ago

    I am O- , red hair, high IQ with precognition. Since I was a child I have dreamt of events that would happen in the future some events would not occur for more than a decade later. I knew of my sisters death, the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and the tragic event of 911. My dreams would have me in the actual event and as the event became nearer more frequent and vivid dreams would occur. I regret never being able to understand what I was experiencing and not being able to provide warning.

  • Miriam 5 years ago

    I’m RH Negative and definitely have a high intuition I always seem to know when someone is lying and for some reason know things before they happen I’m a really spiritual person really feel a connection with the spiritual realm and God I can always sense when someone is demons posed to the point where I can identify demons by name . Im sensitive to light as well and have at times looked at my body and had a weird sensation of this is not who I am this body is almost strange to me feeling that usually happens when I feel a deeper spiritual connection with God

  • Jeannine 5 years ago

    I have rh negative . I didn't know I had abilities my dad knew I did but never talked or discussed it. I can tell when something is going to happen. If it's bad I start crying. I can't go into cemetery's I can't breathe. I feel my girl's pain. I can think and others pick it up but to them I'm mumbling. Use to do that to my husband all the time. I hear voices but I don't know who's voices it is. I've had bad spirits scratch me. I had an outer body experience and I have read someone's thoughts. I hear voices and no one is around. I have seen spirits and had them throw things on the floor when I'm in the room. My third eye is also opened. Other family member have different occurrences. My dad knew the day before a family member died. My middle daughter's dreams come true.

  • Jeannine 5 years ago

    I have rh negative . I didn't know I had abilities my dad knew I did but never talked or discussed it. I can tell when something is going to happen. If it's bad I start crying. I can't go into cemetery's I can't breathe. I feel my girl's pain. I can think and others pick it up but to them I'm mumbling. Use to do that to my husband all the time. I hear voices but I don't know who's voices it is. I've had bad spirits scratch me. I had an outer body experience and I have read someone's thoughts. I hear voices and no one is around. I have seen spirits and had them throw things on the floor when I'm in the room. My third eye is also opened. Other family member have different occurrences. My dad knew the day before a family member died. My middle daughter's dreams come true.

  • Rina 5 years ago

    A- but not white and no colorful eyes. 26 yro. Yellow brown skin. Reddish brown hair that I keep dyed black most of the time. Dark Brown eyes. Anemic , always freezing. Always feel not fully human. Sorta demonic or that I possess this body but not mine. Sleep paralysis is normal. & pretty much everything described in the above comments are completely relatable.

    Very interested in all of this. Please find me on IG @toxic_lullabiez. Or Facebook “Karina Velazquez” working for prime inc. love to find groups digging into this.

  • Lilly 5 years ago

    I am o negative my ex husband was o negative and my long term partner is o neg . Has this happened to anyone else?

  • Lilly 5 years ago

    I am o negative my ex husband was o negative and my long term partner is o neg . Has this happened to anyone else?

    • Tamara 5 years ago

      Both of my parents are RH-, as well as all of my siblings. I can identify friends, clients, etc. who are RH-, and 4 of 6 of my coworkers are RH-. Of my 4 adopted children, I only know the blood type of 2, and they are both RH-, and my bio son is, as well. Yes...it seems that we tend to find each other!

  • Seekeroftruth 5 years ago

    It's just so weird so many with Rh negative blood experience the same type of things and abilities. I've always felt different, weird, think about things most can't comprehend. I am A Rh negative. And both sides of my family have it as well. My grandma will tell stories of her father her sisters often knowing things like what others are thinking if they are lying and if they are a good human being. I personally have had dreams of flying, deaths, things that ended up happening, also evil beings, a old witch and when she caught me all I did was blow at her and she disappeared. I used to always sneak to my parents or brothers room up until I was probably 12 because I was scared to sleep alone, this gave me a comfort feeling and could sleep without hearing things or being scared to sleep. My weirdest dream was when I was flying and this kinda hard to even say but I saw what appeared to be Jesus wearing like his white robe and every time I would get close to him he would disappear. I've had very keen intuition. My friends often ask me how I new that or thought I was some how watching them. Mostly all animals and kids tend to always gravitate towards me, it's weird but I'm talking to people who understand so won't be to hard to explain. I just know what they are thinking, what they mite want, I was almost kid napped when I was 10 at a town Easter egg hunt. Some older looking man came up to me grabbed my arm and said my parents sent him to get me. Luckily my dad spotted us in the parking lot and that person took off. I feel like most people think we make this up or think that we are superior to them, extra special. And thats far from the truth. I feel peoples emotions know what they are thinking and it is very taxing on my body I feel. Especially that I hid this for so long because I thought I was crazy or worried about how people would think about it. I really feel like we are here to make people look at things differently, I personally have 2 golden rules that I try to follow first being, simply treat others as you would like to be treated and second, know theself. I believe in God, jesus, pretty much any profit who was here to do good. I've seen weird objects in the sky. First when I was 9 saw a soundless bright white light right above me. That's all I remember till I woke up the next day and thought it was a dream. So weird the human race needs to always be fighting, has anyone ever thought about this? Let's say there was going to be a alien invasion for instance how quickly do you think all our governments would get together and work together? Point meaning if we could all think that way now and look at us all as one there would be no need for war and maybe we all could reach a state of consciousness and awaking that is much needed. I know I'm rambling and am sorry. This is first time I've felt comfortable saying what I said thank you to all of you for listening and thank you for ur comments. God bless everyone

    • LLIFS 4 years ago

      I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

    • Lea 5 years ago

      I am A- and I do experience things exactly like you, feel emotions of other people, know when they are talking BS, I do have even visions of what they are doing, mostly negative stuff, its like red flag to show me, who is okay to be around and who is not. I survived several accidents, most people will call them fatal, electricity goes off around me, light bulbs burn, ufo in the sky, what only I can see. And I do have the rule...do to others only, what you want to do to you. I do trust the universal law of oness and I do master reason, love, piece and joy....well even if it is so f hard sometimes ;-).

  • Hope 5 years ago

    I am AB- have a body temperature of 97.2, being in the sun for too long makes me feel sick. I think I have light brown eyes but are still pretty sensitive in the sunlight. I have ALWAYS felt like I never belong anywhere. I have had horrible night terrors as a child, and still experience them from time to time. sometimes dreams will come true and I will also experience very vivid dreams. I have had strange occurrences happens during my sleep, but I am not sure if I am comfortable having them written on here. I have heard voices and seen things. it seems to get worse as I get older, as strange as that sounds. I can sense things like when people are angry or sad. I have a hard time with being around large groups of people, always makes me so nervous. I figured it was just social anxiety, but maybe it's more than that. I could go on and on but I will stop this here. It's nice to see others I can relate to, makes me have a small sense of belonging.

    • Linda 5 years ago

      Hope, your comment describes my experiences to a tee, as well. I’ve learned I am an empath and many empaths are also RH-.

    • Linda 5 years ago

      Hope, your comment describes my experiences to a tee, as well. I’ve learned I am an empath and many empaths are also RH-.

    • Mikeny 5 years ago

      I can relate to every word youve written...ab -

  • Hope 5 years ago

    I am AB- have a body temperature of 97.2, being in the sun for too long makes me feel sick. I think I have light brown eyes but are still pretty sensitive in the sunlight. I have ALWAYS felt like I never belong anywhere. I have had horrible night terrors as a child, and still experience them from time to time. sometimes dreams will come true and I will also experience very vivid dreams. I have had strange occurrences happens during my sleep, but I am not sure if I am comfortable having them written on here. I have heard voices and seen things. it seems to get worse as I get older, as strange as that sounds. I can sense things like when people are angry or sad. I have a hard time with being around large groups of people, always makes me so nervous. I figured it was just social anxiety, but maybe it's more than that. I could go on and on but I will stop this here. It's nice to see others I can relate to, makes me have a small sense of belonging.

    • Mikenzy Michaels 4 years ago

      I remember having night terrors since early childhood. They were always centered around demons trying to take my soul. My parents still say I was a terrible sleeper since birth, and would scream at night. This was a nightly insurance until I began devising methods of fighting the demons in my dreams. A few years ago , after calling upon ancestors , angels and God to join me in these battles, I defeated the demons and sent them running. Since that night the battles are few and far between. Around that time I began having serious health issues! Autoimmune related illness. It leads me to ponder this question....Is it possible that the dream demons are actually real and have found another way to attack? Sounds far out, I agree, but that thought keeps perplexing me

  • Cloud 5 years ago

    I had a group of people dream about me. (Not that I wanted to and it was very stressful time)

    • Judy Lategan 5 years ago

      Just can't believe what I read. This is so me. Anemic. Sensitive to sun and sintetics. Very good six sence. Always right about a person when I met him just look at him or her and I can tell you who that person is. My daughter is actually using me to help her friends in making choices shout a person. Sometimes I go against my gut feeling and then nothing works out.

  • The Heights 5 years ago

    As a young child I had out of body experiences in my dreams. I would leave my body and explore at night in flight. I would try to stay close to the telephone wires because if I went to far above them I felt I could not come back home which home was my body. I would sometime encounter evil spirts that would follow me and try to catch me, which was scary as hell. One night in my dreams I was by the telephone lines and witness my ex boyfriend with a girl and his friend hanging out together, I was there and heard their conversation and saw where they were, what they were wearing and saying. The next day my ex boyfriend came to me crying and asking me to go back to him, I told him no and to go bother Lucy, he was with her the night before. I told him what he was wearing and his friend and what they said. He said who told me, I replied no one. I was there. When I had these out of body experiences, I felt exhausted because I felt I did not sleep at all, so I asked the lord to take this gift away and he did. Throughout my life I have I would have good dreams and not so good dreams of others and myself. Dreams of my two sisters first born, their sex and what they looked like even before they were pregnant. Good dreams were amazing and true and bad ones I would ask my mom to pray with me for the people affected by the dreams and I warned people not what to do because this will happen and they could not believe I knew their present situation in a dream. People I pray with tell me I have the gift of healing. I would pray for blessings for missionaries, a group of people was laying hands on him, I lay my hand on his back and prayed. After prayer he turned around and told me I have a special gift and to use it. A other time I prayed for a healing for a church member and someone in the prayer group told me I have the gift of healing. The lord talks to me and within minutes it happens. I too am RH negative blood type. I did not think anything about it until I found a special on the history channel about my blood type. I have a red hue to my hair, low blood pressure, know when presents evil are good are near me. a connection with children and animals. A funny story. I went to visit my sister and her dog started to smell my leg and bit off completely a small wart on my leg. She was very carful not to hurt me and bit the wart off with her front teeth. I always felt different, but I felt that was just me. I happy to know I am not alone and feel connected to people who have the same blood type and stories.

    • Jennifer Johnson 5 years ago

      I have had several unexplained encounters. The 1st one when i was 3 . A girl with a donkey at my window. For some reason there was a sandy village outside of my window. She wantex something from me. I can go on and on about dream traveling since. And i think abduction while living near an air force base

      • Misty 5 years ago

        I am also rh- and have had many dream travels..in one particular dream I was on a cliff over looking a city in some sort of Acropolis looking building..I wasn't there alone..there was a man of some sort there standing in the back watching me..it was like I could control my dream so I kept running and jumping off the cliff because I knew that he could swoop down and save me..he never spoke but I knew what he was thinking. I had another dream with the same man a few months after but he took me to a church which was completely made of gold inside and we are dancing. I could go on and on but I have the most vivid dreams.

      • Nava 5 years ago

        Dream traveling? Details? I've tried explaining reoccurring dreams in this unknown land to people, and no one has had a similar experience!

  • Sue Fleming 5 years ago

    I am Rh Neg 0
    I have green eyes that change colour. in the day time my eyes are green brown, by night time they are bright green.
    I do not mix well with people and feel like the odd one out.
    I have very lucid dreams and wake up in the night to either hearing strange things or seeing strange things.
    As a young child I would have the same 2 dreams every night, never changing.
    The first dream would be me sitting on a chair in a long hallway (our home) and I was not allowed to move and spirits would be surrounding me, and I had the overwhelming smell of poo.
    The second dream I am on a landing looking through the banisters down onto a black and white tiled floor and men and women in very elaborate dresses and suits are dancing to "The skaters Waltz" I know I am a servant.
    I do feel very different to others and wonder if I am actually from this planet or belong somewhere else.
    When myself and my husband go abroad to Spain, Spanish people will always come up to me and start speaking in Spanish as if they assume I am a native Spaniard.
    I have a twin sister and she is A Negative, our mother was AB Negative.

  • George Krieger 5 years ago

    A cold world a dark red giant sun . Anyone recognize it ?

  • George Krieger 5 years ago

    Not ALIEN , just very old 15 thousand years . A few humans , horses and dogs transplanted . Manipulation of science almost indescribable . A cold world with a giant dark red sun . Certain people here with eye sight in the lower infrared and hearing 35% higher than average . Science fiction ?

  • George Krieger 5 years ago

    Not ALIEN , just very old 15 thousand years . A few humans , horses and dogs transplanted . Manipulation of science almost indescribable . A cold world with a giant dark red sun . Certain people here with eye sight in the lower infrared and hearing 35% higher than average . Science fiction ?

  • Kc 5 years ago

    If what ur stayn is true in not the only one almost everything u said I can relate to are you like me or just studie this? Dont fake im looking for real anwsers

  • arlynn presser 5 years ago

    i am writing a book which involves a person with rh negative blood and that aspect of their person is important to the plot line. i'm happy to have people contact me about their experiences.

    • Elisha Carroll 5 years ago

      Im rh neg o.
      Theres never a dull momemt on my life. If i were to write a book i would call it, "un read" this book bcuz most of it is unbelievable and does not sound real...but it is.

  • JESS 5 years ago

    Hello all! I stumbled across this blog and have seen it’s still recently active. I am a fellow A- 27 yr old female. Thought my entire life I have experienced things I have been unable to explain to others. As a child I was told I had an elaborate imagination, however as a young adult I still feel as though “I am missing something”. I have experienced vivid dreams my entire life, every night I dream and usually have good recollection. I was plagued with nightmares as a child, and had strange occurrences happen in my family home, believing it was a ‘ghost’ (heard someone walking up the stairs no one was there, had my back patio door lock by itself). Hence, I have been doing a lot of research lately which evidently started with me looking into my blood type. I never truly realized how rare the RH- factor is.

    Lately I have been reading more and more on ancient history (ancient astronaut theories involving the Sumerian’s etc..). I almost feel as though I am driving myself crazy (I am one of those people who wants to find an answer and solution for everything). I have also been doing some interesting research on Nikola Tesla (whom of which internet sources have also deemed an RH-). I am very interested in his concept of “3.6,9” specifically because I see numbers everywhere as well. Lately I have been seeing many synchronicities especially when I deliberately go to check the time (I.e. seeing 3:33, 11:11, lots of double digits, 12:34). The other day my TV shut off by itself and it was 1:23, my significant other was there to watch it happen this time so he witnessed it himself.

    I don’t really know what led me to this blog, or why I felt the need to share my brief story, I have actually never posted a comment on a blog, really anything other than Facebook. I am truly hoping to look for answers and I feel as though this community, likeminded people who have also experienced unexplained and very mysterious things could help.

    We are all somehow connected by this mysterious RH- factor, and I feel as though it is more than a “random” mutation.

    • Alexandra 4 years ago

      Jess, I believe you are among kindred. The number sequence synchronicities are a total fascination. The phenomena has been happening to me for several years. Fascinsting stuff. Curious if you are a fellow Scorpio?

    • Julie 4 years ago

      I know just what you are talking about. It's almost like I was reading my own writing ^^ Also, extremely strange synchronicities in life events and connections to people that are unexplainable. It is all so unbelievable to others but has become normal to me, I almost expect it day to day the way it is going*

    • REDONNA WAGES 5 years ago

      I too am RH- and have recently found this blog as well as all the traits that go along with RH-. I have always had a weird sense of time that I just threw off as being concindental. For the longest, every time I would glance at a clock the minute would change. Would love to see more people with this trait...

    • Kailee-Rose 5 years ago

      This is super relatable to me, almost to a T. I'm 27 (pisces), RH -, supernatural/paranormal experiences as kid, vivid dreams. Also just did a bunch of research on Tesla and he proved alien technology exists....I also can feel void like there is so much more out there

  • Alice in Wonderland 5 years ago

    OMG!! I cannot believe this! I am 66 yrs. old & A- & I am just now finding out why I have ALWAYS felt like I didn't belong on this planet! I, too, have had many paranormal experiences, premonitions, night terrors, sleep paralysis with entity appearances, just way too many to tell here. & I am so empathetic that I cannot be around too many people for too long. They always gravitate to me, scary! The strangest experience occurs in dreams I can levitate and can float to the ceiling or above ground if outside and when i wake up I KNOW HOW!!! but can't quite get it! Have all the other attributes, 160 iq, low blood pressure, etc., oh & yes, have 2 extra ribs & 1 extra lumbar vertebrae! Boy do I feel like an alien :)

    • Shelovesmoondoggie 5 years ago

      I am 59 yrs and RH Neg A. So much expressed on board I live. Does anyone feel in last six month's that your shoulder blades want to just pop out and expand? I stretch and it is odd and I am in physical shape good. Weird thanks for thread. It helps to know other's experiences same.

      • Rinaa 5 years ago

        Idk what you mean but within last couple months I keep pulling my damn shoulder & feel like wings or something wants to push thru.

    • Jodie 5 years ago

      Alice, I am A- as well and have/had an almost identical experience to yours (with the exception of the 2 extra ribs). I only had premonitions as a child and have always wondered why they stopped (always in dreams, maybe I just don't remember them when I wake up now)? Too many paranormal experiences to list that have continued into adulthood (turned 49 yesterday). I am curious if you have ever had repetitive dreams? I have 2 scenarios in dreams that I have had my entire life. One is where in the dream I wake up and instinctively feel danger in the house, go to either turn on the light (won't turn on) or lock the door (can't even get the door to stay closed). When I was younger these dreams would cause me to panic but as I got older I would just think 'oh, here we go' and then instead of attempting to turn on the light or lock the door I simply levitate to the ceiling where it is safe. In the other scenario I am exploring my own house and finding all these hidden hallways/rooms/etc. that I didn't know existed. Also dreams of flying - when these started I was very young and it was scary because I would just spin out of control but as I got older I learned how to control and have fun with it. Would love to know if anyone else has had similar dreams.

      • Chris 5 years ago

        I always have the dream of finding new rooms in a house or searching in all the rooms in a house and when I was younger having the flying dreams also I have dreams that come true the more vivid and real they are the sooner they will occur. Also have the 3 dreams that occur that r similar in nature and what I dream in the third dream will happen within 6 months for example had a dream that my son as a baby fell out a 2 story window in my first dream second dream he fell off the couch and in the third dream I dropped him well the third dream came true while getting out of bed while holding him I got hung up in the bed and then fell out of bed while holding him and he and I hit the floor he was ok that happened within a week of the third dream so I have 1 very vivid dream that comes true or the 3 dream scenario and the third comes true anybody have this occur?

      • SusieQ 5 years ago

        I am B negative.

        I've had that same reoccurring dream....where I discover all these rooms in my house that I never knew existed.

  • Sam 5 years ago

    I am A Rh-, there are times I feel different to everyone in a way I can’t explain. I’ve never been into the paranormal. I find it interesting that there’s only a small population with this blood type and do wonder if there’s something special about this blood. I have dark brown hair, grey/blue eyes and fair skin. There are times I have terrifying dreams that wake me up but I thought this happens to everyone at some point. They always involve someone trying to get me.

    • Pamela Michalski 5 years ago

      Hello i am rh negative. I can atess to an akien like dream i had as a kid i was about 7 years old.. I have had astro projectiin an a sensetivuty to spirits

  • Nakatani 5 years ago

    SOY B- desde los 15 años me tope con un libro de mi madre sobre la gnosis donde hablaba de salidas astrales magia etc. y desde entonces siempre tuve la necesidad de saber mas a lo largo de los años no eh podido dedicar tiempo y en cierto momento hasta dude de todo y me dedique a cosas mas mundanas como juegos online drogas fiestas, pero siempre en el vacio del sielencio las preguntas nunca sesaron quien soy que, de donde vego porque estoy vivo que pasa cuando muera , la teoria eliosentrica y del cosmos me habia suplido muchos años la sed del conocimiento que buscaba pero en cierto momento comenze una vez mas cuestionarme de todo cada vez que ya daba por culminada la etapa en alguna lectura el algun texto cientifica cualquier cosa que se romente al origen de la humindad el tiempo me hacia dudar del todo , la pelicula matrix tambien me ayudo a aclarar mis sentimientos. las teorias conspiracion del mundo siempre tuvieron mucho sentido para mi. veo con mucha clazera la corrupcion en todas partes. hasta que en cierto modo sostuve la teoria que la creacion tambien es corrupta . la teoria de los anunakis me parecio logico pero no convicente lo que me llevo mas aun a estudiar a fondo todas las teorias biblicas y textos antiguos. fui invitado por la orden masonica, años mas tardes por los rosacruzes. pero en ninguna entre solo me puse a investigar mas que saben estas ordenes de donde vienen que planes tendran etc. pero alfinal me considero un guerrero en busca de la verdad. que no se re usa a ingresar en sectas atras del conocimiento. pero si lo sigo buscando ho a mis 30 años de vida la sed y la busqueda por la verdad es ma intensa que nunca, ya hasta e visitado las piramides chichén itzà en busca de alguna respuesta. cuido a mi cuerpo y a mis hijos de los supuestos venenos en la alimentacion y consumo cotidiano como el floruro azucar. tambien ya somos practicamente anti vacuas y en casa todos nos estamos volviendo a plantear la tierra plana. tendra mi rh b - algo que ver con todo esto o soy un simple loco mas que no se siente a gusto con este mundo y las desicion de las masas ?

  • marilee morgan 5 years ago

    I am O negative as my children are as well. Ever since I was about two years old, I have had an obsession with the sky... as I grew older, this evolved into a deep interest in space, the universe, extraterrestrials ,etc. I have almost all the traits listed, mentally and physically. I feel like I have a deep bond and connection with the galaxies... I often sit and wonder what is happening on different planets. I have just started really researching this and have been fascinated at how many family members, friends and people on the internet feel the same way and possess the same traits.... I seem to have quite a lot of family members with rh negative blood, especially the O negative kind... I feel like we are an alien/human cross breed race ... it does help and bring me peace to know so many answers about why I have felt so different all of my life. I am also extremely hyper-creative to the point that my mind comes up with all kinds of thoughts and ideas all the time... I am very artistic, empathetic, spiritual and would love to talk to others more that are similar... it is just amazing that as much as I have studied strange happenings , that there is little out there about this. I wonder if any studies are being done or have been done. I have ordered a book called Blood of the Gods by Nick Pope. I have joined a few groups on facebook. I am actually thinking of starting a meet up group or virtual group of rh negative people. I feel like I am becoming more enlightened and finding my tribe of people! Thank You... My e-mail is Marileemmorgan@yahoo.com

    • Wanda Griffing 5 years ago

      I am 75 years old and A-. All my life I have felt as though I didnt belong and different than anyone else, which made me a little of a loner. I dont like crowds and can only be comfortable (tolerate) people that are on the same wave length intellectually as me. Hate chattery people. Idont know my iq but suspect it is above average, had brown hair with red highlights, blue eyes that turn bright green when mad or upset. Always been a thinker and love delving into unknown, space, spiritual but not religious, horoscopes, astronomy, paganism, anything out of the ordinary. I think people dont understand me. I have a longing to go “home” sometimes. Cold natured, strong perception, intuition, come from a line of french gypsy, gggrandfather was a diviner and healer. Too much more to list here. So glad I have some answers

    • Cheryl Thompson 5 years ago

      I would be interested in joining such a group

    • Bernice Lemoi 5 years ago

      I understand exactly what your saying! I'm A- and its not scientifically proven! But, your birthcharts however does play somewhat of a role in correlation to having abilities, such as Where and What your Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Venus, Mars and so on, placements, houses, aspects, degrees, ascending, descending, conjunct, if you don't know your birthcharts have it done! You'll find out why you are the way you are and all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place! I'm a Aries Sun in 5th house with Venus in Aries, and My Moon in Sagittarius 1st house with my Ascending Scorpio in Mars 1st house , which means moon rising , I'm 3° away from my Ascending! I can't get into the whole birthcharts, but also I have Pisces in 4th with Mercury, Cancer in 8th with Mars, 12th Scorpio with Neptune, Pluto in Virgo 9th????????????

  • ArLynn Presser 5 years ago

    Thanks for this info!

  • ArLynn Presser 5 years ago

    Im writing a book on this topic!

  • Frank 5 years ago

    B- Here! I am just now discovering the connections to my blood type and personal traits after doing some research. I was amazed to find so many of the traits people talk about in connection with Rh negative blood like mine. I have always had night terrors and still do. I have and can control out of body experiences when I choose to, real or not I do not know but I do have the amazing ability to control my dreams thou the feeling of gravity disturbs my ability to control my movements with ease. Yea, no idea on that lol. I have never felt as if I was abducted thou in my dreams I have running from all different kinds of danger. Also sensitive to the sun, maybe because I am fair skinned who knows. This one seems a little crazy but I feel very in touch with the people in my life when it comes to their emotions and sicknesses. Often times I silently touch them and try to take their sickness away with it commonly seeming to work. I never talk about this and have no idea if its me or luck but I do it anyway because it seems to work positively. 3 times in life I was in the hospital with people the Dr.s said would in fact die, after doing this and being present for long periods of time all 3 of these people lived. Again have no idea if its what I try, my prayers or just crazy turn of events. I do it just in case, cant hurt thats my thoughts on it, but it stays in my mind only so no one thinks Im crazy lol. Often have flashes of events in great detail with people I do not know, often get very strong feelings of something dramatic happening somewhere but have little or no idea who or what it is. Anyway thought Id share.

    • Erica Kilgore 5 years ago

      None of that’s crazy you are an empath

    • Haley Benedict 5 years ago

      Hey Frank! Fellow B- there are only like 3 or so I saw here including you. Glad you commented, you mentioned 2 that weren't mention. Trying to heal brought happy, validation tears. Also astral protection. I didn't know what I was doing with either of these until lately. They have been going on since childhood and I too have recently been doing ancestry and spirituality last couple years..

    • Tina Block 5 years ago

      Hey Frank me too. everything that has gone on with me is connected to being B-. It says a lot about who I am as a person who has always known things before they happen and I see Ghosts on a nightly basis. Not so sure about the Alien connection but still very interesting. We all have a ability to do things beyond our reasoning its a great feeling to be able to help someone feel better. I would keep doing what your doing and continue thanking God for the ability to see what can't be seen by others.

      • grace 4 years ago

        I am an RH-B. I have always felt like I did not belong, even though I did some amazing things in my life. I always wake up in the middle of the night. Now I know to pay attention to my dreams, they always tell me something. I like to be alone now. I feel I have a purpose, to help people, and I know I am different. Others are not like me, but now I know there are others out there, like you....who yes, are like me. I can feel, when something will or could happen. My intuition is strong. I am highly empathetic. I wish I have known what I know now, many years ago. Embrace who you are, your different, your special, and you have a purpose...search for that, and know what you are here on this world to do it, and you are not alone. xo

  • Samantha 5 years ago

    Reading everyone’s comments truly motivated me! I am seeking to understand these symptoms more because I too have predicted many things and have had some very odd experiences. I would like to seek out more people who have had similar experiences to better understand how to control it. Feel free to contact me to discuss in private.

    • Ayala 5 years ago

      I so glad you feel motivated! Im B- and I can related with almost everything said here, it is a challenge understanding yourself but it helps knowing you not alone.

    • Randie Savage 5 years ago

      As an RH- Female... All of this resonates. If anyone wants to connect and explore these experiences please reach out...

      • Brittany 5 years ago

        Hit me up...im going thru the same thing

    • Frank 5 years ago

      Not sure how to contact you but I can be reached at frank@mediapillars.com I too have a big interest in meeting others with the same experiences to learn from.

      • Haley Benedict 5 years ago

        I am in some great groups on Facebook that help guide and teach if any one is interested. A good friends and medium runs the page very informative and we do intuition excersices, readings other things!

        • Melissa 5 years ago

          I would like to know the names of the Facebook groups that you mentioned. I would be interested in joining . Thanks Melissa

    • Michael 5 years ago

      Hi Samantha, I'd love to hear about your experiences and share more of my own, as there are many, and I too am seeking out more people like myself; after all, there are only 15% of us in the world right!? lol I think I have a pretty good idea as to how the vibrations during sleep paralysis work and would be happy to share my understanding with you. I certainly don't claim to know the whole truth, but there's so much to talk about! My email is multidimensionalexploration@gmail.com Looking forward to meeting you.

  • Ron 5 years ago

    I'm A- as is my identical twin brother. I have had the sleep paralysis only one time when I was in my early twenties. If you have never had one, then count yourself lucky. I to have experienced some strange events. On the way home from work one day I could see up ahead in my mind a blue panel van parked along side the road with a man with dark hair wearing a white tee shirt watching after two cihildren that were playing . When I reached the exact spot in the road I saw the same image as I saw in my mind. Also sensitive to sun and have writing skin. Dr always think I'm anemic and want to send me to Cancer Dr. Cancer Dr told me there was nothing wrong with me and that people like me were not used in there contol charts because we would skew the numbers. I have deep set blue eyes, which also presented a problem, when Dr was trying to take photos of my eye for retina tear.

  • Barbie 5 years ago

    O neg. Born July 29, 1969. 1/2 Southern Spanish 1/2 Polish. Born Red hair, now brown. Green eyes that change. Astigmatism. Was anemic between 11 and 20 years. Had dreams and terrors as a child I still remember today. The dreams were about my younger sister and they were quite horrible. My sister suffered through countless accidents over the years from a percolating coffee pot tipping over and burning her head, face, neck, and shoulders (the really big green one from the 70s) when she was 4. The burns caused such damage that doctors feared she would die. If she lived ...
    doctors said she would be forever disfigured and would not be able to see. Sister is 48, gorgeous, and has 1 scar on her neck and 1 on her shoulder. Her face suffered the most intense damage yet her skin is perfection. My sister also had two bricks thrown at her head a few years apart and by two separate individuals. While shutting a van door at 11, the bottom of the door somehow pierced through her upper thigh causing such muscle damage doctors said she would not be able to stand on that leg. She walks perfectly fine. Months later, sister was hopping a fence and a broken link/wire snagged into her other thigh and dangled her from the fence. Again ... Fine. On a summer day in the late 70s, a van pulled aside my sister and the man coaxed her in. At the same time ... My mom sent me to call her over for picnic lunch whereby I saw her in the van and ran towards her screaming. The adults heard my scream, the man pushed her out, and we are picnic lunch.

    In regards to forecasting death (I had no idea of the connection until my mother made note), prior to all 4 grandparents passing years apart, I experienced a strong desire to visit with them. I traveled alone to Spain twice and Michigan twice ... between the ages of 16 and 21. Months in advance I worked long hours to save for airfare. In the eighties working 3.25 an hour ... It took months to save. I visited each grandparent through those years ... And each passed weeks or months after. I was the last in my immediate family to see them all alive. The day my father passed (unexpected), I approached our office manager where I teach and shared that I was worried something was to happen and that she should call me right away if someone from home called. That was at 8:15. At 9:30 I received a knock on my classroom door. My dear sweet daddy died.

    At school, faculty calls me the child whisperer. The most ill behaved children are sent to my room from all grade levels. As soon as they enter ... They know they are safe. Just the weekend, a family of deer waited outside the door of our vacation rental. When I opened the door on different occasions ... Their sweet little heads tilted and I spoke to them (I have video evidence, lol). The smallest let me feed them the leaves of the plant it was nibbling on. If someone else opened the door ... They ran off. The day we left and while backing out ... The deer came up to the car and pooped perfectly on the slate walking stone where I dropped my lip gloss. The gloss was spared. I opened the door, said a final goodbye, and off they went.

    When I dream good dreams ... I am flying through electrical wires and poles all in color. Last night I was flying a wearing red. I dropped something red and a big scary woman snatched it up. I swooped down and collected it. She became small. I know when ALL people lie and either call them out .. Or let karma catch up. I have very few close friends ... Like none. I know thousands of people because thousands know me. I am myself around only 3 ... My children and my mother.

    I have so many more of these stories and have begun to write them down.

    • Felisha Cruz Garcia 4 years ago

      Hi Barbie, I hope you see my comment. I would really like to talk to you either through Facebook or email felishamarie24@icloud.com. I just experienced the same as you with my grandpa.

    • Maya Firebaugh 5 years ago

      Hi Barbie,

      You do know don't you, that a negative blood factor is not the same as the Rh factor. I am O-, Rh -. However, one can have opposite factors in the blood (type)/ Rh factor. for example, a person could be, say, B+ with a negative Rh... Just curious, as you mentioned only your blood type and not your Rh factor. As you likely know already, we O-'s are also known as "universal donors", we can give blood to ANY type of blood, but can only RECEIVE O- ourselves. Go figure, huh? Strange stuff!

      • Charles M Rebello 5 years ago

        The Rh factor IS what the positive and negative aspect of blood types is about. You might be thinking about how some people are dual-positive, some are single-positive/single-negative, some are double-negative. It's just the presence or absence or a protein (associated with rhesus monkeys, hence the 'rh'), so it's a positive if you have one OR two, but negative if you have none at all.

        • Dan 3 years ago

          Yes, many people are under the impression they are rh positive when in fact they are rh negative recessive and share many traits of the rh negative. They have one parent who is rh negative.

  • Michael 5 years ago

    I'm O- and have been experiencing altered states of consciousness since I was a teenager. I encounter the vibrations and sleep paralysis regularly but don't ever see what some would call demons. Once while experimenting with sleep paralysis and vibrations I encountered two very tall, very white beings dressed in white robes that when focused upon the sensation of love/high vibrations became more intense. Over the years I've learned to "tune" those vibration frequencies to change the experience. For those who have problems with the old hag, shadow people, mantis men and the greys, as people call them, I'd recommend tuning out of fear-based low frequencies.
    As for hair and eye color, my eyes are blue with a gold speck in my right eye and my hair is strawberry blonde. I'm super sensitive to sound, light and people. I get approached by strangers constantly who tell me everything! I just listen and smile. Even though I'm annoyed by humanity, I love people. There's far more, but I'd better stop here. lol

  • Haley 5 years ago

    I am B- . I do not see a lot of other B's here. Anyway my dad is b- and comes from a very religious background. I have always felt a connection with Mary. Also very intuitive and empathetic. I have yellow eyes. 3 sons only one was b- and I had a dream to name him Dan. Now reading there might be a connection with the tribe of Dan. Also have sleep paralysis and dream of the future. Also I am very sensitive to sunlight. I also attract snakes.

    • ROBIN 5 years ago

      I am also a B. I have most of the traits that I am reading here. I am an extremely empathetic person. It gets so bad at times that I feel others pain so deeply, I find it hard to not be consumed by the negativity. I also have experienced events before they happened. I have been very spiritual since I was a child. Always felt I was different from most of my friends, because I was more interested in the spiritual world than anything else. Eyes are green, natural hair color is Amber.

      • Haley Benedict 5 years ago

        Hey fellow b lol yes empathy! Gift and a curse lol much love in your journey. Learn if you haven't already how to guard yourself. I am just starting to learn this.

  • RouseSky 5 years ago

    Hi all you RH negative blood types. I was amazed at how many A- blood types there are on here. I am A- as well and have always felt like I never belonged to this planet. I found out I was A- when I was pregnant unfortunately it was too late and I miscarried. I am hispanic, ancestors originated from Spain, I have dark brown eyes, dark brown hair and have tan skin. I have slight reddish tint in my hair, my eyes turn dark green when I cry for awhile, my blood pressure is always low and I always get asked about it, I have very lucid and vivid dreams as well as dejavu. I have dealt with paranormal stuff when I was a kid, and I know when something bad is going to happen as well as see into the future of bad things that come true. My grandpa died when I was 12 years old, about 2-3 years after he passed, I woke up because I kept hearing footsteps in the hallway kind of like "shuffling of feet," kind of how some old people walk. I stayed laying in bed hoping it would pass, but it kept coming closer to me, and as I sat up in the dark terrified, I felt a presence near me that sat right at the edge of my bed and I couldn't move my feet past it. I woke up my parents and I still remember what happened as if it was yesterday. Second time paranormal stuff happened to me was when I was sitting on the couch and was talking to my mom, while my dad was down in the hallway near the bathroom. There was this black cloaked figure who I saw out of the corner of my eye go into my room, at this point I yelled out to my dad and asked him if he was in my room he said no I'm near the bathroom I walked towards my room and saw the figure vanish into my closet. The last time that I saw this figure was when I was listening to music on my CD player walking up and down the kitchen, because I was always restless and still am I can't seem to just stay put for very long. As I walked past the kitchen window I saw it pass by outside. I looked outside our screen door and walked out and there was no one. The most vivid dreams I have are usually when I wake up to use the bathroom and en I go back to bed that's always the time when they happen. Some are bad, and some are good. The worst vivid dream I can remember is when I had finished watching a documentary about the late actor River Phoenix who died of a drug overdose at the age of 23. He is my favorite actor, and I've always felt as if he still existed to me in my mind. I dreamt that this guy was chasing me with a needle and he caught up to me and jabbed me with it I was still running and slowly I felt this intense burning inside of me as well as my heartbeat getting really slow, at that moment I realized I died in my dream. Scariest dream I ever had. I've also had dreams about aliens. I wasn't hurt in my dreams when I dreamt about them, instead they took me back kind of like I belonged with them. I've always been sensitive to the sunlight every morning when I go out and drive my eyes get really watery and they burn to the point where I have to pull over. I work graveyard shifts and always find it easier to sleep during the day. I've always felt close to people who have been dead such as famous people. Corey Haim, and River Phoenix are the ones that somehow feel like they have a presence here on earth still through the people that I meet. I believe in aliens, angels and God. I feel as if in this world good will always win over bad. Everybody has good and bad in them, but you have to really take a good look at yourself and know what path you would rather take. I choose to walk in the light even if there's darkness around me. The reason why I feel like I don't belong is because I always felt unloved and still do, I suffer from anxiety, and depression. It's a battle that I have to fight just to survive living on this planet. If you would like to talk to me more you can email me at monatapia74@gmail.com

  • Karen Semprevivo 5 years ago

    O-negative here. Because I can see and hear things that other people can I was giving a deck of tarot cards and they really help me sort some of the stuff out that I see. Both my children and a few of my grandchildren were also. My body temperature is lower 97 and when I get a fever at 99 I'm really sick and the doctors just kind of blow me off I almost died and they couldn't believe they only have a 99 temp should have 104. I had klebsiella and sepsis for the 99 temp. I also have problems keeping my body temperature regulated. Now That I'm Older it seems to be more of a problem. I could really tell some stories about what I see smell here. I had astigmatism in my eye when I was a child and my daughter also to the point where I would roll around in their head. when my kids were little they had this nightmare this blue dog I realized whatever it was it was real there was no way a 10 month old and a two-year-old got together and talked about this job especially in separate bedrooms. Have what's called a floating rib extra one. My daughter's tailbone is a little longer. My grandson made the Dean's List my daughter was straight A's I was also a good student my son suffer severely from Night Terrors and swears there demons I need to normal mentally. But he's 33 and he forever switches bedrooms. My children have said that sleep at night they can hear things like furniture moving in my bed room while I'm asleep and it sounds like rocks are being thrown against the door I don't hear any of this I've smelled my mother's perfume especially the night she died it was I could go into all kinds of crazy stories but whatever happens to me it's somewhat normal now. My body blood pressure is very low I quit smoking for a little while while I was in the hospital or something wrong with me and was 90 over 70 something I think 78 now and I smoke it's 120 over 80 I'm 53 years old should be a little higher I would think. But I'm probably answer yes to most of the questions.

  • Amanda 5 years ago

    Low blood pressure(healthcare workers ask if I am alive)
    green eyes that change color- and sectoral heterochromia in right eye
    I dream the future(although it is mundane everyday things)
    Children and animals love me
    I short out electronics and appliances with long term use(they usually catch on fire)
    Can astrally project given the right circumstance
    The list goes on....

    • Kimberie 5 years ago

      O- Red hair. Sectoral heterochromia in right eye. Astigmatism & lazy eye as child. Low body temp. Sleep paralysis. And the list goes on as well for me too.

  • Chantel 5 years ago

    I found out that I was A- about 3 years ago when I had my daughter. I found it very strange because I never paid attention to what blood type that I was when I had my son 10 years earlier. All of the comments that were mentioned earlier, I have experienced. Among them all, I always feel like I am different from most that I meet. Not until this year (2019), did I begin to look more into my spirituality. I grew up in the church with a very anointed Grandmother who was a healer, prophetess, and many more spiritual gifts that she had. I think that the one thing I notice about our kind is that we have a more difficult road to walk on this journey through life. We are tested and find ourselves searching for years to find our 'true' calling and mission while here on earth. Currently, I am looking for my soul tribe as I go through this phase in life, if your heart and spirit resonates to this message, please contact me chan0307love@gmail.com.

    • Francine Gillett 5 years ago

      Hi, yes I feel what you are saying, and I agree,I have A- blood,& have always felt I don't fit in, but I know now, (that I'm older),I'm not alone, with being the ways that I am.

    • Francine Gillett 5 years ago

      Hi, yes I feel what you are saying, and I agree,I have A- blood,& have always felt I don't fit in, but I know now, (that I'm older),I'm not alone, with being the ways that I am.

  • Parvina 5 years ago

    I’m O-, I also experienced sleep paralysis before. It was very very scary. I also see vivid dreams, and sometimes my dreams means whats gonna happen in the future. I have a great intuition and can feel people and also whats gonna happen in advance but Im not able to control it. It just happens.

  • Mariee 5 years ago

    I'm O-
    I do experience night terrors and paralysis.
    I sense people's energy good or bad.
    I even sense energy in their home...Sometimes it makes me dizzy and sick from my tummy...
    I since energy period and it drives me crazy!!!
    I prefer to alone to avoid any feelings
    I always feel like I don't belong...

  • Mariee 5 years ago

    I'm O-
    I do experience night terrors and paralysis.
    I sense people's energy good or bad.
    I even sense energy in their home...Sometimes it makes me dizzy and sick from my tummy...
    I since energy period and it drives me crazy!!!
    I prefer to alone to avoid any feelings
    I always feel like I don't belong...

  • Robyn Powell 5 years ago

    Hay ...I'm B negative and my daughter is AB neg and I recently found out her father was O negative .....I was given the anti d when pregnant. My daughter seems intelligent but doctors say she has ADHD sleep apnea and she's had really low ferritin levels so is anemic ....I came across the negative forums searching answers as the doctors have ordered gentic test to be done based on physical traits of a syndrome .....is there anyone else who's child had two negative parents and people are testing for learning delays because they are abit ' different ' in their behaviours to the typical child .......

  • Kim 5 years ago

    I'm A-, have brown eyes but wear sunglasses even on overcast days & copper tones in my hair. I'm sensitive to temps hot and cold, but winter is the worst. Had horrific night terrors as a child, scared the whole family. Now I don't remember dreams at all, if I do they end up happening within 3 months. I've had out of body experience when I was just a child & didn't even know what it was. Animals love me! People will tell me to be careful of their pets & they just come up & rub on me or sit on my lap or show me their belly... And they are amazed saying I've never seen them do that before with anyone. My Gram used to say I had the touch of St Francis. I've taken a few IQ tests & score higher than average. As for abilities, I see the big picture of situations easily. It's hard to explain, just seems obvious to me, its like I just know. I'm a spiritual person with high empathy. I can't give blood, though I've tried... They said its too thick.

  • Comrade999 5 years ago

    I'm AB negative and have had all the experiences you wrote about. Plus I can feel other people's pain and I hate it.

  • Mich 5 years ago

    I myself am a negative. I've suffered sleep paralysis, vivid dreams that are so often become real, a sense of just knowing what's going to happen, i know someone before I even know them and I always know and feel what my dogs are thinking. I feel like a weirdo and can't say much, as I've always felt different

  • Jerry Fraley 5 years ago

    I have red hair, 0-, hypertension etc,..
    As uncertain as even memory is, I have had a gargantuan of experiences. I do not call it paranormal. There are ways to scientifically connect these things. I am extremely telepathic, I can effect perception and thought, of an entire house of people. . It can get 'glitchy'. I don't do it on purpose, usually happens if I get into a meditative trans which can happen periodically throughout my day. I don't think in words, or linear thought. In time, my perception links past and probable futures with present.. I am seeking others like me.

    • Thomas 5 years ago

      Hi Jerry,

      You are not the only one. I have A- blood and can sense the atmosphere of a room when I first walk in it. I also see people auras. I have been able to do that since I was a child.



  • JACQUELINE 5 years ago

    I am A-. I have extremely blue eyes which are light sensitive, low body temp of 97.1, high IQ, have never slept 8 hours straight, hear noises that are not real when falling asleep, experience paranormal phenomenon regularly, don't fit in in any social setting, always feel as though I am in the wrong place or time, highly creative, have great discernment abilities, can see the color around people instantly. I also have an uncanny knowledge of medical and legal terminology but have never been associated with either field of study. I am never sick, tan quickly enough that others are stunned, have an unbelievably high pain tolerance, am nearly impossible to anesthetize or numb locally. Have had two RH+ children with near fatal results each time, despite the Rhogam shot. Also have been anemic since birth. Just started to research RH- causes and affects.

  • Charlotte 5 years ago

    Born into a very dysfunctional family (I like to say the white sheep of a black family .. by that I mean that they’re all very “troubled” and dark!) yet I’ve always been different .. a light amongst the darkness, for want of a better expression! I’ve had to fight against this darkness all my life (and on occasions it’s nearly won!) I believe I am an indigo child as I have a very masculine warrior like, trail blazing attitude towards truth, justice, love and empathy .. I am 38, 0-, been every hair colour under the sun but the only colour people believe is real is bright copper which I now resign myself too ????, I have blue eyes that really struggle in sunlight but I tan so easily and rarely use sun cream .. I am so sensitive to the cold, have the strongest intuition by just “knowing” things, I have a strong ability to know when truth and lies are spoken although the abused empath in me Used to be in conflict with this ability and I could be easily duped, albeit with a tremendous amount of cognitive dissonance!!
    I used to suffer terribly from sleep paralysis but it only happened before I went to sleep which is how I know it wasn’t a dream .. since I had hypno analysis (and trained in it) I no longer suffer .. now I only experience positive things! I am always told by mediums that I’ve had many lives and always been a seer, advisor, midwife, shamen, witch etc and feel I came with a purpose in this life time to help release people from their energetic and subconscious shackles .. I have the ability to see the “big picture” and can quickly see the cause of someone’s issues!
    After much internal work to find the “true me” I found an amazing man who is a crystal child (came with a purpose to bring a more feminine sensitive energy into the world and together we are so balanced and calm .. we have just created a little boy (who I believe will be a rainbow child .. a perfect blend of masculine and feminine energy that will be coming to bring love, peace and tolerance into the world!) foetal blood extraction has comfirmed him to be rhesus negative also (which I knew he would!) so I know he will be a very gifted person !! I’m so fascinated with this blood type and truly believe it means something .. also worth noting is my birth day and birth month being a master number 11 and 1 ???? xx

    • Jen 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing! Very interesting story and similar to mine! I have a question for you. Did you ever feel your dark family was poisoning or sabotaging you?? I’m trying to figure out who is keeping my gifts suppress and how to fight it while staying in the white light.

  • June 5 years ago

    I am A Negative Blood Type, Female, Golden Reddish/Blonde Hair color with Green Hazel eye color. My characteristics/abilities are as follows: I prefer solitude to groups of people, as I never seem to 'fit in' even though others are friendly and welcoming to me, I am empathetic, artistic across the board, an accomplished pianist, extremely high IQ, unquenchable desire for knowledge, no real night terrors that I can recall but beautiful, vivid dreams where I have the ability to fly or breathe underwater, I have experienced telepathic abilities on many occasions with close family members, I have an auto immune disease (rheumatoid arthritis), animals are drawn to me.

    I can 'see' things in other people, ie. I have looked into the eyes of a select few people through the years and 'seen' a demon within them. The strange thing is that in these instances, the people were not 'obviously' bad but looked quite normal and seemingly friendly but when I made eye contact, I saw the demon there and it also recognized something in me and I could sense it letting me know that it knew what I was also. I am in my 50s and I hope I never have this feeling again in my lifetime as it can be very unnerving.

    My grandmother was a 'faith healer' and people brought their children to her from far away to be healed if they had a bad burn. It was said that she could 'talk out the fire'. She used a verse from the bible and said she couldn't directly pass on the ability to someone else but when she died this scripture was found written down in the bible "There came an angel from the East, Bringing Frost and Fire, In Frost, Out Fire. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost" I have never tried to do this so I don't know if I have this ability or not but felt it could somehow be connected to blood type and abilities.

    • Haley 3 years ago

      wow! A- same physical appearance and descriptions of everything!

    • Lorene 5 years ago

      I am AB+, but my blood brother is AB-, and one of my daughters is O-, and my mother had negative blood type. It's in the hereditary mix. I have reddish hair, green/hazel eyes, pointed ears and have experienced the full range of psychic phenonoma. Fortunately, I've learned to block much of it because it can be traumatizing. For instance, when I've seen demonic influence in people, their features momentarily transform. T
      My experiences are too numerous and varied to list here now.

  • April 5 years ago

    I have been dealing with ghosts since I was a very young girl. I. A negative. I spoke with my grandma telepathically when she came to tell me she would be helping g a loved one cross over. My Grandpa died 2 weeks later. My son was shot and paralyzed when he was 19. For one month before I cried on several occasions because I knew something horrible was going to happen to him. I'm a very good judge of character. I have reddish brown hair and blue eyes. I suffer from what people call sleep paralysis but know I'm being held down by some force. I've seen ghost and feel there presence. I've been followed for 45 minutes by a strange object that followed me to my parents and my mother witnessed it before it vanished. I hear people talking and music playing frequently when trying to go to sleep. I've always had migraines and difficulty sleeping. I could go on and on

    • LLIFS 4 years ago

      I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

  • Julie 5 years ago

    I have had what they call sleep paralysis. It's not sleep paralysis. I know this from when I saw a black hooded being who spoke telepathically to me. They do something to your brain to paralysed your whole body so you can only move your eyes. It's Some sort of pressure in the brain that is created by doing what they do to part of your brain. I can understand people thinking it's sleep paralysis as they are just waking up. I was actually awake when it did it too me and that's how I know what happens. What in the brain controls whole bodily function accept for the eyes.

  • Tiffany Reid 5 years ago

    Also I hate the heat and live in the southern United States. I run hot. I dream of snow. I can't addendum forever but there are so many things I believe are associated with AB- blood type

  • Rose Reid 5 years ago

    I am Ab- not to keen on writing this. I have been weary and suspicious of this all since forever. I'm 35 "African American" female. Night terrors and "dark figure" attacks since I was a kid. Some sort of unexplainable spiritual connection to the unseen. For most of my life I have worked hard to not feel it or recognize it and yet it's there. Psychic dreams, shit all of it. No one ever believes me, not even my parents when I was a kid. I had a blood transfusion at birth. Was in the hospital for 3 months. Left and got into a car accident and needed more blood on returning. I just learned this from my mother. I'm not sure of the cause or reasons. All I know is it's real. No more hiding from it or pretending it doesn't exist. I also can't donate blood. It's as though my body refuses to give and when it does it's extremely slow. Demons and spirits are real. Please believe me. No matter what society tells you, it's real. I can sense it and I use to be able to see it. Please continue your research. We are here to save the world. I feel it and I know it. There is something unique about our blood types and I believe it becomes more intense the rarer the blood type. God's children. Not aliens. Predictors of the past and future.

    • Rose M Govanus 4 years ago

      I'm O- , brown hair, olive skin & eyes that go from shades of brown, hazel to sometimes green. I come from a long line of Italian women who have been called witches or gypsies. All have/had special abilities.
      I feel the same way you do. That we are Gods children, we are unique, that we are here to save the world.
      I was brought up Episcopalian. But I now have an aversion to organized religion. I don't believe God wanted us to serve/praise him in this way. By the way I don't believe God or his Angels have a gender identity.
      I'm very spiritual. I also agree about demons, evil spirits or fallen Angels. They are real! Just like Angel's, good spirits & other good identities.
      I believe God made us to be different, to have these gifts to have a special holy purpose. To have the ability to deal or assist with fighting off evil, especially when it relates to the next coming of Christ & his fight with the devil.
      I was very troubled be evil & demons from when I was young till before I got seriously ill, had an intence near death experience & a strong connection/interaction with Angels. After that I wasn't as afraid.
      I have very vivid night terrors with sleep paralysis. These dreams stay with me throughout the day. Sometimes I have a hard time deciding if it was real.
      I've been diagnosed with several sleep disorders, autoimmune disorders. My temperature runs low & low at 99 or low grade fever I can have a serious infection or even sepsis. My blood pressure & heart rate runs low, is hard to detect.

    • Sharon Willow-Smith 5 years ago

      Hi Rose. Your response got me. I'm AB- & nothing like my blood family. Out of my parents & 3 younger siblings, I'm the only one with blue eyes, extremely light sensitive, auburn (reddish) hair, low bp 90/60, low body temp 97, 98.6 is a raging fever for me, can't handle the heat at all so I'm moving back to Colorado ASAP for my comfort and health, I've always seen spirits, auras, hear what people are thinking, hear what I can only describe as angels singing (no instruments) when outside, visions galore all of my life, can read peoples pasts and lifetimes, know when people are thinking of me, and yes if I want to hear from someone I can mentally call them and they call or drop by, prophetic dreams that either came true or that I was able to change the outcome that saved my and others life. I never fit in but can. I just know stuff! The thing you spoke about that got to me is when I was about 9 I awoke frozen with something dark & huge was holding me down in my bed in the completely dark bedroom but as I tried to struggle and my eyes looked around the room, demons filled my room crawling up the walls and ceiling, suddenly I was able to jump out of bed and ran to the shut door grabbing the door handle to run and tell my parents, I stopped because I was more afraid of my parents than the demons, I turned around with my back to the door and the demons were gone and at the head of my bed was a beautiful glowing female Angel and I felt huge wings from behind me folding around me protectively and a wing feather brushed my left cheek. On my right was the wall and I was mesmerized by a light opening up and seeing male warrior angels without wings & with armor fighting the demons that had filled my room. When I was a baby, my mother tells me that she'd leave me alone in a room and when she'd check on me I'd be sitting up animatedly talking to people who weren't there long before I could actually talk. My mother was in to seeing psychics and being the oldest she'd drag me along and some weird stuff always happened. We were sitting in the waiting room when I was 24 to see a famous psychic and the woman walked in and as she walked by all of the people waiting she stopped in front of me and described something she'd never seen before, a gold chalice over my head that was pouring liquid gold over me. Another time a psychic couple gave my mother a reading and afterwards asked me to come into another room with them and told me, you can read better than us and then they explained that they belong to a coven of witches and would I be willing to be the head of their coven?! I left quickly because I don't believe in trying to control spirits and entities. Its dangerous! Driving down the street with my brother 7 years ago I saw a normal man walking in the opposite direction but something made me turn my head to continue watching him and the man turned his head and looked directly into my eyes and his face turned into a monstrous evil angry ghoul letting me know what he really was! Scarry stuff and when I was young it was uncontrollable seeing feeling and hearing what no one else could. It took years before I could control it let alone understand it. I learned meditation, self hypnosis, used biofeedback, read everything I could about Yogananda, Tibetan monks, metaphysics, religious beliefs, including living with the Native Americans for 5 years to learn their beliefs. I hated it when I was growing up but now at 70 I look back on my life and these "gifts" have saved my life over and over so I relish them now. I too have always felt I have a purpose in being born during this time. I never felt special, just different. I've had many dreams about the US's future... I'm allergic to most medications too and additives put into our foods. Friends will call in a panic when they've lost something. Its rare that I talk about any of this stuff, but its who I am and I finally accept it all as what should be the norm for everyone. Blessings to you all who have these gifts. Stay in the White Light!

      • Rose Reid 5 years ago

        Sharon Willow-Smith thank you for your post. Knowing you are 70 and have spent your life embrassing and recognizing your gifts puts me at ease as I face what I've always attempted to block(unsuccessfully) It also got me back on this post and there are so many like us. Just reading these post is amazing, there are no coincidences. Most of us stumbled here trying to find answers. There are so many similarities. You are all my people. Thank you.

    • Jburney 5 years ago

      I would love to speak with you about your experiences. Could you contact me at Jleeburney@gmail.com thank you!

  • John 5 years ago

    I’m Rh Negative also, O Negative to be exact
    I pretty sensitive to the sun I burn extremely easy
    I prefer the the night, I don’t really have issues sleeping
    I do in fact see things before they happen, or I just “know” as eerily as that sounds, I’ve avoided tons of accidents, i recently started seeing pulses of color extremely transparent but I can still see them, I thought it was time for a new pair of glasses, I told the eye doctor what I was seeing and he looked at me crazy, so I started looking into my symptoms and eventually ran into this Rh Negative controversy, I’m still skeptical but reading what I have already makes more sense now and it’s a step in understanding wtf this is, it’s amazing to know there are others

    • Sue 3 years ago

      I'm a bit skeptical as well but when I seen you mention about the pulses of color or light. Maybe I don't need glasses after all. Have you every seen a small tiny white light as your drifting off to sleep? I have also seen other different types of lights at different times as well. I was also searching and found this site. I thought something was wrong with my eyes!! I am also RH negative.

    • Debbie Zimmerman 5 years ago

      Hi John..when you mentioned "pulses" of color..usually transparent..I connected immediately with this..I have experienced this for many years..it comes out of nowhere..it could be one..or both eyes..usually a triangle shape..like a pulsing strobe light..it may last only a minute..or 10-15 mns..then suddenly disappears..I usually stop whatever I'm doing..close my eyes..completely clear my mind..then it's gone..thought it was a precursor to a stroke or tumor..but have had it for many years..

      • John 5 years ago

        I’ve done years of research and I’ve finally only recently been able to connect all the dots, problem with that is most people will scoff or just plainly ignore it, I’ve been talking with a small community of people like us, and their all having the same symptoms,

        • Rose M Govanus 4 years ago

          I'm also O-
          When I was serious ill & in ICU. I saw glowing colored lines in the shape of a roughly outlined human. I was frightened at first but they spoke to me telepathically to not be afraid they were Angels Jesus sent to me to comfort & protect me.

  • Takara Edwards 5 years ago

    I am Rh negative
    Sensitive to light prefer night
    Can sense spirits good or bad
    Not afraid of either,
    Have many special gifts,
    Have to force myself to sleep at night, so a lot of these comments line up with my life

  • Sheena 5 years ago

    I'm rh negative although I have crystal blue eyes I have lots of red but also blonde and brown hair. I've always been intelligent and felt like I don't belong, I've noticed I think backwards than most people. I've never experienced sleep paraylisis or night terrors. I have predicted events in my dreams though. I've always had a strong intuition when it comes to danger, and I constantly have migraines and pain in my third eye. For some reason I seem to bond with reptiles, and notice dogs don't really like me.

  • Mariel 5 years ago

    I am RH Negative and totally connected to the Paranormal. I love being connected especially to Angels. I am a Psychic-Medium, Palmist and Healer as my chosen career path. I started doing Psychic Readings at age 3 years old and also did Astral Travel at night. I am able to tune in with people worldwide. I have always been connected to Spiritual and have a connection with Angels in which I can hear them and see them daily. With a High IQ I was admitted to Harvard University and gained a broad base of knowledge from my College Education. From there I initially went into an Execuitve Career then left to open my own ARC Energy Healing Center and Heartwings School in Oregon over 20 years ago. I open people's third eye and their energy channels. Much of much experience comes from learning I gained while out of body on the other side. This happened initially following my NDE and then I visit the other side regularly as a Medium. I am an Empath and this also helps me to see what is going on with someone so I can help them Heal.

    • Kimberly 5 years ago

      Mariel, I’m also an empath. Learning to use my gifts. Slowly but surely. I know I came here to help people. O- blood. I’d love to chat with you about opening my energy channels. I feel it pumping through me and need to learn to control and move it so I can be more comfortable in my own skin.

  • Aramea 5 years ago

    i am a Black southern african...RH negative B....i have some of these symptoms, well most. I didn't know it had anything to do with my blood type 'til i started researching...sounds corny, but i don't feel as lonely anymore...

  • Philip 5 years ago

    AB -
    Green eyes
    IQ 170
    Prophetic dreams
    Maybe 75% recall of my dreams in vivid detail.
    I just seem to "know" things.
    Aptitude high across the board
    Sleep paralysis
    Night terrors
    I find things
    Great sense of direction
    I draw people
    Animals are drawn to me
    I feel like I'm not from here
    I'm different and think differently than most.
    I find most people transparent.
    I "see" things in peoples eyes.
    I "see" others when I close my eyes.
    I've seen far to much in my life to write any of this off as mere coincidence.
    There's far more to life than what meets the eye.

    • Linda 5 years ago

      The feeling of knowing exactly what you are saying and experience is blowing me out of the water. Must do more, learn more. Thank you

      • Philip 5 years ago

        Linda, I don't know if your reply is to me or what I wrote, but feel free to email me if you would like to discuss this further. I really enjoy intellectually stimulating conversation, especially concerning matters such as these. I'm a bit of a sceptic of course, but when you experience things for yourself that can't be explained there's a tendency to believe even more is possible. There are signs all around us all the time, but most of us are simply too busy with our lives just to notice. I watch patterns and tendencies closely. You're quite welcome.

  • Omaste Kills Pretty Enemy 5 years ago

    I have the God gene my migraines we're horrible until I realized closing my eyes and resting my mind ( Meditation ) is the only thing that helps. Animal's and Childern always are drawn too me. Always know when there's demons or spirits around I talk to God and he intervenes when I need him the most. Night terrors and sleep paralysis , reading minds , stopping bullets and tazers. When i sleep i create electrical interference.

  • Mary 5 years ago

    I'm A- and have the same feeling of not belonging, as well as physical and mental abilities that many have mentioned...except one. Two years ago, I had the need for a lower spine X-ray and learned that I have an extra vertabra, hospital staff stared and whispered, bewildered. My physician calls me "unique." I have difficulty with electricity, have caused light bulbs and phone landline to fail (reset okay), have opened my garage door without touching the button and frequently need to replace watch batteries. And after viewing the program about "negative blood" everything came into perspective and things became more enhanced. We ARE different, blessed beyond measure.

    • Mary. 5 years ago

      Me to A negative. Can tell when people are phoney. Are liars.
      All animals come to me. Once in India 3 elephants stood all day with A master sat on them collecting money for something.
      I was gently rubbing the lower ear of one telling him it was cruel to keep them all day in that heat...once I started to leave one came with me, The man on top shouted at me to go away
      Whilst hitting it by Big Bamboo type sticks.

  • Eric 5 years ago

    O- blood
    Green eyes
    97.5° body temperature
    Empathetic, Intuitive
    Lucid dreamer
    I have predicted my future w
    dreams and reading the signs
    around me.
    I Love God
    Suffered intense migrations, severe and complex for years
    High IQ
    Tan easily
    9 out of 10 people instantly really like me. The other 10% dont like me at all.
    Animals and Babies love me and I love them.
    I have always had a strong interest in the paranormal.
    I have a strong interest in reality.
    Recovering Alcoholic. 30 yr

    • J Stahl 5 years ago

      Congrats to you. Over 12 yrs for me. So grateful. B/O drinker. Worked hard, played hard. Gifted, hands on healer since I was a child. Lots of ‘paranormal’ experiences. Senses very heightened. My eyes need rest in the dark, as does my whole body. Epic vast universe dreams with plots and schemes. Need alone time (or with my 18- yr old zen kitty) to recharge. Living fearlessly surrendering to the Divine expressed in the flow and the moment. ????

    • JBurney 5 years ago

      I would love to talk with you and understand more. Email me @ jleeburney@gmail.com Thanks!

  • Della grimwood 5 years ago

    I too have o- blood type and am fascinated by what Ive been reading.i also have had many dreams that within weeks have happened but sadly only bad things.woke up yesterday with a overwhelming feeling of sadness and couldn’t control my tears but had no idea why.a few hours later I had a call to say my aunt had just passed and I wasn’t even aware how Ill she was as she lives abroad.i definetly have a unexplained sixth sense and a massive fascination to space for some odd reason.im the only person in my family with the negative blood type.am also a huge empath

  • Willow 5 years ago

    I am an RH Neg (green card carrier) Clairsentient and clairaudient, extremely empathic, intuitive and spiritual (Wiccan). High IQ. Have deep roots in the Basque area (VERY French family surname!) Brown hair with reddish highlights. Totally do not believe I am the product of a mutation! My whole life I have had a connection with the cosmos, in particular the Pleiades. A believer ...and proud to be different!

    • natalie 5 years ago

      iI am rh - negative 0 im artistic l have interest in a lot of mysteries things thats happening right now like paranormal things , ghost , spirits . I also believe in aliens outside our galaxy believe in other planets and life existence i love water beach peace and quietness. i am poetic reader and a great liar sometimes but sense bad things that will make me sick highblood and lower when cold dont like much sunlight hide in spots to cool off. i sense lime i said i also suffer frm deep depression anxiety
      cannot be friends easily sense evil both children - father AB + how possible they survive without blood transfusion but son have learning problem but intelligent and sensitive like me .i get nightmares dream dies nt make sense dream about other worlds or about world changing living underwater could breath in dream green water second dream about sea my children love water beach.i enjoy winters enbracing cold days very bad tempers i always win a argument.That all i have said fr now but ppl dont understand yu depression is worse .is maybe my bloodgroup causing it. i dont know, i love animals too.horse the most beautiful creature fr me and fish. i believe im different.

  • Michele 5 years ago

    Rh negative/card carrying from the birth of my son. The nurse said that a second child might be a "problem". B- blood. Born with reddish brown hair (my mother saved a lock} or medium auburn. Yes, I also have green eyes. Have experienced almost everything in the paranormal from A to Z! Fascinated with angels since childhood. Is this really happening? Not only are the BASQUES a mystery, but so is their blood type. That is not a mutation. You cannot mutate from a monkey if you are not FROM a monkey.

  • Toni martins 5 years ago

    Rh negative, brown hair red highlights brown eyes spiritual, love the sun. Have had dreams of my future and other strange things happen

  • Emina 5 years ago

    I’m O rhNeg, my sister is ab rh neg. also our mother is th neg. we’re all empaths. All three of us have always felt we don’t belong here. We have vivid dreams often of things that happen a couple years afterwards. I can’t count the times I’m experiencing reality and a severe deja vu hits. Then I remember I dreamt this 2 years back.

  • Anna 5 years ago

    Hi, I am RN, have nearly all the traits that people say...one thing I do have us certain objects or colours on a bag or something, make me feel down...does anyone else have or experience thus at all? Ty.

  • Ash 5 years ago

    Good ay

    Im RHD Negative Ive always felt alone that im different. Had many experiences of thought forms giving me directions Strange things i have seen and been in ai seem to be always looked after Things seem to always work out

    • Anna 5 years ago

      Exactly my life!! But I also don't feel connected here, it's like a dream senario, cannot explain it really. I also have things that turn out right for me. I see the 'hat man' and sometimes I have seen 2 together. Just came across the site, so nice to see other who go thru same as myself.

  • lex 5 years ago

    I am a negative blood type. I am extremely empathetic and I often have visions and dreams that come true. I have Astro projected before- I have also had beautiful videos dreams where I am on tropical islands and I’m a paradise world. I have attracted demons and have also felt the power of god throughout me as well. I also used to suffer from bad migraines as well. It used to drive me crazy because I never knew how to handle everything going on with me. But the change of diet, not eating meat and taking care of myself while meditating weekely with clear quartz and amethyst has helped my pain and helped me connect to a higher level. I am not afraid anymore and use my gifts to my full advantage. I am glad to be different. This article really helped me understand where I come from. Thank you

  • Carrie 5 years ago

    I am O-, red headed, blue green eyes that change color, empathic, get psychic hits, deeply spiritual and suffer from sleep paralysis. I also suffer from migraines, though not as frequently as of lately. This is very fascinating.

  • Brianna Brown 5 years ago

    I'm o negative I'm so deep into the spirit world I have no clue what reality is. I have migraines so bad I throw up...I speak to unseen spirits and they always let.me know they are their...I see spirits especially at funerals...I see spots of purples in cemeteries and sometimes on people...my dreams are awesome I'm always in a beautiful city with stores highways tall buildings and great bodies of water...I had a strange dream recently about two kids they told me they were from the north star? I researched on that... there's nothing about children from the north star...I'm of Cherokee descent so I feel very connected to nature... animals are drawn to me...babies always stare at me and smile...we are special and God put us here to help others..I sense evil spirits...my mother has taught me how to pray powerfully for others and to ward off negative energy...I have no friends who understand so I'm seen as weird and antisocial..but I'm glad to be here to help..I'm very human that mess up too..but i thank God for the opportunity to make a difference

  • Philip 5 years ago

    I've had abilities since I can remember. I always dreamed about places I've never been to or even knew existed. I wasn't allowed to watch much TV, couldn't even have posters on my walls, and I couldn't tell anyone out of fear of being punished(strict religious upbringing). I had premonitions, prophetic dreams, sleep paralysis, sleepwalking, nightmares, night terrors, and psychic abilities since I was 5. Something happened back there around age 9. I suffered sleep paralysis, had an OBE(looked down at my own body lying there sleeping, woke up being hugged by my sister-"It was just a bad dream"-only when she let go of me, I fell flat on my face because my body was still numb). I wasn't sure what had happened, but I started having a recurring dream about extreme velocity, waking before impact, then premonitions to follow each time. As I grew older, the dreams, premonitions, sleep paralysis, sleepwalking continued, and I became aware that I could do anything including find things, see things before they happened, and I had a great sense of direction in places I'd never been before. I decided to join the Navy, only when I tested out, my aptitude was high across the board, and my IQ was 160, and I was merely an average student in HS? The Navy recruiters called me "the sleeper" because of my test scores. I was offered any position they had to offer and wound up in a Drill Co in basic, which consists of gifted recruits with musical talent, recruits with heavy ROTC exp, and recruits with exceptionally high test scores. I carried the American flag in the color guard because I merely had high test scores. I was also an E-3 the day we swore in because of entrance exam test scores and on a fast-track for the same reason. I ended up working on the developmental stages of the Tomahawk missile program and never saw a ship in 4 years when I got out. My IQ now averages 170, and I aced the entrance exams for the Postal Svc, both Clerk and Mailhandler(even though I was hungover when I took the exams from staying out too late the night before.) I'm extremely intuitive, and I just seem to "know things", I've been escorted from casino's for "locking in" on analog slots because I see patterns in numbers and frequencies. I've picked lottery numbers that won based on numbers I dreamed about the night before. I was very curious when I found this website. I have green eyes, AB negative blood, but my eyes have always been very light-sensitive, and I'm extremely hot-natured, but I find most people transparent. I've always felt like I'm on the outside, looking in. Going through the motions with ease, helping others and learning and teaching others is why I'm here. I know that I can do most anything, and I have. I hope someone can relate to any of this, because I'm very honest, and I just want to know why all of this is.

  • Ginny 5 years ago

    I have a negative blood type although I don’t remember which one and I have always been somewhat empathic. But I also grew up in a family that is empathic just from the nature of growing up in a rural location, being around and working with animals a lot. I felt and was also told this contributed to our family being a bit sensitive and picking up on certain things. In my 20s I studied with two spiritual teachers who gave me very grounded, common sense information, knowledge and maybe a little bit of wisdom about discernment, the pros and cons of working with this type of ability and good strategies for living in this world with somewhat more than usual sensitivities to people and my environment.
    I’ve also worked as a massage therapist for the last 15 years or so. So while I may have had some sensitivity by way of my genetics or blood type, I’ve also learned to listen to my intuition from my job and various studies.
    I guess I’m trying to say that it’s hard to say whether nature or nurture or rather whether I came into this world with some ability or what I’ve spent my days doing for much of my life has reinforced or developed some ability.

  • Tonya 5 years ago

    A negative. I have had weird things happen all my life. Intuitions of things that happened. A feeling of being out of place in a room full of friends or family. People are either very drawn to me or completely repelled by me. No in between. I have a a few spirit encounters where they will move something or turn something on to let me know they are there. Has not happened many time. Street lights shut off all the time. I get more red lights than anyone I know. People get irritated when I ride in a car with them because of the red lights. I thought they were just kidding with me but they swear it doesn't happen half as much without me in the car. I also feel peoples pain and happiness to an extreme extent. My husband always teases me and says I have fairy blood. Question - Does anyone else get migraines? Wondering if there is a connection.

    • infj reflector 2 years ago

      I also get teased about having faery blood, and if the energy in the atmosphere or within people gets really intense, I also get migraines and sometimes physically ill.

    • Keats currie 5 years ago

      Yes, I get the visual disturbances without too much pain. A Tylenol fixes me but it was frightening when I didn’t know what it was. Lots of sensitivities, allergies, the canary in the mine....all the other traits as well.

    • Kira 5 years ago

      I'm o negative and I regularly get migraines.. 2 a month. I was also wondering whether migraines have a connection too.

    • Cynthia Rendon 5 years ago

      OMG. This all makes sense. I had headaches when I was a child and the Doctors couldn't figure out why. But not anymore. I was always called the extra sensitive child in my family. I can feel others pain and have always tried to help. Mostly giving my money away to ease financial pain in my family and friends. I can also feel pain in animals. I thought everyone felt the same. I am often taken advantage of because of my deep love for others. This all makes sense now. When I tried to tell my family members that if they didn't change something, bad things were coming their way. They would always tell me "So you think your Doctor Phil?". Then when the bad thing happened, they would always come to me for help. Wish I discovered this many years ago.

    • Lily 5 years ago

      I can relate to all you wrote. I am A negative. But , I have figured out, i think, that I can change things, or maybe it is only sensing, if Im thinking , "yes,green liiiigth, thank you" It becomes green.
      Remember to be greatful for such we take for given, try to turn things to positive , and ask " the creator" for help to heal and, help to understand, and to getting a better person , if you dislike people , and , in my case it makes change , I suddenly start to like people I disliked for a unsure reason.

  • Kimberly 5 years ago

    I'm a negative, with 3 a negative children. Your spot on, 100%

  • Regina Terry 5 years ago

    I am 0 positive & I have dreams & feeling that come true. I have been told I have a gift from God. I also feel others pain or happiness. I can tell them how they feel before they tell me.

  • Adam Kelly 5 years ago

    I am an Rh-. O-with some experiences you may want to hear. I would be willing to speak with you or any other negatives about this topic privately. My email is adamkelly001@gmail.com

  • richard matthew cozza 5 years ago

    hmmmm 0 positive so i guess then i cant be rh negative.... but i dont get why a -+/ b +-/ ab-+ 0 -+
    so hwhere does rh play there

  • Brenda 5 years ago

    This blood type could lead to being geniuses

    • LLIFS 4 years ago

      I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

  • Jennifer L 5 years ago

    Nobody that I know has Rh negative blood. The people I have asked, don't know their bloodtype. I'm a loner, I stay to myself, am very sensitive to sunlight, seem to feel what others feel and lower body temp. The hospital gave me a card to carry, it says I had the Rhogam shot. When I asked my doctor about my bloodtype, he couldn't answer. Obviously he couldn't explain. I have heard that it's a mutation, that its nephilim, that its the bloodtype from Jesus Christ's and Mary Magdalenes child. Numerous theories. I do know that they are 612 species and sub species of apes and not one are Rh negative. I've heard it called "the holy grail bloodtype" and so on. The highest concentration of rh negatives are in the Basque people. Maybe just an obstacle God has put in my path to make me wonder. The one thing I know for sure, is humans did not evolve from apes. Rh negative bloodtype proves that.

    • Sheila 4 years ago

      I am Rh-negative and a Pisces and I find that birth sign comes up in a lot of the comments, I have been attending some lectures at the local university, and have been drawn to the Basque faculty, the lecturer makes a big fuss of me calling me their most attentive visitor, and they all make a big fuss of me. I just feel so at home in their company, and when we are all together everyone is always smiling, I feel as if they are family. When I meet new people I know in an instant if they are a good or bad person, to me it's like looking through a glass wall, I can tell in an instant if someone is lying to me, I have this uncanny knack of looking into their soul. Thank goodnes it keeps me from harms way. Total strangers just start talking to me, telling me the most innermost personal details of their lives.I also get a big smiles from the tiniest babies, and some of the toddlers have actually ran after me crying, but I cannot open up to people about my own fears.I can sort of look into the future, I have been saying to people around me for about the last seven years 'I think something is going to happen in 20/20' I had this strange feeling and felt it was going to be bad, and low and behold Covid-19 struck. I get these terrible feelings which actually make me feel quite ill and anxious, pacing the floor and unable to settle and I can't shake it off, then it stops, and I find out later a horrible event has happend. I have not told many people because they would think I'm crazy. How I got onto this article is another mystery, but now I don't feel alone. We all seem to have the same feelings, just want everything to be good, no wars, no hunger, no sadness. What a wonderful world it would be if all us very special people could all get together infulence the powers that be that there is another way.

    • Crystal 5 years ago

      Rh- blood does not prove that. While you’ve listed many possibilities, you’ve missed a huge one. Genetic mutation.

    • Cindy 5 years ago

      No one n my family has the RH A negative except for me, I’m also a loner love my alone time, I didn’t find out I was RH negative until I was about to give birth to my daughter, and they gave me a shot. I had a extremely hard time having my daughter. My eyes are very sensitive to sunlight and I don’t handle heat well at all, just curious about it all

    • Cindy 5 years ago

      No one n my family has the RH A negative except for me, I’m also a loner love my alone time, I didn’t find out I was RH negative until I was about to give birth to my daughter, and they gave me a shot. I had a extremely hard time having my daughter. My eyes are very sensitive to sunlight and I don’t handle heat well at all, just curious about it all

    • Elizabeth Montes 5 years ago

      I am O negative and I am allergic to the sun, I cannot be out in the sunlight. I did not think of the blood type until now

      • Amy Noland 5 years ago

        I am Rh- A- and I'm allergic to heat (sun included) if I don't take my allergy meds daily I will hive out. Strange I wonder if there is a connection.

  • Kimberly Slone 5 years ago

    I dream future...I know things..I do not sleep well...I knew I was pregnant before a test was run because I was floating over myself looking down at myself feeling 2 heartbeats...I can see grayish or yellowish color on people who are very sick with a disease or cancer..my daughters back was hurting her I touched her and prayed and her whole back went numb...my husband the other day his kidneys was killing him so bad that he couldn’t do anything but scream out in pain so I prayed and within one minute it was as if it never happened...could all be coincidence I do not know...I feel other people’s pain and sorrow and it drains me...there’s a lot more but not enough time to tell thanks for listening

    • Tiffany Mack 5 years ago

      I'm Rh negative, Dream on the regular and the sleep paralysis I had alot.. I seen the hat man and ghost when i was younger.. I later could understand my dreams.. Had an experience that i believe to be telepathy.. I was told to come see this lady in Mexico i seen the map and axis points which had 80 degrees and she told me my family was in danger but she told me i had manna.. I often dream of singing to Jesus and flying and floating.. But what's crazy i have twins and i dreamed about them before i had them i pulled them out of my mouth.. I also dream about diamonds that i dig out of the earth... My whole life i knew i was different.. When i was pregnant with my twins a yellow and white cat came on my Aunts porch walked across my stomach and when i had my girls one of them had a birthmark of a cat... I'm also a truthseeker..

  • A 5 years ago

    I've had a few experiences. I'm A+, however my mother is A-. I know that RH- is a recessive gene and it's possible to have one positive, one negative and show up as positive. Perhaps that's what has happened in my situation. I'm willing to bet my grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother are all RH-. My great uncle used to see his grandmother tucking them into bed at night and various people on my mom's side of the family experience strange things. We also seem to be very sensitive to emotion. I wonder if one would experience it more intensely with two RH- gene and kind of a watered down version with one RH- gene. Interesting.

    • LLIFS 4 years ago

      I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

    • Haley Benedict 5 years ago

      A- here too. My dad is A- and I habe 3 sons and my littlest is A-. I never heard the recessive but it makes sense. Maybe in my case it went boy girl boy? Any ways I too am a total empath with extraordinary intuition. I habe neber seen spirits or dead. Shadow figures. I do have sleep paralysis and prophetic dreams/ visions.

    • "Petunia" 5 years ago

      I like your comment- finally someone mentioned the recessive part for offspring. Indeed there is some if limited info on rH-, but as the child of an rH- mother, I find it virtually impossible to find info on offspring and our own experience s (I am not sure if I have the gene but I don't think so). My mother has electric green eyes- no surprise, very fair skin and an aversion to heat (I myself inherited Oma's auburn hair and mine is about 3 feet long). Anyway, mother saved us one night from a tornado that came out of nowhere. We kids were sleeping in a brand new canvas tent outside. Sometime in the middle of the night, she came and took us out of the tent and brought us inside the house. It was dark out but there was no rain, not a breeze, just night time silence. Within a few minutes of us coming inside, this roaring sound and violent shaking (our house wasn't flipped but the next house had been ripped and flipped)- and the next morning the army tent was strewn from here to Kingdom Come. My mother says she awoke having sensed the drop in barometric pressure. Well, my mother saved all of our lives and I will never forget it.
      In my own life, I experience synchronicity everyday and very, very often prescience, plus the unexplainable (which as a student scientist I try to take with a grain of salt until I can explain). I am not sure if I attribute so-called "psychic abilities" to the blood type that runs in my family but feel that all Earth Dwellers are composed mostly of water and that we are all capable channelers of energy. It could be that the tribe of Dan is a special bloodline, the "lost" tribe of Israel, or the Benjamites. Oh, my mom is Welsh and German- mitochondrially we females are from I1c haplogroup, the oldest in Germany. My father was part Basque but died when I was real young. Me and my mother are very different temperament wise. My mom has a personality which sought out tough but interesting experiences, after she got over her initial "awkward" shyness. She is very intelligent without a formal education, having gotten a highly paid job without it. She passed on her "magic" to me by showing me what she could physically accomplish if she focused her mind towards it. She showed me how we shape our realities, and often unwittingly leading to gross and sad tragedies.
      Our German family name means goblet. It so happens that If I decide to drink a glass of wine, my psychic abilities kick up and the empathic spiel in my head starts. It is actually painful to have a glass of wine so that I actually personally avoid drinking. I study brain chemistry and know toxic substances are very harmful- we stir up hateful or fearful emotions- and even welcome what we perceive as demonic frequencies (I have felt the screams of Hell in my own soul so I believe others; it can be especially worse if you have a religious upbringing and a troubled conscience). I have a formal education in science but even then say: trust your inner, healthiest instincts. There are ways to place the barrier from what we perceive as psychic attacks- it means to keep the neurochemistry in the brain balanced. Most of us have control over what enters our bodies and minds. What is on the inside is reflected in our outer realities. I have learned to better control the lower level frequencies that spin off from multiple traumas. With this little piece of common sense and a littke dash of much needed enlightenment, I feel more solid in my aura, more comfortable in my own skin, and more wholesome so that when I have a sensation, I can trust it is from my true self and not some rehashed idea that some entity or alien is there to abduct me and abolish my pleasure on Earth! I am not so sure that is the resolution- nephalim/alien bloodline. The whole Jesus' progeny thing- wow. But for my own mental health, I stay focused on the living and not upon the dead so much.

      • Haley Benedict 5 years ago

        I resonate so much with so much you said. I live on south florida so I'm use to heat lol but we get hurricanes and I to can sense the barometric pressure changes. Also read about the tribe of Dan and Tuath deDan ( spelled wrong maybe) and have family roots in n. Germany Luxembourg which at the time was Germany and Denmark Amsterdam Sweden. Along with Celtic and Scottish and Wales from the islands. I am and was brought up religious and habe I think I good balance of Christianity and pagan celtic practices related to nature and spirituality. Also for.so education and love of science and like to connect anf understand all of this like you. ????

        • Petunia 5 years ago

          Thanks. I have heard of Tuatha- I used to read about fairies a lot when I was a kid and recall this word. I am also from the South. The research is fun but putting the pieces together can be difficult what with ADLs! Hopefully one day it will all make sense.

  • Kyla VanRiper 5 years ago

    Got my blood tested when i was pregnant, and i'm rh positive. i usually have a lower than normal body temp, and depending on the stress in my life, have suffered from sleep paralysis, which btw is scarier than any place i have ever been on a paranormal investigation, and i am a psychic medium with a range of talents. according to your article i am an anomaly, and yes i was born with my abilities. it runs in my family on the women's side of things.

  • Jesseka valenti e johnson 5 years ago

    I havr red hair green eyes and im also ORH- negative blood type ...i have sleeping problems im nocturnal and i do see things others cant amd feel thinhs my senses are very high and i have dreamed of thi hs then they happen ....i. Know that im here for a reason i have jad so many near death experiences and im still here i can say somethjng and ot happen s

    • Sarah 5 years ago

      Me too Jesseka. I’m rh neg, reddish blonde hair. green eyes. All my life I have experienced the paranormal, see spirits, know things before they happen (from the trivial to world events), also ETs. From a very young age I asked myself why, why do these things always happen to me. I have never seeked them out. I have only recently started exploring the blood type angle & it’s a relief to find others who share similar experiences.

      • Keat s currie 5 years ago

        I encountered what I believed to be a demon when I was in Tunisia and always wondered, why me? Maybe this is the answer. Saw a green eyes like light bulbs later. I bent down to see where the light was coming from so I was about six inches away. There was delicate black filigree covering the light. I ran in terror....searched moments later...nothing. Precognitive dreams...Air India.

      • Rita DeGrazia 5 years ago

        I too A neg RH i just came looking about my typing and i honestly couldn't believe my eyes. I've known i was different 4th grade i guess. I've got similar physical characteristics. I too have just about every feature you are speaking about . I'm just shocked to find you all here.

        • MELISSA MCMAHAND 5 years ago

          Me too

  • Donna Nixon 5 years ago

    I am RH negative. not sure what type of gift I have but when someone close to me gets really ill like cancer. I pray for them and get the sense that they will ok or if they will die. never been wrong yet.

    • LLIFS 4 years ago

      I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

  • ABNmomma 5 years ago

    I am A+ and rh+ and I am an empath... as is my daughter... she is also a sensitive... while in the past year I have experienced some... unexplainable things, I am not q sensitive... when I was around 3 or 4 I was spending the night at my grandparents and woke up to a figure (a man I have always thought) standing over me... I wasnt scared, but I wasn't exactly comfortable either... it is a memory that 36 years later remains vivid in my mind... I am a sleepwalker, and so I have always wondered if it was just my grandad sleepwalking (I will stand over my kids in my sleepwalking state, I am super protective) because when I asked grandad about it the next day, he had no idea what I was talking about... he actually seemed slightly alarmed that someone had been in the house though it was still locked tight that morning when he had gotten up... we have developed a few theories over the years, but it was just that one time and I was unharmed, so who knows!! But thanks to my gift, the older I get the harder it is for me to be in a crowd as I tend to get overwhelmed with the emotions of all of those around me and unable to block it like I used to... funny how that only became an issue once I started taking PTSD meds and even years after I have stopped taking them, I still am unable to tighten it down... which leaves me less likely to leave home these days and esp particular whom I allow into my home as they leave their energy behind after they are gone and it will remain until I cleanse the house... thank you for the article!! AATW

    • LLIFS 4 years ago

      I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

  • Carla 5 years ago

    I am Rh negative. A- i have had out of body experiences, My Dad did too.. My Mother and Father were both A- very sensitive and could see spirit. I can sense things. I never have had esp or anything like that. But i did have a visitor when i was about 11 years old. A solid white figure of a human. Syoid next to my bed, leaned over me and my Mother. We both seen this. It stared for a while then went away. But that's all. Nothing else has happened to me. Except very vuvid and kucid dreams

    • LLIFS 4 years ago

      I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

  • Code name Shyrden 5 years ago

    I am O- with the RH- and I am an empath as well as a healer but I can’t connect with people like I should I spend a lot of time alone in the company of animals who I also share an odd sort of telepathy with. There is for sure something to this RH- thing. My eyes change color they can be green/gold, blue/green, dark blue, gray, or if I’m super angry a funny shade of yellow/bright green.

    • LLIFS 4 years ago

      I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

    • Cynthia Rendon 5 years ago

      I also have the same color eyes with reddish blond hair. No one in my family has these same traits. My mother said that when I was born with red hair, she was afraid what her family would think. I also have a lower temperature. So now I know. Thanks.

  • Simon Yerbury 5 years ago

    Is there a different effect of alcohol with the th blood type,have a friend that stores it up real good

    • LLIFS 4 years ago

      I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

    • Robyn Powell 5 years ago

      Not sure but we always joke I'm allergic to alcohol as I never got a tollertance and even two beer I could be violently sick

      • Cindie 5 years ago

        Yes, me too. I don't have red hair, but most things apply to me as well. I have a low tolerance for alcohol too... and other medications actially. I'm very sensitive to spiritual things, good and bad. I've always felt a hedge of angels around me. I'm o negative. Rh negative with antibodies now.

      • Keats Currie 5 years ago

        My body always reacts like I’m being poisoned...heart pounding etc. wonder if it’s this blood thing?

        • REDONNA WAGES 5 years ago

          Hmm, after two/three beers or two/three glasses of wine I'm feeling pretty good and I'm set for the night. I've always considered myself a cheap drunk since I don't need a lot of alcohol to get very tipsy. I've never gotten violently sick as I stop before I get that too tipsy, but I do need to nurse gatorade in the morning to feel like myself again. This blood type could explain my low tolerance for alcohol...all of this continues to make sense to me now. WOW!

    • Living Life In Full Spectrum 5 years ago

      Alcohol can affect people in different ways from different medical conditions to weight. I am not sure if blood type is a factor.

  • Lea chris 5 years ago

    Can't sleep at night - A nagaive

    Red hair - Blue Green eyes that change color. Also see and hear spirits. No aliens.

    • LLIFS 4 years ago

      I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

  • Rebecca 6 years ago

    I don’t like shaking people hands because I can see their future. Also whenever I approach a pit bull or Rottweiler they’re afraid of me(they begin to whimper and will sit beside me. Why is it I can mind control things ever since I was a child. My mother was my blood type she always told me I was a “special child”.

    • Natalie 5 years ago

      I didnt told much last comment im mysteries person ppl dont understand yu im light of complexion light brown eyes . I also like drinking water a lot like nature espescially when season change to winter autumn i hate hot days cry when it rains i m can be hrdworking controlling when things is too much i hide. My favourite things is the spiritual world i tend too see things i sense them but im nt scared anymore shadows and dreams that does nt make sense nightmares being strangled by unssen entities feel and senses strong like i lived before in 18 century like to would want to practice magic wicca but nt bad if somebody makes me angry i curse. lm fall under scorpio my sign water which i have dreams of another world of lakes dames beaches i can breathe underwater i love music opera french italian spanish i love nature animals i believe mystical mysteries history foreigner places wish i could travel exocitic things ancient but nt forgotten hiatory my ancestors are frm europe holland germany britian far east china india my eyes light brown hair brown was red brown change my lips pink .Im born in SA africa im 0 - im cold and distrusting follow my instincts .i love men that love the ocean divers l love eating fish and some poultry i lov
      e chocolate and appetite fr sexual encounters but avoid it sometimes . i can sense past and future events .My believe in christ is strong and GOD .even though i feel bad when believe in aliens and cosmos black holes time travelling .i wish i can have contact with them .

      • LLIFS 4 years ago

        I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

      • Haley Benedict 5 years ago

        Love your comment. I too habr light complexion, amber eyes, golden brown hair my mom called it but red undertones. A lot of what you said resonated with me. I'm b- and European ancestry. I have reaccuring and/ or prophetic dreams. Places I've never been sometimes in the dream I know I'm not me and also visions/ dreams of the future that come true and de-ja-vu.

  • Anasia Walker-Beale 6 years ago

    yes it is all true about seeing evil spirits and demons

    • Anasia Walker-Beale 5 years ago

      Holla (smile) YESSSS everything is TRUE, I guess you can say that we are here reason, and GOD, that's MY DAD!!!! So I'd BE VERY CAREFUL how you TREAT US, you never know "YOU MIGHT BE ENTERTAINING ANGELS!!!!!

      • LLIFS 4 years ago

        I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

  • Jenny 6 years ago

    I am AB RH Negative and i wake up every night between 3am-5am and sometimes im paralyzed, unable to move or breath and generally when this happens i either see balls of lights or a tall dark shadow figure wearing a trench coat with a wide brim hat on...

    • Jc 5 years ago

      Jenny, if you expect him he will be there. He feels "invited" 3-5 am is a special hour. I suggest you sage and remember to open the window after you sage. Send him and any other energies or lingering souls back to their place of origin or our loving creator in peace and with love. -:- Namaste

    • Haley Benedict 5 years ago

      I have sleep paralysis as well since a kid. I never let it scare me even though it is terrifying. I calm myself and slowing try to wake up or move my body. Only once when I was little was it a man tall I felt bad energy. I ignored him he went away and I was able to move shortly after. The second time I was 8 months pregnant sleeping on my couch trying to get comfortable. Tired and exhausted from pregnancy. When I awoke albeit 3 am there was a shadow right in my face . I got the distinct feeling it was a little girl and was not sure of her intention but didn't feel threatened she either needed help or was helping me. I couldnt move but I said in my head or out loud I'm sure. " I'm not scared and I'm too tired and pregnant for this good night" lol and she vanished in front of me still paralyzed. I just went back to sleep .

    • Tiffany Mack 5 years ago

      I seen him when i was about 11.. I use to have sleep paralysis but i broke it 1 night and screamed I'm not scared of you anymore. I then dreamed i was flying.. And i never had it since.. But what's weird is my daughter's have it... Stop being afraid that's the only way it will stop...

      • LLIFS 4 years ago

        I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

      • Jenny 5 years ago

        Hi Tiffany do you ever feel like he is going to return for you? I haven’t seen him in a long time, but I always got the feeling he would be back. My mom and stepdad has seen him as well, along with my son.

    • Sarah 5 years ago

      Jenny, I’ve seen that figure before too,,first time in my late teens. What is it about 3am - 5am? That’s when things generally happen to me as well. As I get older, the feelings of paralysis have stopped; these days it’s more aural, often woken up by people/spirits having loud conversations in my room.

      • LLIFS 4 years ago

        I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

      • Jenny 5 years ago

        It’s comforting and scary Sarah that others has had the same experience.. I’ve always wanted to know what he wanted from me..

    • not saying my name sorry. 5 years ago

      Get tested for Sleep Paralysis and Anxiety. ....and trauma.

  • Leisl 6 years ago

    I'm AB (rh) negative. I've been abducted for 3 years and kept Rituals performed on me and hosted by a parasite which torments me on a daily basis.

    • Haley Benedict 5 years ago

      I'm sorry to hear that. You're blood I think is one of the rarest. Have you sought spiritual help to try and protect yourself ? I hope you do. You can be stronger than them. Much love on your journey.

    • not saying my name sorry. 5 years ago

      Find a psychologist you TRUST...and who knows how to undo brainwashing due to severe trauma abuse.

  • Donna 6 years ago

    I am RH POS, and i have had many experiences in my life.

    • LLIFS 4 years ago

      I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community

  • Carol trigwell 6 years ago

    I have negative blood and it's pretty spot on I have always been sensitive too things

    • LLIFS 4 years ago

      I have started a thread on RH Negative on the LLIFS Forums. Please join and discuss your experiences https://forums.llifs.com.au/discussion/12/rh-negative-blood-community