The Philadelphia experiment

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One of the world's most famous conspiracy theories. Did the Philadelphia experiment really happen? Was it a hoax, or is it one big cover up? I look at all the different accounts.

In 1943, the US Navy is said to have teleported a Navy destroyer escort, the USS Eldridge from Philadelphia to Norfolk. It was also made invisible. The US Navy has denied this has ever happened. Some believe it to be a hoax while others say there is a large conspiracy to cover it up. 2 movies and countless documentaries have covered this strange event. What happened during ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’?  Did it happen at all?

During the World War 2 era, stories of Nazi experiments emerged, even down to stories of developing technology capable of time travel. The US Government had some tricks up their sleeve as well it seems. Acquiring the services of scientific geniuses Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, in 1934 Tesla claimed to a New York Times reporter that he was working on a particle beam weapon that will ‘bring down a fleet of 10,000 enemy air planes at a distance of 250 miles’. This of course gained a lot of media attention. In 1940, Albert Einstein’s Unified field theory resurfaced into the public eye. Also referred to as the ‘Theory of Everything’. While quite complicated, the theory has the potential to unlock the secrets of nature and made wonders such as time travel a possibility. It ties together all known phenomena to explain the nature and behaviour of all matter and energy in existence. Not long after this resurfaced, Tesla proposed his ‘death ray’ could be used as a defence for the US government. This is all documented and fact. But does it have anything to do with the Philadelphia experiment?

Al Bielek’s account of time travel

In the 1980s, a man by the name of Al Bielek came forward and said he worked on the Philadelphia experiment. According to Bielek, in the late 1930s, the Navy was working on a project that used electromagnetism to develop a cloak of invisibility for its warships. It would be no surprise then why Tesla and Einstein had been commissioned to work on this. He said that Einstein was working on an experiment where he would wrap ships in electromagnetic coils which essentially ‘degaussed them’ (neutralising the magnetic field) in order to protect them against magnetic mines which had been planted by the Nazi’s. He said that Tesla then used this technology to implement into a cloaking experiment where he could potentially make a ship disappear to the human eye. It is said he had initial success with a small boat but couldn’t make it work with the larger war vessels. He goes on to say that Tesla gave up and the project was handed over to Dr John von Neumann.

In 1941, Project Rainbow supposedly appeared in the Inter-Services Code-Word Index. There is however no trace of Project Rainbow and the government denies it existed. On January 7th 1943, Nikola Tesla passed away of heart failure alone in a room at the New Yorker Hotel. Not long after his death, his safe was opened and the US government impounded his papers and other property. An electrical engineer who served as a technical aide to the National Defence Research Committee of the Office of Scientific Research and Development Dr John G. Trump was the main person who went over these papers. Were these papers used to fill in the final pieces of the puzzle of the experiment Tesla gave up on? When he handed the project over to Von Neumann, it came with a warning from Tesla of a 'personal problem'.  Is it that he could not finish the experiment or he did not want to because he knew what would happen to those involved?

Bielek says that Von Neumann succeeded in making a destroyer escort called the U.S.S Eldridge invisible for a short period of time during the first tests. He said that Tesla’s Zero Time Reference Generator was the reason for this success. He said the device locks to the Earth’s magnetic fields and acts as a cosmological reference with the electromagnetic fields at the centre of the galaxy. (Yes I am not confused at all). A second test was run. The ship was said to disappear for several hours where it is said to have travelled through time. Upon its return however, the crew on board were violently ill, some were on fire and others were embedded within the material of the ship itself. How does Bielek know all of this? Well, he claims he was on the ship during the test, but he and his brother who was on the ship with him, remained in 1983 (where the ship had travelled) as they jumped off the boat during the time warp. They remained in Montauk at a secret government facility and Bielek came out later to expose the experiments that were part of the Montauk Project (which is what the hit show ‘Stranger Things’ is based on but we will cover that another time). His account has been ridiculed and thrown out lending to the theory that it was all a hoax. His knowledge of historical information is what is hailed by some to mean that he is being genuine while others believe he has used historical facts to try and validate his own delusion. What do you think?

Carlos Allende’s witness account

Another claim about the Philadelphia experiment was that it didn’t travel through time, but mysteriously appeared out of nowhere in Norfolk Virginia on October 28th 1943 and had seemed to travel all the way from Philadelphia. It is worth noting that other accounts say that the test happened on the 12th of October so there are conflicting ‘stories’ about when this happened and what happened, which always raises red flags. A man by the name of Carl Allen used the pseudonym ‘Carlos Allende’. He was aboard the SS Andrew Furuseth when he witnessed the vessel appear out of nowhere. He sent a description to the U.S Navy’s Office of Naval Research. It is when the public got hold of these account 10 years after the said event that it became a matter of public interest.

He wrote that he felt that the experiment was made possible by Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. He knew about this because Einstein had told him all about this theory himself. It is also worth noting that the official logs which are public information don’t link the U.S.S Eldrige to be anywhere near Philadelphia on the 28th of October and the vessel that Allende said he witnessed this all from was also not in Norfolk on that day. Logs of course can be changed if the government were wanting to cover something up. The Captain of the ship Allende said he was also said that neither he nor his crew witnessed anything unusual.

After the Office of Naval Research conducted an investigation, they didn’t find any evidence that the US navy had been conducting any experiments in teleportation and claimed that the cloaking technology does not exist. You can of course cloak a vessel from radar but not from the human eye. Carl Allen went on to write letters to astronomer and lecturer Morris K Jessup who over the years then provided all of the information for this experiment that was used in all of the books and as a reference point. The first letter came in 1956 after a lecture Jessup told his audience of the urgent need for a Government-sponsored program into the study of gravity stemming from Einstein's Unified Field Theory. Allen wrote a letter to tell him that it had already been done with horrible consequences.

In one of the letters he wrote to Jessup, he stated: “What occurred next? What did I observe next? I looked at the thin air where once had lain, and I could see, from the hull impression [in the ocean], the impression of the weight of the entire ship upon its bottom hull — that this impression, this weight, was causing an impression to be pushed, still, yet, down into the water as the DE sailed along, quite invisible, not visible to the human eye – I repeat, human eye — but there it sailed along making that impression, and that was the only evidence there was a solid, heavy, ship-shaped object of, at least, extreme transparency if not absolutely and totally invisible laying in that water propelling itself along at a normal speed, and then it scooted off and resumed patrol”

What reportedly happened during the experiment?

With the two ‘eyewitness accounts’ aside, the general reports of the Philadelphia experiment are as follows. Following on from ‘degaussing’ the ships, a test was put into motion in an attempt to use the technology to put a cloak of invisibility on the ships. An electromagnetic field formed around the ship and up to 100 yards out from it and created a large sphere. Within this ‘field’ the ship became fuzzy, blurred and indistinct. It was masked with a greenish looking haze that obscured the ship from view. Eventually, all that could be seen was the outline of the hull of the ship where it entered the water. The ship was invisible.

It was then that the observers realised they hadn’t just made the ship invisible, they had teleported it – to Norfolk Virginia, it seems. Crew members on board reported that during the experiment they were able to walk through solid objects. This is why when the experiment finished, the crew were found embedded and fused within the items of the ship. Some men went insane. Another side effect was spontaneous invisibility called ‘The Freeze Effect’. One man was said to be eating dinner with his family, stood up and walked through a wall and was never seen again. The Freeze Effect caused the men to fade from view and unable to move or speak. This is what drove them insane. The only way to counteract this was if the other crewman did a ‘laying on the hands technique’ to give the man experiencing a ‘freeze’ strength. It was during this time that 2 men burst into flames and burnt for 18 days and they were unable to put out the fire.

After this event, the Navy supposedly discontinued all further research into invisibility. The survivors were all discharged and sent to insane asylums.

With conflicting reports, it is difficult to believe the unbelievable outcome from this experiment. Keep in mind though, it would not be beyond the Government to look into this kind of experimentation and it quite possibly was a concept that they were experimenting with. There is a lot that we don’t know and while it can be difficult to take an account from people who have been labelled as mentally insane as fact, Einstein and Tesla often theorised about the possibility of time travel, invisibility and the theory of everything. I am told by many circles that the day of full disclosure from the Government is coming sooner rather than later. What exactly that all means and what will be revealed (such as all of these top-secret experiments) who knows, but one thing I do know is that I don’t doubt they tried to experiment with some sort of cloaking technology. The events of the Philadelphia Experiment are most likely to be a hoax and an elaborate story, but that doesn't mean that the Government didn't at least entertain the idea of testing this kind of technology.

To read more about the Montauk Project:

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  • Bertil Hoberg 2 years ago

    Very interesting stuff! I was very interested in this in my younger days. There was also a conspiracy theory that Morris K. Jessup was murdered because he knew too much. He was found in his car, having died from carbon monoxide poisoning. The exhaust fumes from the car had been led into the car. Intended to look as a suicide. On the other hand, Jessup was severely depressed after he had been injured in a car accident earlier the same year. I believe that this was in 1959. He had written "I have not written a word in 14 days: My mind is a blank. I have become a vegetable". I may not have the exact words of his message right, but I think this gives a general idea of his mindset. But who knows? My memory is bad these days but I believe I read at least one of Jessup´s books: The Case for the UFOS.

  • Carolyn Sroufe 6 years ago

    I have always believed that the Philadelphia experiment really happened! The scientists involved in this work were very forward thinking, brilliant men! It is ludicrous to believe that this did not happen!