Is the paranormal supposed to be just experienced and not recorded?

13th April 2018. Reading Time: 4 minutes General, Paranormal Investigation. 1410 page views. 0 comments.

Why is it that we do not trust any video evidence of the paranormal?  Why is it that when something odd happens, we never catch it on film?  Is the paranormal supposed to just be experienced and not recorded?

On investigations, there is usually someone with a video camera. The ultimate goal of an investigator would be to capture something amazing on video. It is like our holy grail. Sometimes we witness or experience things that we cannot explain. It always seems to happen out of frame or when the camera is not rolling. We think we have caught it and the hard drive on the camera has an error and the file is lost. The camera may suddenly shut off with a flat battery. There are lots of logical natural reasons as to why the camera didn’t work and as investigators we accept for what it is. But what if there was in fact some kind of divine intervention? Are there some things we are just not supposed to see? Is paranormal activity supposed to just be experienced and not recorded?

If you weren’t there it didn’t happen

We live in the age of social media. Our lives are documented on Facebook. If there isn’t a photo of you standing out the front of a location, how can you prove you were there? If I go silent on Facebook for a few days, people think I am not out doing anything because I am not posting on Facebook. It is actually possible to go to dinner or even go to the gym without a selfie (especially for me because I don't go to the gym). A picture though is not enough. It is just a moment in time. I can tell someone about the most profound things that have happened to me during an investigation, but If they weren’t there to experience themselves, they cannot relate or necessarily fully believe it happened. I admit that I do it too. Someone will tell me of an experience and the investigator in me immediately starts to debunk things in my head. While I believe that they believe they experienced something, I wasn’t there myself so I cannot say for sure what they experienced was paranormal. For this very reason, no evidence captured on film will ever be definitive proof of the paranormal. It could be the best capture ever seen, but there will still be doubt. The thing is, we don’t trust people anymore.

Why is it we never seem to capture the definitive moments on film?

Batteries die, hard drives fail, the shot is out of focus or out of frame or you may not have a video camera rolling. For whatever reason, it seems that when something possibly paranormal happens, we don’t capture it on film. Is this a coincidence or is there some sort of divine intervention here? Thinking a little bit spiritually here I guess, maybe we aren’t supposed to get all the answers. Maybe we aren’t supposed to capture a spirit on film. Maybe there is a reason beyond our control why we never seem to capture the amazing thing that happened in front of us. There is what is called the law of one and it is a bit above a lot of what I look into and can be a little bit out there but it works on what is thought to be the laws of the universe. In these laws, we aren't supposed to know these things until we move on. When we do communicate with spirit, we find there are certain questions that we cannot get answers to. Some say it is because the spirit world is not allowed to tell us. Questions like, when will I die is a common one. Many investigators have told me that the spirit world knows when we are going to die. They ask questions about the council who is a supposed overriding authority in the spirit world, When they ask this question, communication apparently seems to cease. Is this a coincidence or are we really not supposed to know?

As an investigator, we talk about intent. Intent is extremely important and has a lot to do with how far you will get. If you are investigating because you want to be on TV, that’s fine but be honest about it. It quite likely unfortunately will not happen for most people. If you are investigating because you want to get a lot of Facebook likes, that is cool too, remember that people are fickle and they can turn on you in an instant, so it shouldn't be your sole purpose. If you are a genuine person who is just looking for some answers for the paranormal and sharing your journey, people will resonate with you because they are doing the same thing. We are out there every week to search for our own answers. We may share and compare what we find out along the way, but we are in it for the experiences in our own quest to answer our own questions. The thing is though, maybe we aren’t supposed to get the answers until the day we take our last breath, but we can enjoy the journey and that is what it is all about.

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