Karma and Intent

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You can't choose the hand you are dealt, but you decide how you choose to play the hand. It is all about karma and intent.

There can be a lot of drama in the paranormal field. I always compare it to high school. There can be bullying, underhanded tactics and just down right bitchiness and competitiveness. This group can’t talk to this group or this group has access to this place and we think we should have it so let’s try and bring them down so we can get it. Maybe someone disagrees with how you do things or maybe someone for whatever reason has their knickers in knot and decides to go on a hate campaign against you. Social media is full of self proclaimed experts, trolls and keyboard warriors. A lot of who rarely set foot out the door to do anything paranormal but they still feel qualified to completely tear you down. I could go on and on and I know you all relate. Sometimes people will contact me and ask, “I am on the receiving end what do I do?”. My position is always the high road is the best road because it doesn’t give them what they want which is for you to lose your shit and instead we let karma deal with it.

Karma itself is the result of a person’s actions and the action themselves. It is a cycle of cause and effect. Essentially what goes around comes around is the easiest way to describe it. When we think, speak or act we create some sort of cosmic force that will react to this action accordingly. If you do good, good things will happen for you. If you do bad, in time you will get yours.

While some people rely on this, you have to take accountability as well for your own life. You can’t sit and feel sorry for yourself if you are having a bad stroke of luck. I have had a pretty crappy 5 years with my health. Ive been in and out of hospital, I have had a few serious surgeries and as a result I live in chronic pain every single day. I don't sit and feel sorry for myself (look I won't lie some days it does get a little overwhelming I am only human), but I have taken actions in my life to counteract it all - this blog being a massive part of that. While our past is our past, you are in charge of your future. You make your own choices. My favourite phrase is ‘You can't choose the hand you are dealt, but you decide how you choose to play the hand’. The only way you are going to get somewhere is to work for it. Not by bullying or belittling someone, not by trying to steal what they have worked so very hard for. You will only get it by putting in the hard work, passion and intent.

We talk about intent being important as an investigator and I believe this goes hand in hand with karma. You get what you ask for and if you are going into something with bad intentions, it is likely to have a cause and effect that is not positive. If you go into things with good intent and a positive attitude, good things will happen. We say that like attracts like and that is why you find yourself surrounded by people who think similar to you and have the same kind of morals. There is a reason these people are by your side.

You are in charge of how you hold yourself. If you have been in the paranormal field for a while and you are wondering, ‘when is it my turn?’ be patient. Believe it or not a lot of people have respect for those who are out there getting on with it and not making a fuss. Good things will come for you I promise. If you choose to spend your time bullying others or just being a dick, you shouldn’t act surprised when one day it happens to you. If you make it a mission to bring someone down, the same thing could happen to you down the track. Remember that thing called karma?

I can tell you from experience in both ways that the karma train is always in operation. If I have been dodgy in the past, it has caught up with me. A lot of good things have happened for me over the last few years since delving into this field and I believe it is from hard work and passion. My intent is doing it for no other reason than because it feeds my soul. I don’t do this blog for likes or fame or to be popular. I do it because I love writing and I love talking to people all over the world. If I can pass on some of my knowledge through research then why not? Keep doing what you are doing and don’t worry about those that are trying to bring you down, you aren't doing it for them. Everyone will get what is coming be it good or bad, sometimes it just takes a little time. We know the paranormal field is all about patience, and this is no exception.

You are awesome.

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  • Ross Richards 6 years ago

    Brilliantly put, great read, thank you very much x