Pendulum divination

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Divination is a popular and ancient art to seek knowledge and predict the future. Using a pendulum is a popular spiritualist method to contact the spirit world. What is pendulum divination all about?

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Divination is an ancient art with the purpose to seek knowledge or predict the future through what is thought to be using supernatural methods. Scrying is one that has been popular through the ages where people would use water or reflective surfaces to look within themselves for answers. Another method of divination that is quite popular amongst spiritualists and even some paranormal investigators is pendulum divination.

What is pendulum divination?

This is one of the simplest forms of divination. A pendulum is generally a weighted object which is symmetrical (most often it is a crystal) which is hung from a chain or a cord. Sometimes people use a favourite trinket or a key, a metal ball, or a bead, as long as it is not something that is magnetic as this would interfere with your results. The aim of the pendulum is to use it as a simple tool for the user to tune in to their intuitive powers. It is believed by many that we all have these powers, it is just a matter of unlocking them and fine-tuning them. The pendulum itself acts as a receiver and transmitter of information and moves in different ways in response to the questions that you ask.

A person holds the pendulum with a steady hand and asks for a sign of yes. They wait to see a response. Which could be the pendulum swirling in a circle or perhaps rocking in a certain direction back and forward. The person then asks for a sign of no. Once the signs have been established, the user asks yes/no questions. Other people like to use a special board under the crystal which has yes or no and other words or letters on it and people use it in a similar way as they would use an ouija board by looking at where the pendulum is swinging to on the board. Regardless of the method used, a lot of people perceive the answers to be coming from spirit.

Image from Little sorcerer

The ideomotor effect

While a lot of people perceive the answers to be from the spirit world or a person’s intuition at work, others believe it is a simple reflex of the body. Referred to as the ideomotor effect, it is a psychological phenomenon where a person is subconsciously making movements. They are not purposely moving the pendulum, but thinking about a certain question, for example, can trigger a reflex response and their brain makes the body unknowingly move the pendulum, they are just not aware they are doing it. A lot of people also believe that this is what makes a planchette on an Ouija board move.

The Human pendulum

I have written previously about witnessing and participating in a human version of pendulum divination. It works by having a group of people stand in a circle and calling forward spirit to communicate by affecting someone. If someone feels ill, feels like they were touched or is swaying back and forward, they are then moved to the middle of the circle to act as the pendulum. You then ask the spirit to give a sign for yes. They usually will lean back or forward (which is why you should have a catcher on either side). You then ask for a sign of no and conduct the session in the same way. This also seems to work as well. Is it spirit controlling the person, is it the person faking it or is it a case of the ideomotor effect at play? From the sessions I have participated in, the person in the middle has not been faking as some were actually quite disturbed and unsettled by the feelings they were experiencing being pushed in either direction. It is a case of either they are unknowingly moving or it is a spirit trying to communicate by using them like a pendulum. It is up to you to decide what you think it is. Here is a recap of the first time I tried working with the human pendulum: The human pendulum

Working with the human pendulum at Aradale Asylum

Working with crystal pendulums

If you are going to try crystal divination, it is important to familiarise yourself with crystals. Each crystal has a different purpose/meaning. Rose is for love, obsidian is for protection and grounding for example. Perhaps see what crystal you feel drawn to as what works well for one person may not for another. If you are unsure, start with a clear quartz crystal as it is thought to be an ‘all-rounder’. It is important if you are using a crystal to cleanse it of any energy it may be holding. This can be done by smudging it with white sage, sitting it on a windowsill in direct sunlight for a day, or even better, sitting it out under a full moon. You then need to charge it with your own energy by holding it for a few minutes. Some people like to call upon spirit guides to help or protect them or some like to say a prayer or some kind of affirmation. Again you don’t have to it is a personal thing and you might just want to hold it for a while, that is fine too. Make sure you don’t allow anyone else to touch your crystal. You want it to be exclusive with your energy. It is always good to keep it in a velvet or silk pouch when not being used. When doing a session, you need an open and clear mind and be free of doubts. Some people believe if you have troubles on your mind or you are angry, emotional, or even not feeling well that it won’t work. If you have a negative attitude toward it, it is said it won’t effectively work.

The one thing to remember when doing this no matter what method you choose is that practice makes perfect. You will get better and better, you will know the questions to ask and you will start seeing results. It is up to you however to interpret the results. I have seen this work. Is it spirit or is it the ideomotor effect? This is the main question I am still looking to answer.

Do you use pendulum divination? Do you have any advice, tips, tricks, or thoughts? I want to hear all about it.

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