Kids say the strangest yet honest things when it comes to the paranormal

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Kids literally say what is on their mind with no filter and no tact. When it comes to the paranormal, it can make a somber moment a laughable and even teachable moment. Kids are naturally curious and as much as some will shield them, they will still search or even dabble wanting to know what it is all about.

Kids and the paranormal is often a sensitive subject.  It is not really just exclusive to spooky topics, whenever parents compare information or even share something about the way they parent, social media pounces with advice, criticism and how others do it better while pointing out everything the poster is doing wrong.  It is the monster that social media has become.  I am very much an each to their own kind of person, so when it comes to kids and the paranormal, how and when you introduce them to the paranormal is purely your choice.  Every situation is different, kids mature differently and some may even see things that we can't.  

I myself originally sort of tried to shield my boys from the paranormal because I didn't want them to be scared.  It didn't matter what I did though because kids are curious and they found it anyway.  When they were old enough I told them what I did on my weekends but I don't share a huge amount of detail because they are impressionable and they get scared.  When my youngest was about 3 years old, he used to tell me he thought there was a girl ghost in his room.  At first, I was worried maybe there was, but I soon found out that he had been watching Casper on Netflix which had this little girl ghost and he decided he wanted to have one too.  I do wonder about him sometimes though.  He often comes out with these little gems about my Grandmother that died when he was 4 years old that often have us wondering if he sees more than what is in his imagination.  When she passed away, it was obviously an upsetting time for our family, but leave it to our beautiful little boy to lighten the mood and make us smile.  A common term used when someone passes away is Rest In Peace.  You will often see on television a gravestone with the letters R.I.P on it.  Well, my little Jesse used to go around telling people that 'Nan was in RIP'.  It was so innocent and lightened the mood and really gave everyone a smile.  He still says it all these years later and it still makes us smile.

As much as I tried to keep my kids from the things that go bump, natural curiosity took over.  Kids at school talk.  I actually had an argument (in a fun way) the other day with my son because his friend at school was telling him about Bloody Mary.  (apparently, the Grade 2's were doing it in the bathroom mirrors during recess).  While Bloody Mary didn't appear, apparently it did work and it cursed his friend because he tripped and fell over and it was Bloody Mary that made him trip over.  I was explaining to my son how I even used to do that at the very same age when I had sleepovers with my friends and was trying to tell him about how it was an urban legend etc.  'You don't know anything mum' was the response.  His friend knew better.  His friend also told him that if he uses a Ouija board that Pennywise will come and get him.  I did a bit of a giggle and an eyeroll at the same time!

All of this made me step back a bit and think about the things I was doing at the same age.  I made ouija boards on exercise paper and we would do 'seances' at school on the oval.  It is a natural thing to be curious about the paranormal and a long time ago I made the decision not to shield the kids, but to educate them.  They are going to do these kinds of things regardless.  I know if my Mum told me not to do something it didn't really matter.  If I wanted to do a seance I would have done one!  When they ask me questions, I am honest about my thoughts and I give them information at a level I think they can handle and process.  Both my kids are different and have to be fed information differently.  This again is why I talk about each to their own thing.  You know your kid better than anyone else and what they can and cannot handle.

I do sometimes have paranormal shows on the tv if they are playing on Foxtel.  I am often maybe folding washing or something and have it on in the background.  Well, my youngest loves them.  I try not to let him watch them because he then gets scared and doesn't want to sleep in his room alone so I pick and choose what he can watch (especially when some have very graphic reenactments).  He is one step ahead of me because the other day I found him watching ghost adventures on YouTube proclaiming 'the guy with the big glasses is really cool but he yells a lot.'  The moral of the story is, teach your kids about the paranormal so they don't resort to YouTube and learn from shows like Ghost Adventures.  I don't need to say anymore here really!  

I am going to leave with you one of my favourite parts from the movie Kindergarten Cop.  One of the kids blurted out 'Everyone dies you know' while asking if Arnold had a tumour.  We all know the scene.  It takes on so much more meaning when you have kids of your own because they literally just say what is on their minds with no filter and no tact.  It really can lighten the mood and make you appreciate the situation in a different way.

My most recent moment was recently when I had a very large Ouija board in the boot of the car I had forgotten to take out after an event.  I picked up my kids from school and opened the boot for them to put their bags in.  So my little Jesse saw the board and screamed at the top of his lungs 'OMG Mum why do you have a Ouija board in the bootAre you trying to summon demons in the car?  Why? Why would you have this?'.  He kept going on and on and getting louder and louder and everyone turned and was looking at me who was shooshing him and trying to get him into the car whilst calmly explaining, this won't summon demons.  I shall now be the one the other mums avoid on the school ground LOL (again this is why that education is important!)

So I want to hear from you!  Have your kids said something funny about the paranormal? 

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