Pictures of the past

17th February 2020. Reading Time: 3 minutes General, Paranormal Investigation. 1115 page views. 0 comments.

Using photographs as a trigger is a great tool to use during a paranormal investigation.

When we investigate the paranormal, there is often a historical connection.  Some buildings are centuries old and have significant figures or stories attached to them.  When a ghost story is attached to the property, it is often a person that was once connected to the property that is said to haunt the building because it was significant to them.  When we as investigators goto these locations, it is often with the intention of trying to make contact with these people.  There are a range of different ways to do this, but one effective and easy way is to use photographs.

There are different ways you can do this.  A simple picture in a frame is quite effective and is often available at the location.  There are a few different techniques here you can try.  You can try to make contact with the individual in the photo or you can even 'ask' the spirits to tell you who is in the photo and tell you information about them.  Recently at an investigation at Black Rock House, I had my iPad filled with images of figures that had a connection with the house.  I read out their stories and showed photos.  In a few cases, it felt like we got some responses.  

It doesn't have to be a photograph of a person.  It could be old photographs of the location as well or even a photograph of an object.  Maybe it is a photo of how the property looked in the same era as the person that may have been there and something they could recognize.  It could be a photo of their favourite dress or an even that was significant to them.  What you are doing here is basically using a photo as a 'trigger' object to resonate with spirit.  It is what falls under a technique investigators use called The Singapore Theory where we will do something that resonates with spirit to invoke a response.  You can read more about the Singapore Theory here:

In a lot of ways, it is a visual cue.  For those who are very skeptical about ghost boxes for example, you could put this to the test by holding up a picture and asking for the name of the person or place in the picture.  The odds of that exact name being on the radio at that exact time you would imagine would be slim to none.  I know it would certainly get my attention.  When we recently tried this at Black Rock House, when scrolling through the photos, many people heard the response 'That's Not Him' come through the spirit box.

One thing you could also try would be to set up a range of photos with either a Rem pod of some sort of device in front of it.  You could ask a spirit to 'light up' the device in front of the photo that is them for example.  Some people also use a photo of a person to focus on wanting to communicate with this exact person and believe by focusing on them, it somehow calls out for them to come through. There are so many ways that you can incorporate photos.

Of course it wouldn't be me if I didn't theorize here a little bit and offer another possible explanation.  I have to wonder, if we are visualizing a photo of a person and focusing specifically on them to come through, are we unknowingly making this happen?  Could certain paranormal phenomena be us bringing our memories to life so to speak?  When we look at the Philip experiment where parapsychologists claim they were able to make this fake spirit manifest just by using their collective minds, could us focusing on a photograph do the same?  By thinking about this person, are we conjuring their spirit? 

Of course this is nothing new here and I am sure a lot of you already do this already, so I would love to hear your ideas!  What have you done to incorporate photos in your investigation?  What ideas would you like to try?

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