Let's address the demon in the room

6th November 2017. Reading Time: 5 minutes General. 5103 page views. 5 comments.

People are very quick these days to label any sort of haunting where someone may feel uneasy as demonic. Why is there a trend to label everything demonic and what is considered to be a true demonic haunting?

I have investigated my fair share of locations and this year I have run a lot of public paranormal investigations. It seems almost guaranteed that at some point of the night someone will ask the question 'Is it demonic?'. It seems anytime now someone walks into a room and feels a little bit uneasy that it is labelled as a demonic haunting. If someone who investigates the paranormal falls on tough times, there is an assumption that a demon must be latched onto them and causing this oppression. Every time you turn on a reality show based on the paranormal (cough Ghost Adventures is the biggest culprit), they are dealing with a demonic infestation. I see in Facebook groups people claim they are able to perform exorcisms doing house calls and others showing pictures of the infamous 3 scratches on their back and everyone commenting that they need to get help because it is a demon. I think reality television has probably been the biggest catalyst for this movement and people don't really understand what a true demonic haunting is considered to be.

I myself personally, do not believe in demons. I do not judge anyone that does in the same way I do not judge if you follow a god. You see I do not follow a god so without a god for me there cannot be demons. In the bible, a demon is a fallen angel. Satan who was considered to be the highest angel, rebelled against god and when he did, he took an army of angels with him. The rebellion lost its war and Satan was cast into hell along with his army of fallen angels who became demons. If I don't follow or believe in the bible, I simply can't believe in demons. It is a personal opinion.

If I don't believe a demon exists what are these negative energies? I think they are just that, negative energies. If you are nasty in life it makes sense to me that you would be the same way in the afterlife. Perhaps a person did horrible things and they are too afraid to move on because of what it may mean for them so they stay earthbound. I don't know if this is the case it is a thought. The longer they stay here, perhaps the more aggressive they become. Maybe they don't even mean to be aggressive. I have used an example before of an episode of Supernatural. Bobby was killed and remained as a spirit. The more he was trying to communicate, the more frustrated he was becoming and his behaviour became more and more aggressive even though he didn't mean it to. Is the so called demonic activity really just a cranky spirit?

Let's for a minute say that demons do exist, what are the tell-tale signs that identify a demonic haunting?

Mocking of trinity: 3 scratches or 3 knocks are considered to be a mocking of the trinity

Feeling of oppression

Aversion to holy items such as crosses and bibles

Growling and hissing noises

Speaking in an unknown language

Aggressive behaviour

The smell of sulphur

Super human strength

Activity is at its peak at 3am - the devil's witching hour again to mock trinity

What is trinity? The father, the son and the holy spirit

How is a demonic haunting handled?

This is where it gets a bit controversial. Anyone can sign up online to do a demonology course. What this course does is to educate you on the subject. It can give you the tools you need to identify this kind of haunting. It does not qualify you to perform exorcisms on people. There are true demonologists out there with decades of research, knowledge and experience under their belt. They didn't learn everything in a 4 week online course. Regardless on your belief system, the only people qualified to do an exorcism on somebody is a priest or someone who has been ordained by the church. They dedicate their lives to the study and practise of their faith. They are specifically trained in this area which also includes first aid. They make an assessment on the general health and wellbeing of a person and look at the entire picture. We must remember that mental health plays a big part in this as well. Conditions such a schizophrenia can have symptoms identical to those that are considered to be a demonic haunting. I am alarmed by the number of people, (some of which honestly have not even studied demonology) who feel they are qualified to perform an exorcism on someone. This is reckless behaviour. If you do come across a case and you feel it may be a geniune demonic haunting, you need to contact a priest qualified to do an exorcism. Don't do it yourself. If true demons are really out there and this is what is haunting them and not just a cranky spirit, you are out of your league.

If you do believe in demons it is important to note that not every negative energy you encounter is a demon. If you walk into a room and feel scared or threatened, it is most likely not a demon. Just because I don't believe in demons, doesn't mean that they don't exist. They very well could exist - it is just my belief, but in all likelihood if they do exist, if you were encountering a true demon, it is probably not on a local ghost tour. You would feel a lot more than just a little bit uneasy or threatened. Society has become so quick now to judge a haunting as demonic without really knowing too much about it. If an investigator is depressed, it is not a demon influencing them. In all honestly, when you deal with dark things, it can take you to a dark place. You are constantly looking at death it can't not affect you. It takes a mental toll that is for sure. We all deal with that in different ways. You don't know the personal struggles of a person. You guys know the Living Life in Full Spectrum Sarah. You know investigator Sarah. You don't know me in my personal life. You don't know my daily thoughts, my hopes, my struggles. I don't make my problems public. Most people may think I don't have any problems. I have plenty just as you all do. It is not a demon or spirit attachment causing me these problems. It is life.

So, next time you go into an investigation and hear the word demon thrown around, have a think about it. Are you in the presence of a true demon?

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  • Cimone Sadler 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for putting this very factual article out, this should enlighten and teach a lot of people who have these questions. I sure wish that more people would take time to answer a lot of the misconceptions that people have on the demons, spirits, and negative entities. I work with a paranormal group and I'm a claircognizant and sensitive so I appreciate you putting this out there. Sending love light and peace your way.

  • Joseph Kapusta 5 years ago

    I am amazed every time a paranormal show uses the word 'demon' simply because they are frightened by something. I am even more amazed that those who believe in demons do not educate themselves enough to know the last thing a demon will do is reveal its presence. It functions by deceit in all the ways that can be perpetrated. If I'm watching a paranormal TV show and an investigator asks, "are you a demon" that is where I change the channel. As with all things in life, it shouldn't be what might be a negative influence in your life but rather what you do about such influences. You are in control of your actions. If you really believe in the possibility of a demonic presence, then as an investigator shouldn't you be preparing yourself for that possibility as well for surely if such evil exists, the balance of the universe demands that good exists as well to cancel it out.

  • Calum Wardrope 5 years ago

    that was very interesting I have just finished reading it and it really opens your mind as well I do believe in the paranormal and have respect for it as well

  • Maria 6 years ago

    FAntastic article. I could scream everytime good 'ole Zak references every single negative anything as "demonic activity"--it is irresponsible, reckless and dangerous. Our team only had one demonic anything and that was oppression. All the other cases are usually people with a great deal of negativity in their lives and frankly created this "entity" unknowingly. THen there are the unsettled, disgruntled family members who have passed and still have some issue going on (which is what I am dealing with in my own home--long story. Anyhow, thank you so much for this article!


      Thanks Maria you are spot on with your comments!