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This week's highlight from the LLIFS Resource Directory is for people interested in some of the more modern pioneers when it came to EVP research. Sarah Estep's Voices of Eternity is a book that anyone interested in the paranormal and the concept of EVP will enjoy! In fact, it has heavily influenced the way that EVP research is approached by modern-day paranormal investigators.

If you follow my blog or are just visiting for the first time, as you scroll through the different articles, you will see a very wide range of topics discussed.  This is not information I automatically know about.  They are things I have often come across in some ways through my research.  There are so many amazing books and resources available that can really help with your paranormal research.   A lot of these are books written by people who in some way have been influential.  Often they are books that are very old and no longer in print.  To buy the hard copy can cost up to thousands, however, there are free public domain pdfs online which is a good second choice!  I have gone through the resource directory to highlight some gems you definitely should add bookmarks on!  This week we are visiting Sarah Estep

Who is Sarah Estep?

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You can read a much more detailed history about Sarah Estep and what led her to become interested in EVP in my article  Ladies of Paranormal Past: Sarah Estep

Sarah Estep is considered to be one of the modern-day pioneers when it comes to EVP research.  

In 1982, Sarah founded the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena.  It started with a quarterly newsletter posted to 20 people.  It soon grew to several hundred people in twenty-seven states and twelve countries.  Remember this was a time when not only was the paranormal ridiculed and almost taboo to many, there was no internet or email.  The newsletter was not available online, and Sarah was not able to promote using social media.  The newsletter for many was their only way of gaining information into EVP research.  While Sarah herself recorded up to 25,000 tapes, she spent her time helping others understand and learn how they could do their own research.  Sarah would travel to locations to investigate the claims of a haunting with her trusty recorder on hand.  One of the methods she used to validate if she felt a location was haunted was by attempting to record EVP at the location.  It was this form of research that help make the digital recorder a popular piece of equipment for investigators to carry in their case.

In 1988 she released her groundbreaking book Voices of Eternity.  

Since childhood, Sarah Estep had been obsessed with the afterlife. Then she heard about Electronic Voice Phenomena and, using a tape recorder, made a startling kind of contact with the spirits of dead friends and relatives.

The book is significant in many ways.  The very EVP class system that most paranormal investigators use to categorize an EVP today is based on Sarah Estep's interpretation published in her book Voices of Eternity.  In fact, the way modern-day paranormal investigators view and conduct EVP research is heavily influenced by this very book.  When you start reading this book, it is like everything falls into place and you begin to understand how and why things are done the way they are when it comes to recording EVPS.  With this in mind that it is quite biased in a lot of ways as most books are written from a certain perspective.  Read it with an open mind, for it is certainly an interesting perspective and gives us an understanding as to why investigators seem to do things a certain way when it comes to EVP.  It may even inspire you to change the way we do things.  Sarah elaborated and revamped the original EVP class system introduced by Konstantin Raudive.  Maybe the time has come for a more modern refresh and revamp for the way we approach EVP research.

Link to download PDF of Voices of Eternity


** This book is made available to you by the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP) with the permission of Sarah Estep. Voices of Eternity is written by AA-EVP Founder, Sarah Estep. Sarah invites you to download, read and share this book with your friends. She asks only that you respect her copyright and credit her should you chose to quote any part of the book. Our thanks to AA-EVP Member, Christopher Hazlitt, for manually typing this book into electronic form for AA-EVP. Each page has been numbered as they appear in the book to facilitate correlation with the hard copy version of the book. The text of this file has not been proofread, so we would appreciate your help in correcting any possible errors you may discover.

You can also download a copy of her book Roads to Eternity.

Link to download PDS of Roads to Eternity


Roads to Eternity discusses the different ways we can communicate with the spirit dimension, as well as other worlds. It describes in detail the many contacts Sarah Estep had with the unseen.


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