Encounters with an apparition Part 3

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These are real stories submitted by readers of LLIFS about their encounter with an apparition

I recently asked readers of LLIFS to complete a survey about their experience with sighting an apparition.  If you would like to learn more about the types of apparitions, read my article: Apparitions.

From this article, I collected dozens of submissions from you guys with your own experiences.  Some of these were published in the article: Encounters with an Apparition and More Encounters with an Apparition

The work remains ongoing and I am still collecting submissions, however, due to the high amount that has come through, I will be continuing to share some of the submissions.  The ones published below have given consent to be published, either anonymously or with their name.  These have been randomly selected.

Your encounters with apparitions

We moved to a new house, one night lying in bed I heard a voice next to me saying “I’m Dan”, I was petrified and slept with the light on after that. One day my mum was doing some ironing and asked me to go upstairs to fetch hangers, I went up the stairs 3 times in total, after 3 or do stairs the staircase turbans there was a window looking out into the garden, I saw an old man dressed in a blue boiler suit and each time I went up the stairs he was closer to the house looking at me. After telling my story to the neighbours it turns out the old gentleman had been the previous owner and would wear what I described and had been called Daniel. That wasn’t the scary part though, one night after a late shift I was due home about 1030pm and was terrified of being alone so was promised someone would be there. I got hone, nobody was in but I went in and started watching tv, then I saw the car lights shine on the wall in the lounge room, I heard footsteps at the side of the house and I heard the front door open and bags placed on the kitchen counter, I heard the kettle being filled and turned on (gas top), this was a normal routine by the other person so I waited to hear the kettle whistle....and waited.... nothing, so I went to check and say Hi.... except the kitchen light was off, nobody in the kitchen, no bags so I ran to the front door... it was locked and I hadn’t locked it, there was no car in the driveway... by now I was freaking out, I checked the windows which had no internal lock just a catch but they were all stuck and I couldn’t get out of the house so I turned all the noise on, vacuum cleaner, tv volume and then lights shone on the wall in the lounge and the person had really come home. I moved out not long after. I wasn’t the only person to hear the footsteps, my friend did but that’s another story and he also used to call my name out which still sends chills down my spine. I was 13 when we moved into that house and 20 when I left. That was 25 years ago now and it still scares me just remembering it.


Awoke from sleep. Numerous people, all with different faces, surrounded me and bed, peering intently at me. All wore plaid patterned long sleeve shirts with collars. After they saw I was awake they rapidly dispersed and moved through walls and a mirror.


I was sitting in my living room, relaxing over a cup of tea. I live in a second-floor condominium. No one else was home. There is an open doorway diagonally to my left, entering into a room we mostly use for storage. That room has one round window high up on the wall, above a table and chair. I could not see that wall from where I was sitting. As I sat in my chair, I looked toward that doorway and saw, against the wall perpendicular to the windowed wall, the head and shoulders shadow of someone apparently seated. As I watched, this shadow stood up, the way any person would stand when rising from a chair. Then the shadow turned toward its left and moved out of view toward the windowed wall. I went into the room after a minute or two, and the room was normal and unoccupied. 


I was watching television with my friend who is a psychic in Adelaide. The television is to the right of the hallway, the apparition was in the hallway. It was a very dense black moving away from us. It had the outline of head, arms and legs. I grabbed my camera which has no hot mirror filters and bolted after it. No interesting images came up on the camera. My friend told me after this event, many of his friends who are working psychics and mediums have seen the same, heading in the same direction. I got the impression the apparition was an ex-owner of the home and not an 'evil' shadow person or anything like that.  When I mention, dense black - it's like the carbon powder you used to put into photocopy machines.

Denise Blazek

I've experienced a few, but my most memorable was on my first paranormal investigation. We were at Willow Court in Tasmania and the guide was doing her intro and standing in the doorway watching us was a lady dressed as a nurse. She was see through, mist-like in appearance. I could see to the bottom of her dress. She had no visible feet or legs. She just stood and watched us. 


My grandmother appeared to me when I was playing under a very large mulberry tree in our back yard. She told me to look after my mother as she was not well. Later my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was 12 almost 13 and still recall this vividly.

Tony Jones

Thank you so much to everyone who has submitted a story.  There are a lot of submissions I am holding onto for more articles so again if I didn't include yours you have not been forgotten.  Thank you for sharing your experience. 

Do you relate to any of the stories above?   If you would like to submit your experience and complete the survey, head to this link or complete the form below:

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