Encounters with an apparition Part 4

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These are real stories submitted by readers of LLIFS about their encounter with an apparition

I recently asked readers of LLIFS to complete a survey about their experience with sighting an apparition.  If you would like to learn more about the types of apparitions, read my article: Apparitions.

From this article, I collected dozens of submissions from you guys with your own experiences.  Some of these were published in the articles: 

Encounters with an Apparition 

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The work remains ongoing and I am still collecting submissions, however, due to the high amount that has come through, I will be continuing to share some of the submissions.  The ones published below have given consent to be published, either anonymously or with their name.  These have been randomly selected.

Your story submissions about apparitions

(These are completely unedited and copied exactly as submitted to me)

I was walking my dog at night across a lighted square. A shadow around 2.5 meters in height, 1.5 meters wide (I m a 2 meter man) surged from nothingness and rushed toward me, colliding with me. I felt an electric choc accords the front of my body and my arms as i ve instinctively raised them in guard stance (I practice martial arts). Once the electricness receeded, there was nothing around me.


It was at the Amargosa Hotel in Death Valley Junction, Ca and we had just finished investigating a room. We were all starting to walk out. I was the first and outside of the room. Just as I stepped out into the hall, I saw a disembodied, mangled looking arm wrapped around the fire extinguisher right outside the door. It startled me to say the least. (At this point in my life, my psychic nor mediumistic abilities had been realized or really developed. But deep inside they were beginning to stew!)

Mariah K

Was New Year’s Eve some time ago and met a sister of friend first time. Her daughter was passed and had been for 20 years. Her mother never lived her life for 20 years and just grieved. Her daughter presented herself to let mum know she was still around could see how mum lived and desperately wanted mum to be happy and to start living again. It changed mums life. 


My family lived in a farmhouse that was an "underground railroad" that helped slaves move from the South to Canada during the Civil War. We lived in this home during the 1970s and my sister and I shared a room. The home was built in the 1860s and had the name of the family spelled out on the roof of the barn in different shingle types. 
Our Mom would check on us during the night. Although we were in High School and Jr. High, Mom was always mindful of making sure we didn't need anything during the middle of the night. 
Several nights in a row, my sister and I would see a "figure" enter our room and stand at the foot of the bed overseeing us. We were sleepy heads and didn't think much about it. But, it wasn't long that we started to compare notes while this looked like Mom --kinda-sorta --- it was evident it was not. We decided to call for Mom the next time we saw this figure come into the room. It wasn't long before that fateful night came and I, being the youngest of the two, was elected to say, "Mom?" Immediately, this figure disappeared and the covers came over our heads with screams that pierced the night before Mom really did enter the room. It wasn't long that Mom told us of many things that were happening in the home and we all were intrigued by the whole encounter. Needless to say, we never saw our "watcher" again after that but, we did find out that our room was the nursery and there was a Nanny that looked over the children in the room so many years before. I love that home and I'll never forget that night. It may be the only thing my sister and I agree upon over the years lol. 

Zelda Kelly, Psychic Intuitive

It was crossing the road holding hands with a little girl up in front of me about 50 metres ahead while I was driving . It was so real to me I put the brakes on and my friend in the car asked what was I doing and when I looked ahead they had dissapeared. This was around the corner from a major hospital at 11pm . While it was happening I had that bristling feeling like I always get when they are around. 

Belinda Hamburger

At work in an office. Saw someone at my desk in my peripheral vision about midday. I had gone elswehere and was heading back to my desk with some paperwork. As I walked up to desk I looked up properly to speak to them and there was no one there. This has happened a lot of times.


Sitting outside facing a historic home, looking at the house and saw a woman in a dress facing the yard in an upstairs window.

Mike Palmer

Thank you so much to everyone who has submitted a story.  There are a lot of submissions I am holding onto for more articles so again if I didn't include yours you have not been forgotten.  Thank you for sharing your experience. 

Do you relate to any of the stories above?   If you would like to submit your experience and complete the survey, head to this link or complete the form below.  

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