Encounters with an apparition

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I recently asked you to share your experiences about your sightings of apparitions. Here are some of your stories!

I recently asked readers of LLIFS to complete a survey about their experience with sighting an apparition.  The work is ongoing and I am still collecting submissions, however, due to the high amount that has come through, I thought I would start off and share some of these experiences which were submitted.  The ones published below were all either submitted anonymously or requesting their name not be published which is why no name appears under each story.

Your story submissions about apparitions

(These are completely unedited and copied exactly as submitted to me)

Standing on the observation deck of the Queen Mary leaning against the railing on the starboard side looking out at the anti aircraft guns below.

I noticed a man and woman also on the starboard side approaching and were approx 30 ft away near a bulkhead. I stood up straight in order for them to pass but the woman stopped and stepped to her right at the bulkhead and out of view. The man then stopped, turned his head to the right in the direction the woman had just walked, then slowly walked in the same direction.

I wasn’t aware if there was a set of stairs at the bulkhead so I waited for them to re-emerge. After nearly a minute elapsed I walked to their location but had not looked away since my first observation.

When I reached the area where I last had  visual contact, there was no one there and no stairs. Just the bulkhead and no one else in the entire area.

I checked the deck above and walked the length of the starboard side to try to locate them with negative results.

The curious thing is they appeared to be in what I would describe as “fog” because their clothing took on a sort of subdued appearance. 

The man was wearing a uniform consistent with a naval or merchant marine officer but had a “grayish” look. The woman was wearing a dark full length dress with a high buttoned up collar.

Lastly. This incident occurred in August of 2016 at approximately 7:45 pm US Pacific Time so it was still very light outside.

I saw my mother's recently deceased cat walking towards me for a pat like used to when he was alive. He was about two and a half metres away in a brightly sun lit room and vanished before he got within two metres away. I saw him for maybe two or three seconds

I was in bed asleep and I was suddenly jolted awake at the bottom of my bed was a full bodied apparition of an older woman just stood looking at me. The door for my escape was directly behind the woman I stood up and went for the door and we were face to face she moved to the right of me and went through the separating wall between my bedroom and my parents room. I was terrified and ran into my parents room and jumped into the middle of them shouting that I had seen a ghost. Now this apparition was stood still  and yet her dress which was floral seemed to be floating around her when she moved to the right there was no walking but almost like a gliding movement.we lived in a rented three bedroom council house. The lady on the corner of our street used to say she had regularly seen the previous tenant in our house who had passed away.

In an old local pub for a music night, (I wasn’t drinking, I was playing). Pub had been having renovations but not the section we were in. Had to pass through a blocked off area to go to the loo. Passed a guy sitting on a low seat in the corridor on the way, that I saw from the corner of my eye. Turned round and the guy and seat weren’t there.

I was reading a book and looked up cause i thought one of my children were out of bed. Was a little boy in an old outfit staring at me.

Driving to work around 5am, saw a fuzzy black figure run out from the hedgerow and onto the main carriageway. Car in front swerved to avoid it and then the figure just vanished into thin air. 

I was at the top floor of our house in order to take a bath in that floor's bathroom. And we are also having an extra kitchen at the top floor. But we barely use that kitchen. I went to take bath. And also this dusty kitchen is one room apart from the bathroom.  So I could  see the kitchen through the doors. After my bath , when I opened my bathroom door , through the doors I saw my father standing near the window of the kitchen looking outwards so I was not able to see his face.  I just thought of going towards him and talk a little.  And I put my right leg on the room between bathroom and the kitchen  and immediately I felt like I should go downstairs first in order to put the wet towel in my head to dry(usually I put it near the bathroom to dry but on that moment I just forgot about that).  Fortunately,  I went downstairs and when I reached halfway downstairs,  I saw my dad downstairs in a lungi (an Indian bottom wear) with no shirt and mom also assembled him. And they were cleaning  the backyard during the dusk. And I was so surprised.  Then whom did I saw upstairs.? I still remember the blue shirt that my father lookalike apparition wore. And in reality my father already have got a shirt just like that. When I told my parents about the top floor incident,  they came up with me and then the doors were still open but the light in the kitchen was off and there was no one there. It was a horrific incident. 

Woke up and little girl was standing at the foot of the bed.

Late night call to do a building search of an old movie palace when I was a cop. No back up available so I was about to do check by myself when I saw 3/4 body pass in front of entry doors. Waited for my assist! We found a transient hiding inside. The movie theater has history of haunting by a long time projectionist. Still think I was being warned that there was danger inside the building

I was walking up the stairs and our homes additional occupant materialized in front of me like he was offering me his hand to help me up the stairs. 

These are just some of the stories which were submitted.  If you would like to submit your experience and complete the survey, head to this link

Thank you so much to everyone who has submitted a story.  There are a lot of submissions I am holding onto for another project so again if I didn't include yours you have not been forgotten.  Thank you for sharing your experience. 

Do you relate to any of the stories above?  Do you want to read more?

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  • Michael Nickels-Wisdom 3 years ago

    For your project collecting reports of apparitions, do you only collect experiences that are visual? I have had some tactile experiences. Do they qualify for you as apparitions?

    • LLIFS 3 years ago

      Thanks for your comment. This particular survey is relating to visual experiences but I am always collecting stories so feel free to share your experience below!