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I recently asked you to share your experiences about your sightings of apparitions. Here are more of your stories and some of the results of the survey!

I recently asked readers of LLIFS to complete a survey about their experience with sighting an apparition.  If you would like to learn more about the types of apparitions, read my article: Apparitions.

From this article, I collected dozens of submissions from you guys with your own experiences.  Some of these were published in the article: Encounters with an Apparition

One of the interesting parts about collecting experiences was learning the conditions under which people experienced their sighting.  I must say I did expect the answers to be a little different to what they were and was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong.  I did expect given that my page is read by a lot of paranormal investigators that are actively out searching for the paranormal, that many of the experiences would have occurred during an investigation. 

  • 87% of the submissions stated that they were not seen during an investigation. 
  • 51% saw the apparition either during the day or with the lights turned on. 
  • 76% of the submissions saw the apparition front on with only a small percentage seeing the apparition out of the corner of their eye (which I was I had expected to be the main response).

The work remains ongoing and I am still collecting submissions, however, due to the high amount that has come through, I will be continuing to share some of the submissions.  The ones published below have given consent to be published, either anonymously or with their name.  These have been randomly selected.

Your story submissions about apparitions

(These are completely unedited and copied exactly as submitted to me)

I was wrapping presents on my lounge room floor. Looked up and saw a lady in beautiful white gown her hands were in front of her in a rolled up material as though keeping her warm ( not sure of the name they called it but yes she was from the 1800s). She didn’t walk but glided through my hallway.. I looked away but when I looked back she was still moving down the hallway. I was shocked at how clear she was but not afraid, it actually put a smile on my face.

Ann Buttigieg

A party was taking place in my childhood home around 1990-1. Several witnesses were there when a very tall figure with a huge head went past the window moving left to right. My Mother went right out to sew if anyone was in our front garden but nobody was. The direction of the figure took them to a large fence into the neighbours property, and we would have heard somebody climb it. Our property was fenced off so nobody could get in and shadows from people passing wouldn't have reached the window. There were many incidents at the property of poltergeist activity over the years from floating objects, bangs and scratching sounds, groans from the attic and more. After we moved, a family moved in and left shortly after. The house was eventually torn down and is now just a random patch of grass, fenced off with no use.

Ross Richards, N E England.

I was working in an office that was in a former power company generator shed. I was in an inner office doing something with my back to the door, and when I half-turned I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a man leaning against a filing cabinet in the outer office. He was dressed in a brown uniform, with rolled-up sleeves and sunglasses pushed back on top of his head, and his arms and feet were crossed. I thought he was a UPS delivery guy, so I turned to say I'd be with him in a minute. I saw him full-on for a split second, then he was gone. My boss even asked me who I was talking to.
After that, every time I walked by that spot I'd see him out of the corner of my eye.(This was at a time I was just admitting to myself that ghosts are real & I can see & interact with them, and I'd been researching ghosts on my office computer; maybe he realized that & chose to show himself.)

Christy Jenkins

The night before his funeral at 3:15am my friends father appeared. He was sitting on top of some boxes that were stacked behind our heads, they contained the contents of his flat.
I simply woke up because I had a feeling someone else was in the room. I noted the time on a digital clock- he was smiling at us both so I felt comfortable and I went back to sleep.

I was sitting in my living room, relaxing over a cup of tea. I live in a second-floor condominium. No one else was home. There is an open doorway diagonally to my left, entering into a room we mostly use for storage. That room has one round window high up on the wall, above a table and chair. I could not see that wall from where I was sitting. As I sat in my chair, I looked toward that doorway and saw, against the wall perpendicular to the windowed wall, the head and shoulders shadow of someone apparently seated. As I watched, this shadow stood up, the way any person would stand when rising from a chair. Then the shadow turned toward its left and moved out of view toward the windowed wall. I went into the room after a minute or two, and the room was normal and unoccupied.

Winter of 1990. Got home from a part time job before my parents. Was after 7pm so was dark outside. Was in living room with lights on about to switch on the tv when noticed a figure stood in the door way behind me and to the left. Figure was male dressed in what looked like 40's clothes with a trench coat and fedora type hat. Didnt turn to look at it as was transfixed, after a few seconds the figure turned and left. No noise but i remember seeing his jacket move as he turned. No windows or doors were open so wasnt an intruder and didnt alert my dog who was in the room at the time.

Wayne Gilbert

I was investigating a known haunted room at the Buxton Hotel in Granville, OH. One of the owners has been reportedly seen in the room on many occasions. So as I was leaving, I asked the lady if she would grace me with her presence before I had to go. I turned to walk into the bathroom to get a picture of it and as I turned to walk I’m out of the corner of my left eye I saw someone. I turned quickly to see in just an instant a woman about 5 feet tall, with darker hair pulled up and a beautiful darker blue, long full dress from the Victorian times-ish. The whole apparition seemed to be dusted in a dark charcoal tint, or like seeing her through a soot-covered screen. I didn’t see her face. It was all a quick, energetic movement of an image. And just as quick as she appeared, she disappeared! 

Mariah Kunau

This experience if seeing an apperation happened the day that I was proposed to, using my partner's Nana's ring. We went out for lunch and the family were showing me photos, when I felt someone place their hand on my shoulders. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a transparent apperation make its way for the back exit. 

When I looked up my partners mother, she was looking in awe, as she also saw her mother. She said to me not to be afraid, her mum was just welcoming me to the family. 

I am now a psychic medium, but this happened many years prior to my spiritual awakening and finding I had the ability to do such thing. 

Neisha Jade 

These are just some of the stories which were submitted.  If you would like to submit your experience and complete the survey, head to this link

Thank you so much to everyone who has submitted a story.  There are a lot of submissions I am holding onto for more articles so again if I didn't include yours you have not been forgotten.  Thank you for sharing your experience. 

Do you relate to any of the stories above?

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