The real 'spirit' in the room

28th March 2020. Reading Time: 6 minutes General. 1180 page views. 0 comments.

We walk around in the dark looking for a 'spirit'. What we may miss however is that there is some amazing 'human spirit' right here in front of us in the paranormal field.

I wanted to share something with you that I often think about. It isn't the first time I have witnessed this happen, but for some reason, moments of this night have stuck in my mind. It has nothing to do with paranormal activity of course, but more the people that were there seeking that activity.

I have run my fair share of tours over the years. I have spoken before about how becoming an observer has given me a rather interesting perspective on human behaviour during a paranormal investigation. One of things that I often observe, is how people interact with each other. This one night for example, we had a mixed group. Some were people who had been on our tours before and knew each other. Some were used to attending investigations but it was the first time they have come to ours. Then there were people who hadn't done it before, but were open to trying something new and just seeing what happens.

From the get go, before it was time to start, we were seated in the ballroom at Black Rock House waiting for some ticket holders (that didn't end up showing up). We were chatting in general about the paranormal field and Black Rock House etc and asking each other what tours have you done etc. The energy in the room was extremely positive and it was a very warm, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. It didn't matter how much experience someone had, we were all on the same page and on the same level. It seemed to be a sign of how the night would go.

As the night went on, everyone was talking and interacting with one another as if they had known each other for years. Everyone was on a first name basis and was respectful and friendly towards one another. We had jokes, we had a laugh and it felt like a really positive fun environment. This is the kind of environment that my brother and I try to create when we host paranormal investigations. It doesn't always turn out this way, but we had the right mix of people and it just went really well.

The part that I often think about, is how each person looked out for one another. At times during the investigation, if someone was scared or felt they were being affected or something as simple as not being able to navigate in the dark, they showed compassion. They showed a genuine care for their fellow human being. On so many occasions, I heard the selfless words "are you ok?" They were said with such genuine and caring intentions. These people had all only met an hour earlier, yet they were concerned about one another and were treating each other like they had been life long friends. Here we are navigating our way through the dark looking for a 'spirit' yet we had the most amazing human spirit right in the room. It was if I was going to be honest one of the more active nights we have had at Black Rock House. Was this positive energy and intent a factor? I certainly believe it was. I do believe if you get the right mix of people together with the right energy and intentions, it can pay dividends.

I think most people would agree when I say that this is actually a common occurrence in the paranormal field. Not the activity part, but the human spirit part. The kindness, the concern and the friendship. You can have a room full of strangers all share a moment that they will never forget. It bonds them in a way. How many of you have made new friends just by going out and investigating the paranormal? While we can sit and complain about some of the horrible things people have done in this field to their fellow human beings, there are also some pretty amazing things and acts of kindness that people have given to one another.

When we look at the paranormal community as whole, when someone is in need, we often band together.  There have been a few Gofundme and special funraisers lately to help different people within the paranormal field who were going through a tough patch in life.  The amazing thing to see was that people overseas donated to these causes just because they shared an interest in the paranormal and they were in a position to do so without even knowing the person they were donating to.  We focus a lot on the trolling and the bullying that the simple acts of kindess are often ignored.  Many friendships are formed with people you haven't even met!  I know I have some amazing friendships with people all over the world, some of which I will likely never meet in person, yet again our friendship started with a simple interest in the paranormal.  I myself have had my fair share of health issues.  More recently when I had my hysterectomy, I was public about it because I felt it would spread awareness.  What I didn't expect were the messages of kindness and hope that people were messaging daily.  People were checking in to see how I was and I even had a few get well cards and parcels sent from friends overseas.  This is the kind of stuff we need to talk about more.  The kind side of the paranormal field.

There are large amounts of support and a sense of community if you know where to look.  Of course there is bitchiness and politics etc, but when you are in with the right people, that stuff is in the background.  I will admit that lately that people are really starting to show their true colours in a lot of ways.  Sadly that 3 letter word of EGO affects many.  It is important that no matter how much success you have on a public platform or what your personal views on the paranormal, don't think you are above someone else, because quite simply you aren't.  We are all humans and we all have feelings and emotions.  If we do things differently it doesn't matter.  It is not an excuse to be mean or arrogant.  While it is disappointing to see this behaviour, again I focus on all the positive things I see.  So many people lifting each other up.  So much support.  If someone achieves something, instead of being jealous, they are happy for you!  These people are out there and you can be one too.  You can't expect support if you don't support others around you so make sure you share that love and support that is given to you.  Think of how amazing it feels when someone offers you their kind words.  Pay it forward.  Focus your attention on the good.  Have some fun and enjoy your time when you are out investigating.  No matter how serious you are, you can still have a good time.

In all honesty, the chances of something paranormal happening on an investigation is pretty low. While passion for the paranormal certainly plays a big part in someone going back for more, but I think the people make a pretty big difference as well. While you may walk away after an investigation with no 'evidence' or personal experiences, you will walk away with memories and maybe some new friendships too!

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