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Here are the Tarot decks I have my eye on for 2022 from indie creators!

If you follow my page, you know that I am a big enthusiast when it comes to Tarot.  I collect anything and everything Tarot while I am also learning to read for myself.  I am not a professional Tarot reader or anything like that, I am just someone that appreciates the self-reflection that comes with Tarot and how it often combines with pop culture or themes that resonate with me.  One of the biggest myths out there is that you can't buy your own tarot deck and that it must be given to you.  Well, you are probably going to be waiting for a long time!  Years ago I was told this by a friend who read tarot when I expressed how I wanted to learn and buy a deck.  I dropped many hints to many different people and months later I still had no deck.  So I went and purchased my first deck which soon grew to me purchasing a new deck every fortnight.  I used to just buy exclusively tarot but also started to buy oracle cards as well.  The artwork speaks to me and while some decks I have just to have them, others often rotate through my card of the day board that I use.  There is no right or wrong way to collect tarot cards.  If you want to buy a deck to just have it then go do it!  If you want to buy a new deck to read with, go get that!  Tarot is incredibly personal as it requires you to look within yourself so you need to have some form of connection with the cards.  If it is just you think the artwork is pretty or it is a themed deck from an indie artist or even a television show or classic movie that you like; if you feel that connection, treat yourself! 

With that being said, I have been searching through the book store catalogues, etsy, instagram tarot community and forums and here are some more decks I am a bit excited about for 2022!   At the beginning of this year, I published ome decks and since then I have come across so many more amazing decks I want to share with you!  Check out Tarot decks to get excited for in 2022

As you may or may not know, I am really big on supporting independent creators.  The people that don't have big publishing companies behind them and that are either hand making their cards or having to source their own printing just to make their dreams come true.  Indie decks are often more expensive because again they don't have big publishing companies behind them.  I can assure you they aren't making bucket loads of money of these decks.  I don't mind paying more because not only am I supporting the creator directly, you will find it is a much different and more pleasing unboxing experience when you are buying direct from the creator.  A lot of effort goes into the packaging and how it is presented.  Often they will give you snippets of their work and you can just feel the love passion and effort that has gone into making and boxing each and every deck.  So here are my recommendations for some of the indie decks to look at buying in 2022!  I am not an affiliate and I do not receive free decks or any sort of payment for promoting these (they don't even know I have written about them), they are just decks that I think look pretty cool!


This oracle has been lovingly created to be a tool for shadow work and to guide the reader past their fears. Consider this deck a comforting night light for the soul. Yes we’re going to traverse the darkness but we don’t have to do it alone or without tools. The deck features the art style of hand embroidery (by yours truly) and uses this cosy style to get comfortable in the uncomfortable. I’m talking of course of what it is to take a breath and look death in the eye.

My name is Alicia, the embroidery artist and creator of this oracle. This deck is my love letter to Crone Goddesses and Death matrons throughout the world. It celebrates the light and shadow of the typical and atypical feminine archetype and the joy and security that can be found when we stop and look within to meet our true selves.

This deck comforts the reader through the ups and downs of life and aims to allow them to call back their power, no longer living in fear’s shadow. Knowing we are mortal is a superpower, we can use this knowledge and decide to take action now, achieving huge bold lives that bring us lasting contentment and existential peace.

I came across this deck on Instagram as some of the tarot readers I follow were showcasing the cards.  Instantly I was in love.  At the moment it is sold out and open for pre-order for August delivery.  It is absolutely stunning!

Here you can see a reading from @thevillagetarotwitch with these amazing cards 

Practical Magic : Inner Witch Oracle Deck - Witch, Spellwork, Crystals, Divination

The Practical Magic : Inner Witch Oracle

⋆ Aimed to be used daily or whenever you seek the need for guidance. This deck can be used on its own or can compliment any other Oracle or Tarot reading.

⋆ Each card has an identifying image and a keyword

⋆ Gorgeous and Informative Guidebook empower your Inner Witch

⋆ Spreads and Instructions included

⋆ Inspired by my love and admiration for the movie and novel series, Practical Magic

I too am a big Practical Magic movie fan.  While often mainstream published decks based or inspired by movies are often more pop culture-based with drawings of characters etc, I really like the different approach here with it focusing on the fundamentals and not the actual characters.  Etsy is a great place to find indie creators and where I came across this deck!


This deck of Oracle Cards are truly unique. Offering insights and nuggets of wisdom from channelled messages from our very blunt and down to Earth Spirit Guides.
With over 40 cards in the pack, we warn you that they do contain some naughty language! These Oracle Cards are brutally honest! They are not suited to fluffy bunnies, who don’t like direct, blunt advice.

And Frightfully Good Oracle Cards certainly don’t contain any glitter and pink unicorns of many Oracle Decks currently on the market.

Serious questions require serious answers!!!!

Of course, I can't promote indie creators without Australia's favourite tarot due Anne and Renata with their naughty oracle cards.  When these were released last year of course I jumped in straight away and bought a deck and it seems like everyone else did as well!  They are currently available for purchase on backorder.  They are lots of fun and don't take themselves too seriously, yet still offer the wisdom and guidance you look for in a reading.  

The Pulp Tarot -- full Tarot deck -- First Edition

This project has been a very long time aborning. I've been interested in the Tarot as both an oracle and as a piece of design for decades. Back in the 1980s, I started to design a new deck, painting huge new images based on the artistic trends of the day. Soon, the enormity of the task overwhelmed me and I abandoned it. More recently, my visual art has been centered around creating new work based on midcentury designs, incorporating and manipulating existing images from 20th-century pop culture with an emphasis on the startling, dynamic paintings of classic pulp fiction covers. The Pulp Tarot expands upon that work, taking 70 years of pop-culture ephemera and putting it into a Photoshop Cuisinart to create a new Tarot deck that approaches the classic images of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck from the point of view of this modern cultural blender. Inspiration for the cards is drawn from everything from late 19th-century dime novels to 1970s exploitation movie posters, creating a rich, complex conversation between the arcane symbols of the Tarot and the sensationalist world of the pulps. This is a COMPLETE DECK, all 78 cards, plus a booklet describing my choices and process.

This deck originally started as a Kickstarter in 2021 and the first edition has just sold out and I am gutted!  If you have seen my office and the old magic and movie posters I have hung all over the place, this deck is an absolute no brainer for me and I need it so badly!  I have it bookmarked and will be checking back hoping it comes back into stock soon!

When I look through the list I have curated, pretty much all of them are currently on back order and sold out but even though it is frustrating for me that wants them, it is great news for the creator.  You can absolutely tell the difference between an indie deck and a mass published one so they deserve to be sold out!  Now there are so many creators out there and more decks to discover so if you are an indie creator or you know of a great deck that I haven't highlighted here or previously, pop the details in the comments below!  

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