Mystic Martian Oracle Review

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A review of the Mystic Martian Oracle Deck

As a keen tarot and oracle deck collector, I am always looking for new decks to add to my collection.  Some I use for reading, others are just because I think they are cool.  What they have in common though is that I have been drawn to them in some way, usually an unknowing overwhelming feeling that I just have to have it.  Admittedly, the deck I am reviewing today is not the normal kind of deck I am drawn to, yet as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to take a chance on it.  I am really glad I did.  I am not really someone that is 'into' this side of things beyond researching a few UFO claims and encounters but I also think it is important to look at all sides of things.  Why not have a bit of fun in the process? So here is a little review of the Mystic Martian Oracle.

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We are all Cosmic Star Seeds, birthed from wonders beyond the extraordinary, hoping to fully awaken into our self-aware and enlightened Universe. The Great Sky Gods have silently been visiting and monitoring us Earthlings for eons.

This deck is designed and intended as a generic guide line of extra-terrestrial species. Each card is a symbolic and representational conduit for a specific archetype. As all is connected from micro to macro.

The major theme is centred around timeless archetypal forces, that transcend through the cosmos and fractal also into the human psyche.The vast array of aliens is immense, multi-layered and even at times convoluted. They keep a mindful eye on us individually and collectively. They observe our successes and our failures, and everything in between. Open your eyes and stretch your insight into far broader horizons, and assist you with every day concerns. May you welcome the ancient Sky Beings that are for ever watching over you.

Released in August 2021 by Lisa Porter

When I first opened this deck, I was first greeted by the instruction manual which had detailed descriptions of each card and recommendations on how to work with the deck.  The advice of the deck was to connect your energy with each and every card and read the meanings and inspiration behind each and every card.  The cards are set in two categories.  Cards 1 - 24 represent different races of extraterrestrial species and are designed as a symbolic representation of the conduit of your energy.  Cards 25-40 are linking cards inspired by sacred geometry with familiar symbols that are to assist the reader in correlating extra information within a spread.

The artwork is quite striking and while there are the familiar races more commonly known, it also expands into the beings you may not have heard of.  The booklet then contains a detailed description of each species which I found provided enough detail to be able to delve into reading.

The linking cards for myself are a lot harder to work with.  It is not so much that there isn't the information provided because they are described with their meanings in the manual, it was more that I personally just didn't really know how to use them as a part of my readings.  They are however labelled so you can easily exclude them from the deck if you wish or they do make sense if you are just doing a 1 card pull for a quick reading.  Perhaps I will find it a bit easier or I might connect with them more as I become more familiar with the cards. 

The cards are a good size in that they are not too big that they are awkward to shuffle, and not too small that they feel like playing cards.  (I personally have a bit of a thing about the size of cards - especially if they are too small but these were a pretty good size).  The stock quality is good as you would expect and the edge of the cards is finished in a bright lime green finish which really adds to the quirkiness of the deck.

One of the recommended spreads is what I have been working with and is aptly named the Martian spread.  It is a 5 card spread which looks at which ET species you are connected with.  While not mentioned in the manual, I assume you would not use the linking cards for this spread but remember there are no rules when it comes to reading tarot or oracle so do what feels right for you.

Card 1: What ET Species am I most connected with?

Card 2: What do the ETs see as my life's purple?

Card 3: What lessons do the ETs see that I need to learn right now?

Card 4: Where do the ETs see my near future orientated towards?

Card 5: Why do the ETs not reveal themselves to me?

Regardless of if you believe in the beings or not, remember tarot/oracle does not tell your future, it gets you to look deep within yourself.  Divination is in fact a form of self-reflection.  So whether it is an ET or your favourite movie character on a card, either way, it is challenging you to confront your challenge and think through solutions to whatever it is that is on your mind.  so here is my reading!

Card 1: Nephilim, Card 2: Alpha Centaurians, Card 3: Agartharthans, Card 4: Blue Avians, Card 5: Vegans

So all in all I find this a fun deck to work with for something a little different.  It is taking a little time to adjust, maybe because it is not the usual deck I would work with.  The artwork is bright, fun and visually pleasing.  It was well-priced, didn't break the bank and is a welcome addition to my collection.

I am not an affiliate and have not been paid or given free goods in return for a review.  This is a deck I have purchased myself and these are my thoughts. I have managed to secure some decks through the official Australian distributor which you can buy from the LLIFS store

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