New interview with Strange Encounters Down Under

29th September 2022. Reading Time: 1 minute General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 493 page views. 0 comments.

I recently sat down for a chat with the team from Strange Encounters Down Under

I recently sat down for a chat with the team from Strange Encounters Down Under.  

We always have such a thoughtful chat about all things strange! This time we talked about my Stuff Paranormal Investigators Need To Know Series and it kicked off some really thought-provoking discussions on all things paranormal. They do some great interviews so make sure to like and subscribe to their YouTube Channel and check out their page!

Here are links to the Stuff Paranormal Investigators Need To Know Series that we discuss:

Volume 1: What the eyes see and the ears hear the mind believes is about all the psychology behind the mind and how it can make is think we are experiencing something paranormal. Things like pareidolia, cognitive bias, perception and even how our body reacts to our surroundings are included!

Volume 2: My brain is the key that sets me free is again about the human mind, but more looking at what it is capable of in relation to psychic abilities. Are we are all capable of abilities to a degree? Is our mind able to project something paranormal? Can we unknowingly create hauntings with our own mind? Chapters also include consciousness and near-death experiences with a history of studies within parapsychology.

Both books are available Worldwide via Amazon on kindle and paperback as well as direct through me if you are in Australia. 

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