Paranormal investigating and pregnant women, can they mix?

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There are two sides of the fence when it comes to pregnant women and paranormal investigating. I look at the risks and asked my followers their thoughts on the issue as well.

I have done my fair share of paranormal investigating. I have seen pregnant women investigating, and I have investigated alongside pregnant women. I honestly never really thought anything about it. It is not my body, it is not my baby, it is not my decision. I have been asked a few times this week by people who are pregnant if it is OK for them to go on an investigation. I asked them why they would ask this question? Some people or groups do not allow pregnant ladies to attend their investigations or they have heard that it isn't safe. While for some it is merely a medical and safety precaution, there are those that believe investigating while pregnant can carry a 'spiritual' risk. What is that all about? So lets look at this properly and determine what the risks REALLY are.

Obviously there is a medical risk here which can be at varying degrees. I for example, wouldn't really want a woman who is say close to her due date locked in a remote location. While it would probably be an interesting experiment to see what would happen if someone gave birth in a 'haunted location', let's be realistic, you don't want to deal with that. On a serious note, there issues with blood pressure, diabetes, preeclampsia etc. This is where common sense prevails and believe it or not, the woman herself is capable of making this decision. We know our bodies and you better believe that we are going to put the health of our child before anything. If we thought that there was some sort of medical risk or we needed to be on bed rest and not in a cold dark gaol cell, we are going to do the right thing by our baby. If a woman is healthily and carrying a low risk pregnancy, why shouldn't she be allowed to attend? Do you ask every single person that attends an investigation to give you a full medical history? I am sure that there are some people that attend investigations that are at more of a health risk than a pregnant lady. Would people allow me to investigate knowing I did not have a spleen and that I would need urgent medical attention if I developed some sort of infection? Perhaps I should divulge that I suffer from endometriosis and chronic pain issues and can double over in pain at any given moment because yes it can happen randomly like that. Basically anyone can get sick or have a medical problem - not just pregnant ladies.

The next part is safety. Mumma is happy and healthy and so is baby. Assessing the location and making sure there are safety measures in place are key. Is there a lot of stairs to maneuver in the dark? What is it like getting around? Is it a tight fit? Remember you are in a location you may not know well and in the dark. You don't want to accidently fall down the stairs and bump into a wall as this could cause you some serious issues. Common sense prevails again. Admittedly there are certain types of locations I would avoid just for safety, however there are some great places like homesteads which would be the perfect environment where you may not have the navigate a lot of stairs, there would be some degree of lighting, and you wouldn't have to worry about things lying around that you can trip or cut yourself on. There is hopefully a chair or two to sit down in too and take a spare flashlight just in case! While you should not be investigating abandoned locations anyway, I would definitely keep away from when pregnant as they are just dirty and unsafe. Remember they are abandoned for a reason.

Then there is the spiritual side. I am going to be honest with you here. I don't really understand this part as I am not a sensitive person or a very spiritual person. There are some people who believe that investigating while pregnant can be risky. It is thought that when pregnant, you can possibly be more prone to attachment or possession which could cause stress to the baby. This is not my opinion, it is an opinion of some in the field. My thoughts are this. If this is what you believe and you are worried about this happening, then don't do it. It's pretty simple. If you are unsure or you think you are opening yourself up and you think there is a chance it can cause harm, then don't do it. Regardless of if it is possible or not, put your mind at ease and don't do it.

At the end of the day, it is a decision that should be left up to the mother to be. If you don't allow pregnant ladies for medical or safety issues, this is a fair call but to tell someone they can't attend because you are concerned they might become possessed or get some sort of spiritual attachment is a bit unfair for 2 reasons. First of all it is unfair especially if they do not share this belief. Secondly, you could be causing unnecessary fear and worry and really she has enough on her plate already. You need to trust that the mother to be knows what is best for her.

I do think however that heavily pregnant women should really think about it before they go out and do it. Why? Sometimes we don't realize how physical an investigation can be. There can be a lot of walking and standing and this can be physically demanding. As the weeks go on, we get more and more tired and as much as we push ourselves, sometimes our bodies tell us to stop. This leads me to my own little story. When I was 34 weeks pregnant with my second child, the paranormal was a mere fascination to me. I hadn't yet crossed over into investigations. I had traveled away for a friends wedding with a group of close friends. We were staying at the beach near a lighthouse which had local ghost stories attached to it. The story was that there was a girl that drowned in the water and if you went up to the lighthouse in the dead of night you could hear her calling for help. It was a trap and she would lure you to your death .... or so the story goes. Intrigued we decided to head up to the lighthouse and see what we could find. First of all I was 34 weeks pregnant and it was 11 o clock at night. Well past my bed time. Second of all, I didn't really think it through. Lighthouse's generally sit on top of hills. I struggled half way up. My friends literally had to push me because I just couldn't waddle up the hill. When we got to the top, we of course didn't encounter the ghost so we had to walk back down the hill to the hotel. I was exhausted and I overdid it. I had Braxton hicks contractions for the rest of the night and was in a lot of pain. My body told me I had done too much and I spent a couple of days recovering. The moral of this story is that while if you want to and it is safe for you and baby to go out and do an investigation, don't overdo or get too ambitious. Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should and again this is where that common sense comes in.

So what was the advice of the Living Life In Full Spectrum Followers?

Physical safety was the number one concern

Josh Carroll: I don't really go for the spiritually prepared thing . More a psychological thing , as in superstition, wearing a rabbit's foot for good luck etc . I'd be more concerned for the physical safety , walking around in the dark in unfamiliar environments. Personal choice for the pregnant mum I'd say but I'd advise against it .

Heather Briscoe: Depends on the trimester, probably not in the dark or down unlit stairs, but good health flat ground I don't see a problem.

Dan McMath: The only thing to be concerned with in regards to investigating while pregnant is the fact that you will be walking around in the dark, quite often in unfamiliar surroundings. Being possessed by a demon is not a worry, tripping over and landing flat on your face is! Plus, no one wants a whinging pregnant person on an investigation. They're the worst people on earth!

(Luckily for Dan he is not within slapping distance!!!)

When it came to the spiritual side of things, a couple of followers did not want to take the risk. If you are concerned don't do it pretty simple.

Ngaire Lock Put it this way, I wouldn't go visiting Bobby Mackey's Music World late at night pregnant!!

Bee Dawson Personally, I wouldn't risk it but only because I would not want to put my child at risk of ANY harm, natural or supernatural.

Another excellent point was raised relating to the 'spiritual side' and the partner's of the pregnant mother. What is stopping them from bringing home an attachment if that was the belief? (This one really got me thinking and I had not thought of it from this perspective before)

Liam Baker: Playing devil's advocate - I've heard many a person over the years raise the issue of women investigating whilst pregnant, & warn wholely against it due to the "risks" associated with possession or paranormal "damage" being wrought on the unborn child...but in the same respect turn a blind eye to the person in question's partner (male/female) continuing to investigate. By sheer virtue of the above (if you subscribe to the belief of possessions & associated "risks" etc), would the partner not be just as much at "risk" of bringing an unwanted/malevolent attachment home to the pregnant mother? Ultimately, as long as common sense prevails & mum doesn't place herself at undue risk from real-world, physical threats (structurally unsound locations, asbestos, discarded needles, broken glass etc), the decision should be solely up to the individual & whether they're comfortable?

Medical issues were raised again not just being specific to pregnant ladies

John Upr: I have investigators that have health issues but I require them to go to the doctors and get a check up when they are supposed to and as long as there healthy I don't have a problem with them investigating prego or not what ever the issue if the doctor says there in good health I'm good with that and I also make them get doctors notes for my records

And I heard from ladies who 'survived' investigating whilst being pregnant

Amanda Wright When I was pregnant activity around me increased 100 times. My children are fine. They have the sight like myself. No harm came to them. My eldest boy is 15. I investigated and all is well, And I investigated with all three pregnancies

Debbie Barker: I've been pregnant while investigating and let's face it, it's extremely rare for something paranormal to happen

Overwhelmingly, regardless of what the stance was on the matter, everyone seems to have the same overall opinion. It is up to the mother to make the decision and you need to trust that she will make the right decision for her and her baby.

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