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In the first edition of Strange and Unusual, one of our readers tells us about their own strange and unusual encounter they had while visiting Monte Cristo Homestead here in Australia.

In this new series, readers will be sharing their own encounters with anomalous phenomena. Share your spooky experiences which will be published in this new series. It can be related to anything in the paranormal and be as short or as long as you like! Ghostly encounters, a glitch in the matrix, time slips, ET experiences, UAP/UFO sightings, Yowies & Cryptids, psychic phenomena or just something that happened to you that you think is a bit weird!

In the first edition of Strange and Unusual, one of our readers tells us about their own strange and unusual encounter they had while visiting Monte Cristo Homestead here in Australia.  This has been posted exactly as submitted.

Image Source: Bidgee via commons.wikimedia 

A friend and I did an overnight stay and night-time tour of Monte Cristo in 2008 and there were various incidents that occurred. In one of the room downstairs both my friend and I had the feeling of a cat stroking past our legs, but there was nothing there. And then we were told how Reg and his wife would often find cats (dead usually) in that room when they had been out for a day.

Also in that room, which was the 4th room of the tour, back room on the left downstairs, after we had been told some stories, Reg said that we could look around and then make our way upstairs to the “blue room”. Just as he finished speaking I distinctly felt a hand cup my elbow – like an old-fashioned gentleman wanting to escort me upstairs. There was no-one anywhere near enough to me to do this so I turned around to my friend and said “well I’ve been invited” and walked upstairs.

In the front room upstairs, on the left as you were looking out to the front of the house, I had walked into this room first and so was standing a little bit back behind the bed with one foot slightly turned outwards. I felt a tap on my foot and looked down and saw my shoe depress and then felt a 3rd tap as well – like someone was tapping my foot to ask me to move it. I said “oh, sorry” and moved my foot back. Also in this room, my friend’s camera wouldn’t work – wouldn’t turn on at all – but only in this room.

When we went downstairs and were taken through the yard, heading towards the old carriage barn, I mentioned to my friend that it smelt like someone had a fire going nearby as I could smell something burning. She didn’t smell anything and another of the people on the tour that we asked also said they didn’t smell anything, but I could clearly smell burning. We then went into the old carriage house, and there we heard the story about the poor stable boy who was feeling sick and couldn’t get out of bed, but the overseer didn’t believe him and so set his straw pallet alight.

Also at one stage during our stay, I heard the sound of children laughing and playing in the open area between the back of the old house and the carriage houses – but there were no children there that day.

I have never had that many personal experiences on any of the paranormal tours or investigations I have been on either before or since. I never felt threatened, and did not feel that anything I experienced was malevolent, but it sure was interesting, and a little bit spooky.

I would love to go back and do another tour, as if anyone was going to haunt Monte Cristo it would be Reg as he so loved that property. Trying to find someone to come back with me though is not easy.

Natalie V

Monte Cristo has long been regarded as one of the most haunted homesteads in Australia.  Have you been to Monte Cristo?  Do you have your own strange and unusual encounter to share?

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