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This edition of paranormal book club is actually a lot of fun.  This is a little paranormal comic book series I found out about on twitter last year and I have become obsessed!!  

This edition of paranormal book club is actually a lot of fun.  This is a little series I found out about on twitter and I have become obsessed!!  

"HOCUS POCUS is a 5-part Eisner-nominated comic series about the curious history and psychology of stage magic and the paranormal."

You may have seen in a previous edition I highlighted a book called Paranormality by Prof Richard Wiseman.  It is a book I and many researchers refer to even to this day.  It takes quite a rational approach and looks at how easily the human mind can deceive us while giving practical examples you can try to see for yourself.  When I found out that he was a part of a paranormal-themed comic book series as the creative consultant, I had to get my hands on a copy.   The other contributors to the series are Rik Worth (Writer) Jordan Collver (Artist) and Owen Watts (Colourist).

I ordered the two editions that were available at the time Hocus Pocus #2 Ghosts and Hocus Pocus #3 Seance.  The other issue at the time: #1 Mind Reading was sold out and out of print. 

When I received my order, what I found was that the book I loved so much had been replicated in many ways with entertaining pictures, stories and educational information all about the paranormal and how our minds can deceive us.  It uses figures such as the two Harrys - Price and Houdini to tell the stories.  Honestly, these are a must-have for any paranormal collector!!!  I have had these for a few months and even though I have shared them before, I thought it was time to finally highlight them and put them in paranormal book club!

Issue #2 Ghosts

Haunted theatres! Things that go bump in the night! Who ya gonna call? Ghost Hunters! This comic will let you peer behind the mortal veil…

Head to the theatre and summon ghosts using the technological wonder of Dircks’ Phantasmagoria, a.k.a Pepper’s Ghost"!

Conjure spirits before your very eyes with Harry Price as he investigates the dreaded Borley Rectory, the most haunted house in England!

Scientist Vic Tandy uncovers the secrets of  numinous noises, dismal dins and other manners of ghostly goings-on created by infrasound.

You can tell by the blurb that this is right up my alley!  The comic shows an educational look at how we can think or feel something paranormal is happening but presents the information is an entertaining fun way!  Here is a sneak peek at the infrasound section:

Issue #3 Séance

Voices from beyond the grave! Spooky siblings! Paranormal espionage! This comic will help you replicate the powers of the spirit medium…

Behold the birth of a new religion as the Fox Sisters talk to the dead and the Davenport Brothers slip the bonds of this world with ease.

Join Houdini and his paranormal investigator Rose Mackenberg as she casts a light on the shadowy world of the séance.

Uncover the legendary history of spirit boards and hear the tales of skeptical scientists, brazen businessmen and roguish writers.

When I first opened this issue, I squealed with delight seeing Harry front and centre and of course, his sidekick Rose Mackenberg who I have written about many times.  Seeing these two in this comic absolutely made my day and probably cemented this as my favourite series!

I missed out on Issue #4 Prophecy, however, I have just ordered for myself Issue #5: Levitation which I already know I am going to love!

So how can you get your hands on this?  Well, I am based in Australia and I used the links to a reseller 'Prop Dog' to get my issues which handles all international orders and the website 'Travelling Man' does the UK orders.  With the conversion rate and shipping it ended up costing me close to $20 AUD for each issue which is pretty standard and honestly well worth the money.  They took about 3 weeks to get me and I chose the cheapest mail option which was untracked international post.  These are limited print and are not only a collector's item, they are really entertaining and informative as well.  

To purchase head to the website which will give you information about the issues and links to sellers based on the country you are in.  They are also teasing some exciting news so I really hope it is for some reprints of the issues I couldn't get or more issues!  Either way, I want more!

Of course I also love to make sure I include something free in book club recommendations because not everyone has the budget for new books!  Well via their website, you will notice under Issue #1 a free download of extra notes to learn more about the psychology behind the topics discussed in the comic and extra activities.  Its sections include: Washington Irving Bishop and ideomotor action, ALEXANDER AND THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE PSYCHIC READINGS & JOSEPH BANKS RHINE AND PARAPSYCHOLOGY, Click here for the free download

** I was not asked to promote these items.  I ordered them online and loved them so much that I wanted to share them.

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