Tales of Black Rock House - The Children's Bedroom

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Decorated with a creepy looking rocking horse and bizarre wallpaper, it is one of the most intriguing rooms in the house where we have gathered one of our most intriguing pieces of evidence.

Wandering down the hall of Black Rock House, on the end to the right is a children's bedroom. One of the things you will notice straight away when you enter this room is it's intriguing wallpaper. Quite odd in general and even more bizarre was it for a children's bedroom.

During the restoration of the house, workers stripped back the layers of paint and wallpaper on the wall. They were shocked to find parts of the very original wallpaper used for the holiday house Charles Ebden intended. What was even more shocking, was it's content. The wallpaper was pictures from the story 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'. This was a book published in 1852 and is considered to be an anti-slavery novel. Looking at the time period and the fact that Ebden has paid homage to the book as a wallpaper in his house, says a lot about his character. The dark tones and morbid pictures help to set the scene of creepiness.

A creepy looking rocking horse, a broken little piano and old toys help to decorate this room. Anyone who walks into the room instantly gets a little bit creeped out. Surprisingly though, it is one of the most quietest rooms in the house in terms of paranormal activity. Apart from that one night where we caught something interesting.

Data logging is something we are big on when we are investigating amongst ourselves. Sure personal experiences are great and flashing lights are entertaining, but they aren't really telling us if anything is really going on. Data loggers help to either validate or give a bit of an insight into the conditions in the room. Any changes that match up to claims or a personal experience could add some weight to the claim. In this room, the volunteer staff had told us that people experience cold spots. It is thought amongst investigators that a cold spot could be an indication that a spirit is trying to manifest. Our first thought of course was to check the window and fireplace for any signs of a breeze that could cause this. The fireplace chimney is closed up so there is no draft coming through. The window is also sealed shut and again there is no trace of a breeze coming through. (It actually gets pretty stuffy in there so we know for a fact the window does not open). We put 2 data loggers in the room which every 10 seconds would take a reading of the temperature in the immediate area. One was put on the fireplace and one was put on the dressing table beside the bed (where the cold spots are reported).

There was no noticeable activity in this particular room during the night, but the data loggers ran all night. As you can see (yes the date is incorrect), Data logger 1 was reading a temp of around 20 degrees all night. Except for the part where the temp seemed to drop to -4.9 degrees and then jump back to normal. Of course upon review this caught our eye. In terms of temperature drops, you want it to be at least a drop of 10 degrees instantly to get your attention. This most certainly got our attention. We have never been able to recreate this. For weeks, we ran the data loggers in the same spots and no changes. We didn't record any sort of fluctuation even close to this. Could it have been a fault in the data logger? Yes it could we have to acknowledge that, or was it something else?

Again it is one of those interesting things we don't know the answer to but interestingly, we don't tell people this story initially when they walk into the room and in the exact spot where we documented this drop, people seem to experience a drop in temperature. It is one of those things that makes you just keep going back for more.

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    that wallpaper is quite surreal, I see what you mean now