Tarot Decks to get excited for in 2022

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Here are the Tarot decks I have my eye on for 2022

If you follow my page, you know that I am a big enthusiast when it comes to Tarot.  I collect anything and everything Tarot while I am also learning to read for myself.  I am not a professional Tarot reader or anything like that, I am just someone that appreciates the self-reflection that comes with Tarot and how it often combines with pop culture or themes that resonate with me.  One of the biggest myths out there is that you can't buy your own tarot deck and that it must be given to you.  Well, you are probably going to be waiting for a long time!  Years ago I was told this by a friend who read tarot when I expressed how I wanted to learn and buy a deck.  I dropped many hints to many different people and months later I still had no deck.  So I went and purchased my first deck which soon grew to me purchasing a new deck every fortnight.  I used to just buy exclusively tarot but also started to buy oracle cards as well.  The artwork speaks to me and while some decks I have just to have them, others often rotate through my card of the day board that I use.  There is no right or wrong way to collect tarot cards.  If you want to buy a deck to just have it then go do it!  If you want to buy a new deck to read with, go get that!  Tarot is incredibly personal as it requires you to look within yourself so you need to have some form of connection with the cards.  If it is just you think the artwork is pretty or it is a themed deck from an indie artist or even a television show or classic movie that you like; if you feel that connection, treat yourself! 

With that being said, I have been searching through the catalogues, and here are the decks & journals I am a bit excited about for 2022!  I am not an affiliate and I do not receive free decks or any sort of payment for promoting these, they are just decks that I think look pretty cool!

Luna Somnia Tarot Deck with Guidebook & Box - Out Now

LUNAR THEME ✦ The magical Luna Somnia Tarot Deck (Latin for Moon Dreams) brings together traditional imagery inspired by the symbolism of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck, combined with celestial and astrological symbols, to help you connect with your cosmic spirit, to channel your intuition, and to bring you guidance from universal source.
INCLUDED ✦ Your order will include the complete 78 card deck (Major and Minor Arcana), 2 instruction cards, a tarot-sized mini guidebook (96 pages, includes all meanings for upright and reversed positions), and a matching presentation/retail box. The perfect gift idea for friends and family!
UNIQUE DESIGN ✦ These beautifully designed cards are original illustrations created by ShoresOfMoon. The back of each tarot card has a moon phases, starry night illustration.
PLEASE NOTE ✦ The gold effect is part of the print, the deck is NOT gold-foiled or gold-gilded!
INTENDED USE ✦ Suitable for beginners and advanced spiritual seekers looking to develop their intuition. Embrace your spiritual gifts and channel your inner knowledge and wisdom. Use daily to develop your intuitive gifts, to manifest your intentions, to understand current life events and to find guidance.


Starting off my list, I am including a deck that is available now and will be the first that I add to my collection in 2022.  The black and gold illustrations remind me of the Magic of I lunar journal that I am also a huge fan of so I feel like this will be the perfect companion to approach tarot reading from a different perspective.  While I love the traditional Rider Waite perspective this also follows, I am also open to other ways that allow you to concentrate more on your own intuition rather than trying to learn the meaning of each card through the traditional images.

Mystic Mondays: The Cosmic Creatures Deck: A Deck and Guidebook to Connect to the Wilderness Within - June 2022

From the artist behind Mystic Mondays comes a deluxe animal spirit deck and guidebook set, featuring vibrant, celestial illustrations and divine information on 66 cosmic creatures.
* DESIGNED AND WRITTEN BY GRACE DUONG, FOUNDER OF MYSTIC MONDAYS: Connect to the powerful, ancient magic of animal spirits through Mystic Mondays: The Cosmic Creatures Deck, a brand-new set from Grace Duong, founder and designer of Mystic Mondays.
* FEATURES 66 FULL-COLOR COSMIC CREATURE CARDS: Discover the attributes of each of 66 creatures from land, sea, and sky using this beautiful, graphic oracle deck. From panthers to dolphins, the most captivating and magical animals under the stars are rendered in stunning colors and vivid details on these durable divination cards.
* INCLUDES FLEXIBOUND GUIDE BOOK: An accompanying 168-page guidebook includes animals profiles and enchanted rituals, including connections to astrological signs, super-charged intentions, and powerful crystals.
* DELUXE KEEPSAKE BOX: Housed in a magnetic-closure keepsake box, with a separate, shrink-wrapped interior travel box for the cards, this one-of-a-kind collection is a must-have for modern mystics.
* A NOTE ON PACKAGING: In order to help honor our planet and reduce waste, we have only shrink wrapped the interior crystal grid cards, rather than the keepsake box. Please feel confident that your product is not defective or used, but rather represents a step we are taking to protect our collective home. When you open your deck, you will find that the actual cards inside the box are shrink wrapped for protection and to ensure first use by the buyer.


Mystic Mondays are one of the more popular decks which regularly makes the top-selling lists.  Its bright and modern take on the traditional Rider Waite deck makes it a favourite especially for those who don't resonate with the traditional type of imagery.  It only makes sense to expand on this and introduce a connection to our spirit animals.  Another popular deck The Wild Unknown released a popular spirit animal companion, so it seems to be the natural evolution.  The bright and vibrant artwork carries on in this new deck and explores our spirituality from a different angle making it a bit of a different journey.

Hocus Pocus: The Official Tarot Deck and Guidebook - July 2022

Bring a touch of witchcraft into your tarot practice with this illustrated deck inspired by Hocus Pocus!

Beloved since its release in 1993, Hocus Pocus has put a spell on fans with its humor and heart. Now, tarot enthusiasts and Hocus Pocus fans alike can celebrate their love for the film with this official tarot deck.

• A MUST-HAVE FOR FANS: Featuring original illustrations of the Sanderson sisters and the wider world of Hocus Pocus, this deck matches characters from the film with tarot archetypes, making it a fresh interpretation of a traditional tarot deck.

• COMPLETE TAROT EXPERIENCE: This deluxe set of 78 cards consists of both major and minor arcana, perfect for anyone beginning their tarot practice, as well as for experienced practitioners.

• BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED: Each card features a full-color illustration of a character from Hocus Pocus, including the Sanderson Sisters, the Dennisons, Ernie, Billie Butcherson and more.

• DETAILED GUIDEBOOK: Includes a 128-page guidebook with explanations of each card’s meaning and simple spreads for easy readings.

• GREAT GIFT: Packaged in a sturdy and decorative gift box, Hocus Pocus: The Official Tarot Deck and Guidebook will enchant fans of the film and tarot practitioners alike.

• COMPLETE YOUR COLLECTION: Hocus Pocus: 13 Frights of Halloween also available!


If I am being honest, I am not into Hocus Pocus, but I know A LOT of people who are which is why I added this one to the list.  Nostalgia is huge and with a sequel on its way and a lot of Hocus Pocus themed merch sold every Halloween, it was inevitable that a Tarot deck would follow.  If you love Hocus Pocus and tarot, this is a no brainer for you!

The UFOlogy Tarot - November 2022

The Ufology Tarot deck uses the 22 Major Arcana cards for learning and personal reflection using historical figures from Ufology.


Some of the best tarot decks out there are ones that have been independently created.  You will find most Tarot artists got their deck off the ground by launching kickstarter campaigns.  It is too late to pledge in this one but you need to go check out the page and look at what they are developing because it looks like it will be a must-have!  Hopefully, once it gets off the ground there will be more decks available!

In keeping with the same theme, I won't post the name but you may also enjoy this quirky UFO-themed deck which is also very naughty once you really start diving in!  It is not really my thing, but it could be your little secret indulgence!


This is just a small taste of what I have seen coming over the next few months.  Here are a few tips (or lessons I have learnt) when buying new tarot:

  • Always try to buy direct from the artist's shop or their publishers.  A cheap deck on eBay usually means it has been ripped off by a cheap overseas supplier.  The quality is poor, the cards are a different size and it is just bad all around.
  • Do your research when funding a kickstarter campaign.  There is always an associated risk, it just depends on how much you believe in a product!  
  • Sometimes handmade products on Etsy are not up to the standard they should be.  Always check reviews.
  • Book stores or retailers only sell verified products from a publisher.  While they may be mass-produced, you are receiving a genuine product.
  • Don't be afraid to support an indie artist.  The unboxing experience is quite personal and you can literally feel the love they put into creating the deck.
  • Tarot is very personal.  I might like something you hate or vice versa.  It should be something that speaks to you or resonates with you in some way.  Don't let someone tell you that is not the deck for you if it is something you like.  Also, don't let someone force you into getting a deck that you don't like.  If you don't like it, you won't use it and it will sit gathering dust.  Whether it is just a themed deck you like or it is artwork you think it is beautiful, when the right deck comes along, you will just know it!

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