Are we ready for 'Ghosts' to be proven as real?

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We talk about the paranormal sometimes with certainty because we believe within ourselves that there is some sort of afterlife.  The fact is that it is unproven by Science.  The question is though, is the world actually ready for it to be proven as fact?

The other night I was sitting with my husband watching one of his favourite shows on the Gaia network. Cosmic Disclosure. While a lot of the content quite honestly for me is a bit out there, there are some important questions which are posed that I enjoy thinking about. Quite often they talk about this word ‘disclosure’ where they believe there will be a day where we will be enlightened to what is really going on in the world in connection to Aliens and the Government’s involvement etc. What has this got to do with Ghosts I hear you ask? Well I am getting to it. During a discussion, a point was made that the reason we haven’t yet been ‘disclosed’ all of this information is because we as a society are not ready to accept this information. My husband turned to me and asked, “Do you think the world is ready for Ghosts to be real?”. A simple question but quite an interesting one that we should look at. Regardless of what your belief is on the paranormal afterlife, it is not proven as fact by Science. But what if one day it was? What would it all mean?

(this post is based on the assumption that a 'ghost' or 'spirit' was once a living person.)


If the afterlife was proven as fact, it could pose some interesting dilemmas for some religions. While the majority of religions believe in some sort of afterlife whether it is heaven, reincarnation or just sticking around, these are the ‘nice solutions’. Some religions do not encourage or allow communication with spirits as they believe they are evil. If a ghost exists as fact, does it mean that things like Angels and Demons then exist too. What would happen if all the things people were scared of thanks to the myths based on their religion turned out to be true? During the Hungry Ghost festival in China for example, people are not allowed to walk near water at night, as they believe a spirit can pull them into the water. They leave out bowls of foods and gifts so that the spirits will not harm them. Does this mean they have 'confirmation' that this will happen? There is a big difference between believing in something and having confirmation, which I will talk about a little bit lower.

A lot of religious folk believe in some sort of heaven and hell. The good go to heaven, the not so good to go to hell and then some unrested souls end up in purgatory. Would this effect how people would behave? Knowing that a spirit really does exist, would they take better care of their soul? Would crime rates decrease? What about the atheists? Would it change their views? Would it mean that if a spirit existed, so could some form of god?

Reincarnation and Karma

People from a range of religions and some who don’t believe in religion at all believe in a cycle of life. They believe that we have a physical body, but our soul never dies. It can be reincarnated in another living creature. Things we have done in our past lives, can influence the way we live our current life. It is based on a concept of karma. I have many times heard people say that they are having such a run of bad luck that they must have done something horrible in a past life. If spirits are proven as real, what does it do to this theory? Does it mean that this idea goes out the window or does it prove it? Does it mean that people will adjust their behaviour so that when they live ‘their next life’ they might have better luck?


What would this do to the skeptic movement? If there was scientific proof, would they still be questioning it? It is often referred to as a bit of ‘woo’ and that we are a bit delusional. Would they admit they were wrong? Would it turn into another ‘conspiracy theory’? What would it do to Science itself? Would people considered as believers become cocky? (I am thinking they probably would and I would hate to see the social media interactions). Does it mean that then people who believed in the afterlife and spirits then think that all their beliefs are now true and they become a bit more arrogant? Social media is a scary place and I really shudder to think how it would pan out.


The biggest concern, would be how society would handle this information. While a percentage of the population does believe in the afterlife in some shape or form (probably around halfish), some people are scared of it and then some are unsure. They believe it exists but have doubts. What happens when it is confirmed? As I mentioned above, there is a difference between believing in something and having it confirmed. Could society mentally process this information? This I am not so sure of. I have referenced this before in an earlier article, but the movie ‘The Discovery’ comes to mind. In the movie, a Scientist did prove that there was an afterlife and that you came back to live a new life. What came next was a high rate of suicide. People who were tired of their lives, opted to start the next one because they had some sort of guarantee that it wouldn’t be the end. While it was a movie, it was a very interesting concept that could very well be one of the responses.

I still remember profoundly the moment I had an experience where I felt I had the paranormal confirmed for me anyway. I am a big debunker and even though I have had many personal experiences, I do always question if I was just working myself up, maybe power of suggestion or if it was something else natural that I just hadn't thought of. I am very much of the thought 'Just because I can't debunk it doesnt make it paranormal'. I wouldn’t admit with any sort of certainty that I was sure there was something more .... until that fateful night at Milanos Tavern. During the investigation I was alone with a female investigator. The rest of the team were at the other side of the building which was validated by the DVR system cameras running at the time. This footage also confirmed that no one else was in the area (this is the real benefit of video, you are not looking for paranormal but more ways to confirm or debunk activity). I was doing an EVP session on the stairs. I suddenly felt a cold vibration on my right ear. You know when someone whispers in your ear and you feel your eardrum vibrate? I got that sensation and it felt like someone whispered in my ear. I heard the words in a loud whisper ‘Geeet Ouuuuuuut’. It was in a male’s voice. I froze and gasped quite loudly. I ran down the stairs and I freaked out. I couldn’t debunk it. I knew what it was. The voice was caught on 2 cameras and a digital recorder so for me that and the experience was all I needed to prove to myself I wasn't going crazy. Over the next few weeks, I actually had a hard time. I couldn’t process the information. I was emotional and I questioned every single thing that I believed in. I questioned the fact that I don’t believe in God and I wondered, does this mean God does exist? I questioned the bad things that go bump in the night. Do all the things I was so scared about in the dark when I was little really exist? I have had images pop into my head during investigations before that I passed off as my imagination. Some of them horrible things I did not want to see. Did that mean they really happened to someone? What would I tell my kids? They see ghosts on tv and think they are scary. Sometimes they tell me they think they have a ghost in their room (usually as an excuse to sleep in my bed). They see shadows in their room and get scared. Did it mean there really was something in their room scaring them? How do I tell them if at all?

I could go on and on, but my point in, this is 1 person trying to process this information with a million different thoughts. What would happen if you have billions of people all over the world trying to process this information? What if mentally some people cannot process this information? Would we as a society react calmly or would there be mass hysteria? I suppose it begs to ask the question, if we could prove it exists, should we? I find it a really interesting subject and of course the answer is well we don’t know what would happen. Ask yourself though, what do you think you would do? If you already believe in the afterlife in some form, how you react to it being proven? If you are a skeptic, how would you react?

I guess the last question to ask would be, ‘Would it still be paranormal or will it just be the new normal?

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