Emotional Connections

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We talk about using things like the 'Singapore Theory' and Sound to experiment and communicate with the paranormal. What cannot be 'recreated' however is emotion. What is Emotional Transference? Does an emotional connection play a part in our interactions? Is emotional projection a factor and how can we use all of this to our advantage?

I was recently having a discussion with some fellow paranormal enthusiasts about the concept of playing music significant to a period and they asked what my thoughts were on this technique. Being an advocate of the Singapore Theory, well this was right up my alley and we had some great discussions with some great 'food for thought'. The topic evolved and I started to talk a bit about sound, frequency and infrasound and how I use this in some of my research. It was then a simple question that was asked really got me thinking. When we play music it is easy. It is something that we can google or bring up on YouTube so it is literally at our fingertips. It is all pre recorded as it is so in a sense, you get what you get. When using infrasound, you have a bit more control and some people like to tailor make their sound files and experiment with high frequency and low frequency and everything inbetween. This work itself really intrigues me and is something I am starting to use in my own research. I was then asked 'But where is the emotion? Music invokes emotion!'. While this is the very simple premise of the Singapore Theory and we are essentially achieving what we set out to do (resonate with the spirit to invite interaction), it got me thinking about things on an a deeper level......... 'Does emotion effect our interactions?' and 'How can this be used to our advantage?'

Emotional Transference

Typically we know that people who are empath's feel the emotions of other people. We all have empathy on a certain level. When our friend cries, we often cry. If our children are hurting, we feel every tear regardless of if we are an empath or not. We have some element of empathy programmed into us. It is just more sensitive or dialed up in some than others. It is with this in mind that it would make sense that people can feel the emotions of a spirit. How many times have you been on an investigation and someone will suddenly become very emotional or upset. You ask them what is wrong? They cant explain it. They feel sadness grief and may even shed physically tears. All they can tell you is that it is not their grief. It is like they are picking it up from someone else. Same goes where someone suddenly feels intense anger. I have had many people who have had to remove themselves from investigations as they feel overcome with anger and feel aggressive. They may have unnatural feelings towards a person in the group where they feel like they want to physically harm them. It is thought again that someone is being afftected by spirit. A lot of people believe that a spirit can make you feel emotions. I know myself there have been times where I have been overwhelmed with sadness for no particular reason so I do believe there might be something to this theory. What I think is important to understand though is that it pretty much stops right there. A spirit can make you feel emotion, but emotional transference is not a form of possession. The person being affected is very much in control of themselves, their thoughts and most importantly their actions. Long story short, it cannot be used as an excuse to hit someone that has been annoying you (as tempting as it may be). I feel that sometimes we need to take responsibility for our actions and not blame a lot of things on a paranormal. It is the same way that behavourial management works. We all experience emotions. It is our we express those emotions that is actually a personal choice. It may not feel like a choice, but it is you that is in charge or how you express yourself, no matter how angry or sad you are. (sorry can you tell I have been blogging about anger management for another site? lol)

So why would a spirit want to make someone feel a particular emotion? Maybe they are showing you how they felt with a particular event. It could be their way of letting you know they are there. Maybe in the same way that we can feel their emotions, they can feel ours? Do you have a location that you often visit and feel that you have an emotional connection to a spirit you have communicated with? Where does this connection come from? It doesn't usually come from a couple of flashes of a K2 meter. I feel it works very much in the same way as a human would feel connected to a fellow human being. You see something with that person that resonates with you. You can relate to their story in some way. Maybe something similar happened in your lives or maybe you remind each other of someone significant in your lives. It is this connection that keeps us visiting the same location. We don't care about running around in the dark talking to the walls, there is usually that one goal. Wanting to make contact with our emotional connection. We want them to know we are there and they are cared for and not forgotten. We want them to know that we are sorry for any trauma they went through. Most of all we want them to know that in some weird way, we are there for them. It can a form of therapy for us as well. It can help us not to feel so alone if we are going through our own traumas. It is certainly easy to open up when no one else is there and not face judgement. It can even be as simple as providing us some comfort knowing that in our heart we have all the proof we need as a person that there is more to life after we die.

So how can we use this emotional connection to our advantage?

This is a question I think we really need to think about. The connection is there, so how can we use it to further our research and communication? We use a lot of elements of the Singapore Theory in an investigation - even if we are not purposely intendeding to. Every time we use a trigget object, play a music file or do some sort of re enactment, it is basically Singapore Theory 101. What if we look at it on an emotional level. Maybe it isn't an object, music file or re enactment that resonates with spirit during the Singapore Theory, maybe it is us!

We generally have the view as investigators that positive energy atrracts positive energy and negative energy can attract negative energy. The laws of attraction. Quite often on a paranormal investigation we will have fun, be casual and create an environment full of fun, laughter and positivity. If one person is this way, it isn't long before it 'catches on' and everyone is in the same positive space. You are projecting positive energy. If we are trying to communicate, we don't use provocation in that particular instance, we use words of encouragement and in response IF it works, we have what we feel is positive interaction. In a lot of ways this would make sense if you are looking at the emotional side of things. If someone is scared, they project their fear. It isn't long before others start feeling the same and the energy of the room changes. Suddenly everyone is on edge. It is also in these instances that the smallest creak in a floorboard can set the whole group off. Knowing this information, you are setting the tone for your interactions. There is usually someone leading a vigil. It is up to them on the tone they set. If they were to start talking about an emotional topic. You can unknowingly bring the group down and make everyone feel sad. If you tell a story that makes people angry, again you are evoking that emotion. Use this to your advantage. Think about the location you are in and the area you are doing your vigil. How would someone have felt in this room. See if you can evoke that same emotion. You are almost using yourself as a trigger object. It is trying to get your emotions to connect with spirit on an emotional level. Will they communicate with us if they feel they can relate to the emotion we are projecting?

Emotional Projection

Depending on your beliefs, you could be communicating with someone that has passed or it could all be in our heads we don't know for sure what a haunting is. What if though it is us? What if the reason we are connecting on a emotional level is that we are unknowingly projecting our emotions in a form of psychic projection? Is that why the story seems so close to home - because it is really our own story? Poltergeist activity is said by some to merely a projection of emotions - most common in hormonal teens. Think back to your teens and how much of an emotional time it was. Your body is changing, hormones are making your feel all these weird emotions you have never felt before and you are learning the responsibilities of life. Is this why Poltergiest activity is most common in a household where a teen (usually female) is going through puberty? It also seems that in a lot of private cases, when someone reaches out for help and believes they have a negative spirit in their home, there always seems to be a lot negative things happening in their life. This is why it is essential that investigators are trained in mental health first aid to be able to refer people to get further help. It is that common it has become essential. Is it that they are really being haunted by a spirit, or are they actually projecting their emotions causing the negative energy? Again this is where we need to start taking a little bit of responsibility. While it can be easy to blame a spirit for everything going wrong in our life, it is most likely a tactic so we can avoid looking within ourselves.

We know how powerful the human mind is. I am constantly studying the human mind in an effort to understand how we can rationalise a lot of the things we experience during an investigation. I really looked into using this power to my advantage in such a way. So the next time you want to visit your 'favourite spirit', look deep inside. Why do you have the connection? How can you use this to your advantage? Then the fun begins.

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  • Jimmy Garcia 4 years ago

    I think this is an interesting article. In a haunted attraction we tested over a long period of time, we found the most activity occurred during and at the end of their seasons, and after a music video that was shot on location. To our knowledge, there was not really any major activity before the haunted attraction opened, but even as the first season ended, it had some being reported by volunteers. Most of the materials were brought from the previous location, so maybe they still contained some of the emotional connections from the years of frightening before coming here. We began to wonder short bursts of high emotions and energy like you would see during Halloween haunting season, cause or feed possible activity in a previously inactive location? Could there be spirit attachments brought in by the visitors or volunteers that could possibly manifest with all the energy available? Since the volunteers tend to be teen aged kids, could there be a form poltergeist activity because of teenage girls? Just a few things we wondered as we did our investigations. It is under different ownership now, but we have heard there is some activity that is different from when we were there a couple of years ago. What do you think?