The SoulPhone - The proposed smartphone that communicates with the other side.

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We have heard rumours in the past of spirit telephones that allowed you to communicate with those who have passed. It seems this is the works again and it is called the SoulPhone. Is it really possible? Dr Gary Schwartz seems to think it is. Let's look at the concept behind the SoulPhone

There was speculation years ago that Thomas Edison had created a spirit telephone in an attempt to communicate with the dead. It is a mystery that was never solved because it was hard to tell if he was joking for the media or if it was the real deal. It perhaps helped inspire things like the spirit box and portal devices as we know them today, but you may be surprised or not surprised to know that people are working on this very technology again. It is called the ‘SoulPhone’.

What is the SoulPhone?

It has not yet been developed, but it is said to be on the horizon. It is a series of scientific devices which the founder of the SoulPhone Foundation Dr Gary Schwartz says will allow a person to communicate with loved ones who have passed over. It will also ‘allow wise input from ‘departed luminaries-scientists, inventors, great teachers, healers and entertainers who want to assist those of us on Earth.'

What are the SoulPhone Devices?

The first device is known as the SoulSwitch which will allow nonphysical beings to answer Yes or No to questions. It is estimated that this project could be completed within a year with the right funding.

Next will be the SoulKeyboard which allows you to SoulText those who have passed. Think of it like a text message to a friend except the friend is no longer with us. This should be ready in around 2 years.

We then have SoulAudio which allows you to have a conversation. They hope that this will then transition into SoulVideo which will be. Like a Skype or FaceTime to the other side.

The ultimate goal of Dr Schwartz is to develop some sort of app which will link all of these devices together that connects to a SoulStudio. It will be able to run on your own smartphone device, but quite obviously, we are a long way away from that.

Can this really happen?

When I first heard about this, of course I was skeptical. The Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona seems to think it can and will happen and that is exactly what they are working towards under Dr Gary Schwartz. He first presented what was considered to be proof of concept laboratory discoveries on soul communication technology six years ago in his book “The Sacred Promise: How Science is Discovering Spirits’ Collaboration with Us in Our Daily Lives". He believes that the question is not ‘Is spirit communication possible’ but ‘What will it take to engineer a technology to make spirit communication practical and affordable?’

When it is presented in this way, it makes you I guess think a little differently about the possibility of this project. Quite a lot of us paranormal investigators believe that we have at some point communicated with the spirit world. So if we look at the first question ‘is spirit communication possible?’ what would your answer be? In a lot of cases it would be yes. With this in mind, the next statement doesn't’t seem so out there. ‘What will it take to engineer a technology to make spirit communication practical and affordable?’. This is what Dr Schwartz and his team are working towards. They have created the SoulPhone foundation where they accept input and donations to help fund this project.

This is a little bit different to the usual gimmick that paranormal equipment makers are selling. While to me in a way it kind of sounds a little bit out there, maybe it is not impossible. We ‘talk’ to spirits through EVP, Spirit Boxes and portal devices. We ‘See’ spirits using ITC exercises such as Video Looping and water. We use EMF or vibration meters where we ask spirits to light up a device one for yes and twice for no. Is Dr Schwartz’s concept just a way of streamlining what we are already doing?

Just because we can does it mean we should?

I am skeptical that this will get off the ground as I am sure a lot of people are, but I am keeping an eye out and an open mind. Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds and this is the argument Schwartz gives those who are skeptical. When asked 'Does a SoulPhone seem impossible?' his response starts with him recollecting his memories back in 1963 when his Father worked for a telephone company. Today's technology in 1963 would have been unimaginable. "I would have considered you crazy if you told me about a personal assistant device, a "SmartPhone" that would be introduced in a mere thirty years. But it’s true. SmartPhones are old news now. We take it for granted that a hand-sized, lightweight, and wireless device can make phone calls all over the world and allow us to see each other while talking. In addition, it takes wonderful photos, serves as a GPS, allows texting, stores photos, and – at last count – conducts approximately 137, 000,000 other functions."

Aside from that though, I also wonder about the repercussions if in fact something like this did really take off. Would it essentially be proof of the afterlife? I watched a movie recently called ‘The Discovery’ where in the movie, a scientist was able to prove to the world that the afterlife did exist. It led to mass suicides all around the world as people who were unhappy saw it as a way out because they knew for sure what was waiting for them. It looked at our moral and social responsibilities as human beings. Perhaps the afterlife is supposed to remain a mystery. Even though we are searching for answers, do you ever think you will really one day have 'proof' of the paranormal? In a sense a lot of it is based on our own belief, faith and how we feel. Maybe we are not supposed to know what happens to us after we die and that is why after centuries it still has not been proven by science. Is this technology potentially dangerous when you look at it from this perspective? Just because we are potentially capable of building such technology .... should we?

What do you think? Would you get a SoulPhone?

If you would like more information on the SoulPhone and the foundation and it’s research, information can be found at their website: which was the main source for this article.

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  • Cs Lim 4 years ago

    Yes, the soul phone is not new. Just before ww1, a medical doctor , in experimenting with auric photography, manage to communicate with the spirit world. He presented the result to his boss. His boss said destroy all equipment or lose your job. The poor doctor had to destroy all traces of his experiment to retain his job. So it is obvious that high voltages are needed to transcend the dimension barrier.

  • bear Medicinewalker 6 years ago

    It is a tricky thing to ask is we should, cause we are humans and of course humans will do this if it is possible. I hear "Spirit" all the time as I am a Psychic Medium and have literally seen Spirit since I was little. Animals that had passed, people that had passed... I thought it was normal.

    It is also my belief that all of us are born with the ability to communicate with Spirit and I also feel that they are very active in our lives even when some can not see or hear them. (Just because we can not see something doesn't mean it is not real) But science is always trying to keep up with Faith... and if you notice Faith never tries to keep up with science, it is the cycle of humans.

    I feel that all the new devices are fascinating but again as youhave pointed out...they also can become addictive to some and cloud the purpose of us being here in the first place... to experience life and live it...good, bad or indifferent.

    ~ bear