Water ITC

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When people think of ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication), you generally think of things like ghost boxes, EVP and portal communications.  What they have in common is that they all work with sound.  There are some people in the paranormal field however, who swear by what they call ITC Water Experiments which like Video ITC is a visual form.

Water ITC is almost like a modern-day form of Scrying. You are staring into the water to see an image – much like our ancestors used to do centuries ago as a form of divination. Today, people set up video recording devices and either use physical force or electrical current to put ripples through the water. The video camera is usually positioned in a way that the light reflects off the water. The video camera records these ripples. They call upon spirit to try and show themselves through the water. They analyze the recordings frame by frame and they claim to see pictures of the deceased.

Another method is called the Arthur Soesman method uses a glass bottle with liquid in the bottle and a video camera pointed to the surface of the water.

Image courtesy of atranssc.org

Methods are very similar to Video ITC which I have written about in an earlier article. In fact, as an addition to using light reflecting off the water, people also believe they can receive the same effect with light reflecting off a television screen which is turned off.

You don’t really need any special equipment to work with a water ITC experiment. In fact, a lot of people claim to have great results by simply filling a large pot with water and using their fingers to create ripples in the water. Other people like to put electrical current through the water to create the ripples while some use a spoon. Others like to experiment with using different colours of light to reflect off the water such as red or blue light. It is one of those things that is a personal preference and what works well for one person may not work as well for another. The question is, does it work?

There are many in the field who claim to receive amazing results. Margaret Downey is considered to be one of these people by the ITC community. One of her most famous pictures is that of her Grandfather which she believes came through in one of her sessions.

Image belongs to Margaret Downey itcdeadpeople.com

One of the arguments against water ITC is that it could be a form of pareidolia or matrixing. People are usually trying to communicate with a particular person and some go as far as to have a photograph with them to help them focus and help this person come through. Does it mean that because they are so focused on bringing this person through that their brain is interpreting the ripples in the water to be this person? Another argument is also that a lot of photos that are posted online as ‘proof’ of spirit communicating through water are enhanced as they need to be for the image to be clearly seen.

The response from those in the ITC community is ‘don’t knock it until you try it’ and that the user will be amazed by what comes through. One of the interesting things about Margret Downey’s image above is that the image of the water and the original image of her Grandfather were put through 3D modeling software on a computer and then compared by an Italian ITC lab. They concluded that there was only a 5% difference in the overall construction of the images.

If you are looking for something new to try during an investigation, it is worth looking at working with either video or water ITC for a change. Be aware of pareidolia and seek the opinion of your peers if you feel you have captured something. Don’t tell them what they are looking for, see if they see it themselves without any prompting. It is not for everyone, but I think as paranormal investigators, we should at least try something a few times before we completely dismiss it. You might find yourself surprised!

Do you work with water ITC? I would love to hear your thoughts, tips, and tricks!

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