Encounters with an Apparition (Kitty's Story)

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In this edition of encounters with an apparition, we look at a very detailed and intriguing submission from reader Kitty.

I recently asked readers of LLIFS to complete a survey about their experience with sighting an apparition.  If you would like to learn more about the types of apparitions, read my article: Apparitions.

From this article, I collected dozens of submissions from you guys with your own experiences.  Some of these were published in the articles: 

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The work remains ongoing and I am still collecting submissions, however, due to the high amount that has come through, I will be continuing to share some of the submissions.  The ones published below have given consent to be published, either anonymously or with their name.  These have been randomly selected.

Just the one submission today because it was a very detailed and very intriguing story, thankyou Kitty for submitting your story!

Kitty's Story

(This is completely unedited and copied exactly as submitted to me)

Okay, this is a long story, so buckle in.

I was driving through Cranbourne on my way to Devon Meadows probably between 4 and 5am some time in winter 2005. The morning was a very foggy one. I was on the South Gippsland Highway and I could barely see.

Then I spotted a cyclist some way in front of me. I slammed on the brakes but my car didn't look like it was going to stop in time. 

As I drew closer, it started appearing to me like the cyclist was going backwards. 

Then it became evident that he was transparent.

He ended up sitting on my bonnet by the time my car came to a stop. It looked like he was made out of a kind of golden light. He stretched his hand towards me through my intact windshield. He seemed to want me to take it, and I did. It felt spongy and strange, like nothing else I've touched. After a moment, he vanished.

This seemed to invite other ghosts in and I was haunted for the rest of the morning. I saw a disembodied torso appear in a window, terrifying me, and also a ghost man with a ghost dog on a verandah. The ghost man was an older one who wore a white undershirt type singlet. I believe the ghost dog was mostly white with some black patches. They have been seen by at least one other person that I know of.

I searched TAC records and reached out to Cranbourne locals in recent times via Facebook, looking to find out as much as I can. 

I finally traced the cyclist encounter to an accident which occurred at about 5am on July 2 1990. 

The victim was 25, due to turn 26 in August. His name was Jason. He was riding his bike to work (having lost his licence) at Coles warehouse in Hampton Park very early in the morning, was hit from behind by a red Ford (though some locals seem to think it was a truck) and killed. 

He was rather a lost soul and had a sad background, but did have some good friends. He spent a lot of time on his own despite this. When I met him, I felt like he wanted my comfort and maybe my help. There was a lonely, sad feeling about him.

One of Jason's friends kindly gave me information about Jason's life and death (as well as giving me his identity). Other Cranbourne locals have also assisted me in piecing this together.

It is the only cyclist fatality that ever occurred in all of Casey at that time of day, according to TAC records. The records were not accurate with respect to Jason's age, though. I know that because I've seen a photo of his grave, and his friend also told me that TAC just use initial estimates from the accident scenes to record the age of victims.

It's also possible that TAC records with respect to early morning cyclist road deaths were incomplete. I have been given a report of a similar type of accident (complete with a photo of the victim and information from his parents). 

That latter accident occurred on 22 November 2006, also at about 5am on an unseasonably foggy morning, and there has been some confusion between the 2 from some locals. 

The later victim was called James, and I'm told he was really lovely and kind. He was also hit from behind by a truck while riding his bike to his boss's house in Hampton Park (also having lost his licence) and was also a young man in his 20s. 

This accident apparently happened in front of Lyndhurst Secondary.

In any case, the ghost I met had to have been Jason, not James, as the encounter took place 18 months before James was killed. 

I'd love to know more, if anyone has any further information. I'm also very interested in other sightings of the spirits I saw.

I've been told that others have seen my ghost cyclist as a rider in a fog who then vanished. 

I believe he probably reached out to me because we had certain commonalities, on top of my being there on a foggy winter early morning much like the one he died on. Also, I was 26 when I met him - nearly the same age he was at death. We were about 15 years apart in age and it may even have been the 15 year anniversary of his death when I met him.


If you would like to submit your experience and complete the survey, head to this link or complete the form below.  

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